At The Northern Fort / At the Northern Fort Volume 1 Chapter 17 part2

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“Mil? Is that the name you’ve given this little fox? This is a wild animal, you’ll become attached to it if you name it.”

Cromwell’s expression shows disinterest on purpose. He avoided looking down at it, probably so he wouldn’t give in to the temptation of the Mil’s cuteness.
“Did Chief come to see Iraux?”

“Yes. It is a knight’s responsibility to manage their mounts properly.”

Cromwell enunciated the “Properly” in his word. Meaning he didn’t come here because he was an advent animal lover, but because it was his duty to care for his horse. Grayle was strangely impressed at his denial skills. This translation is done by AshenFeather. WordPress or check out Novel updates.

“I’ll be going now..”

After stroking the nose of his horse gently, Cromwell attempted to leave. Even though he wished to have more “Healing time”, Gayle arrived so he could only endure. As he tried to leave though, Mill unexpectantly chased after him and began to chase after him.


Gayle witnessed Cromwell’s face shine for a moment after watching Mil, but he quickly changed his expression, his voice cold

“Stop being a burden and don’t move around so much.”

Gayle watched Cromwell’s brow wrinkle and to his surprise watched him reject Mil.

“Don’t follow…”

Scratching Mil’s nose, he turned around and headed back into the Fort while Mil tried to get his attention by chewing on his pants with a “Giriri”. It was obvious on his face that he was fighting the temptation to turn around, but he never did as he shook her off as he fled.  It was quite sad actually.

” You okay..? He’s quite the fickle person isn’t he?”

Gayle called out toward’s Mill while joking and complaining in the same breath. Mil turned and came up to Gayle in a hurry. Gayle crouched down and stroked Mil’s head while reminiscing about when Cromwell first came to the fort…

“Did you see the new Chief..?”
“Oh that noble’s kid? I bet he only got it with his parent’s power.”

“I can’t stand people like that, it would have been better if the Deputy became the Chief.”

“He looks like a girl, no meat on him. How’s he suppose to last the winter?”

At first, all of the knights despised Cromwell. From his appearance, it seemed like he was just a weak aristocrat trying to play hero but as they all began to work with him their perception of him began to change.

“Hey, today I had a match with the Chief for training, but damn; He’s pretty strong. Not as strong as the Deputy, but he has a really sharp sword..”

“I watched, but he’s definitely more than I expected. I thought he joined the knights through a connection so I only expected him to just swing randomly.”

“For a noble, he’s pretty surprising.”

“He’s almost as scary as the deputy, don’t you think?”

Grayle witnessed with a warm feeling that all the knight’s that spoke horribly of Cromwell praise him one after another. Now that everyone in the fort recognized Cromwell, disregarding the icy mask he https:/ /ashenfeather .wordpress .com wears, he was full of information. Educating his own subordinates sternly. Of course, there are rumors that Cromwell was a closet animal lover, none of them belittled him because of it. Actually, the knights valued him much more than he thought and that aspect of loving animals was received quite favorably by the other knights.

While thinking back, Grayle smiled while stroking Mil’s head.

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