Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 127

Cracks appeared on the hard shell. A change was occurring to the egg which I had been taking care of for a week as if it was an infant.

I thought that it was about time for it to hatch so I came to the hatching room.

It was an area stuffed with straw, like stables, but it seemed like a comfortable place for the dragon to be born because of the warmth.

“I am excited to see what kind of a dragon hatches from it!”

Rahsa said delightfully, following me to watch it happen.

I was also happy. Although it has only been a week, I have carried it on my back with love.

“Ah, it’s hatching!”

Iris, who had also stuck along, expressed her excitement.

This dragon will be my partner. I hear it will grow big enough for me to ride in 3 months, like Rahsa and the other knights.

The first step towards that will be taken here.

And with more cracking noises, it came out.


A dragon with white scales popped its head out of the egg.

And then, it took 2 minutes to come out completely.

A big head and a round body of the same size. Its limbs were small, as well as its tail. The small wings on its back looked cute, like an accessory. It really looked like a baby dragon, really cute.

“How are white-scaled dragons?”

I tried asked Rahsa. I did receive an explanation from him about ride dragons the other day but I don’t clearly remember everything.

“White-scaled ones are not yet checked. Even still…”

“Even still…?”

“Eh? No, it’s nothing.”

It’s not nothing! There’s definitely something, isn’t there?!

“Iris, is there something wrong with it?”

I tried asking Iris next. She quickly turned her face away. Eh?! You’re definitely hiding something, aren’t you?!

“Are white scales bad or something?”

“No, it’s not like that. Really, it has not been checked yet.”

“Well, then, is there something else?”

I looked at Rahsa. He turned away.

I looked at Iris. She also looked away.

“Come on, say it! Now I am super curious!”

“Ahh, this is really hard to say but… This is the first time I am seeing a ride dragon of this shape.”

“Eh? Shape?”

They explained to me about the infancy of ride dragons after that.

It’s not like these dragons have baby shape and transform slowly in the form we all know as they grow. It seems they are already in that shape from the moment they are born. Just that they are small in size.

But my ride dragon looked chubby—and that’s an understatement.

Moreover, the wings on its back are unbelievably small. Those two were worried about that part when they kept avoiding me.

“Oh, so that’s it? I’m not worried about that at all. Its more cuter this way.”

“I-is that so? Then I guess it’s fine..”

And in fact, I did find it more cute like this. The way it puffed up its cheeks from time to time was instant death level cute.

“Your name will be… Poobe. Yep, Poobe it is.”

“That’s a cute name. Hearing you call it cute, I am starting to find it cute too now.”

The atmosphere was awkward when it was first born but now after half an hour, Iris and Rahsa were touching it without constraint.

Poking and stroking its belly.

And while they were doing that, it bit Rahsa’s right hand.

They said that that is pretty common but he looked like he was hurting quite a bit.

I should be careful when touching Poobe.


“Oh, so that’s how you sound, huh? Alright, what do you want to do?”

According to Rahsa and Iris, the ride dragon and its partner can somewhat communicate with each other after an hour of being born. An hour has passed so I tried listening to it.


“Oh! I got it, I properly got it! It seems Poobe is hungry.”

“That goes with how it looks. Normally they don’t really eat anything for a day after being born….”

As expected of Poobe! It seems you’ll turn into an exceptional ride dragon.

“I will bring some food then. They are generally omnivorous so our food will also do. Wait a bit.”

While Iris went to get food, Rahsa and I tried to learn more about Poobe by observing it.

“What’s your ride dragon called, Rahsa?”

“Infu. Cool name, right?”


It’s cool but Poobe is the best to me.

Afterwards, the princess, Iris, brought food and we had lunch on top of the straw—the 3 of us and Poobe. At that moment, I was too excited about Poobe being born that I didn’t realize how odd it was. Although I did feel really bad after a while.

Poobe was a fast growing dragon—in every way.

After eating, Poobe took flight making a ‘kyuu’ sound.

I thought his wings were too small for that but he had already made it to my eye level.

No, wait, what’s this?! His wings aren’t moving.

His belly is inflated?!

It felt way softer than before when I tried touching it.

I soon realized that the ‘kyuu’ sound he made earlier was him taking in a large amount of air.

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