Beautiful Wife And Genius Son

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Three members of one family with different opinions are taken an interview. YGZ as a male, ZZ as a woman and ZW as their son.

  1. Do you have a thing which you always keep with yourself?

YGZ: A gun

ZZ: I prefer being in my lab

ZW: Any gadget that has internet

  1. What are you interested in?

YGZ: Shooting

ZZ: Research

ZW: Exploiting a private network

  1. What are you afraid of?

YGZ: My wife’s meals

ZZ: Losing my laboratory

ZW: No wi-fi

  1. Describe your totem

YGZ: I chose a bigfoot because its strong hands can hold a gun

ZZ: A farsighted and speedy eagle

ZW: Mine is a spider that spins a web

  1. Do you regret of anything in your life?

YGZ: I allowed my wife to leave after our love night

ZZ: Being a genius is a difficult task. My son is too clever though his dad has never been an open book for me

ZW: My parents’ divorce

Beautiful Wife And Genius Son

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