Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Volume 1 Chapter 1

Botsuraku youtei nanode, Kajishokunin wo mezasu

Expecting to fall into ruin, I aim to become a blacksmith

Chapter 1-1

If I had stopped at that time… .
Even if one wants to eat an apple, a fatty shouldn’t be climbing a tree.

However, it is already too late. I fell from atop the tree to the ground.
Additionally, headfirst.
Before feeling any pain I fell unconscious, and was carried back inside my home by a servant.

It was just one day later that I woke up.
“Are you alright? Kururi?”
Worriedly peeking into my face was my mother, Aisu Helan.
Having falling headfirst, it must have been quite a worry. She seems to have looked after me.
However, I had something greater to worry about.
Assumedly from receiving a strong blow to the head, I had recovered the memories from my past life.

In my previous life I was a student, but my memory ceases after meeting a traffic accident.
So, I must have died in that accident. And Kururi Helan is my current life’s personage.

Twelve years old, the young master of a noble family; having been spoiled my figure is chubby.
Luckily, my features are good, so if I lose some weight, it should turn out well.
A wealthy family and blessed with potential. While I thought this to be a lucky rebirth, I remember this name, “Kururi Helan,” from my previous life.

“Gensou Academy,” The simulation RPG I had gotten hooked on in my past life
The female protagonist, while pursuing a romance, deepens her connections with royalty and nobles.
The main component of the story is that the rival, who finds the main character to be unpleasant, acts to obstruct the main character. It had battle and training elements, so even a guy like me got hooked on it.
While the game depicts the commoner main character’s so to speak “success story,” whatever the conclusion, I, Kururi Helan, will assuredly appear in the ending.
That ending always depicts the rival and main character’s following lives.

Generally, after the main character’s happy end is displayed, the married couple of the rival and Kururi Helan’s impoverished farming scene follows.
In addition, the character Kururi Helan appears only one other time in-game.
This scene only shows him stuffing his face like a pig in the cafeteria, where the rival comments on his appearance as “gross.”
Even though nothing other than that is written, for some reason, Kururi falls into ruin alongside the villainess.
Nothing in detail is written!!
Kururi Helan’s crude usage couldn’t be called anything other than the staff’s bullying.
However many times I saw him, the pitiful Kururi Helan.
The face reflected in the mirror before me was unmistakeably Illusory Academy’s Kururi Helan.

“What have I gotten into?”
Even though I was born into nobility, I’ve been placed in a route of decline from an unknown cause.


Comments on wording or grammar are encouraged.

This first chapter is short compared to other chapters, and should be regarded as a prologue. The chapters will increase in length a bit, then settle down if I remember correctly.
(Also, to those expecting blacksmithing, while he does learn blacksmithing, this story does not go into any detail about blacksmithing nor is his skill in blacksmithing very often relevant. This story is mainly fantasy/adventure/romance to my memory.)

Translation comments:

Note: I chose to translate 悪役令嬢(akuyaku reijyou, lit. (villain/villain’s part) (daughter/young woman)) as simply villainess and ライバル令嬢(raibaru reijyou, lit. rival (daughter/young woman)) as simply rival. As stated above, I wrote gensou(幻想) as the school’s name rather than the translation of the word. This is partly due to is being a location.
I will generally try to keep the writing of sentences as close to the original as possible, while sometimes omitting a couple of words or rearranging a sentence so it contains the same meaning while being easier to read and I will occasionally split a sentence into two or combine two into one in order for it the be more pleasantly read. This is partially due to some Japanese not having an equivalent word in English.
This is my first translation project, so the translation quality and speed should increase with time.

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