Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 136

Since hot springs welled up everywhere I dug, I decided to get one beside the mansion, as well. And it has already been a few weeks since my people made it accessible to the public after laying down the marble groundwork. “It’s the landlord’s hot spring, y’all, let’s give it our all!”-they were quite enthusiastic. There’s even a marble path leading to the hot spring from the mansion and they also planted trees nearby to obstruct vision from outside. I am also thankful that they expanded the existing wall surrounding the mansion to the hot spring as well. I was amazed when such an amazing hot spring was done in such a short amount of time.

They used marble out of good will but it’s actually very slippery. It didn’t get much good reviews from the 4 people, including me, who will be using the hot spring. It’s quite likely that someone will slip and hit their head soon. If I were to exclude that point, I have no complaints about the hot spring as well as its location.

Today as well, I felt like there was a human shadow near the hot spring.

Rahsa and I are using it at the moment.

Of course, this hot spring is exclusive only to the landlord’s family so anyone else can’t enter.

“Well then, Aniki, I will be going on ahead.”

Covering the important parts with a towel, Rahsa informed me before he left.


I waved to Rahsa with my eyes closed. After hearing the splash as he walked away, I submerged into the hot spring again. Compared to me, Rahsa’s bathing time was short. It’s not like I can stay really long either but I just want to extend the luxurious time of being able to soak into hot water on a cold night, even if it’s by a second. And before I realize, I just end up staying longer than Rahsa.


I guess I should get up soon. I thought to myself after confirming that my cheeks were getting hot. Cold well water is waiting for me after I get up. Oof, I am already feeling refreshed just by imagining it. I didn’t really notice at first but after seeing Rahsa go “Seriously, Helan’s water is just too delicious!” after taking a bath, I also came to like the well water quite a bit.

Rahsa always drinks a lot and his stomach makes these wave sounds, which make me worry if he’s drinking too much. I can’t help worry a bit when I imagine complaints coming from the capital if Rahsa gets fat.

I couldn’t control any longer after thinking of the cool water waiting for me so I got up-

“Hmm? Who?”

As I got up from the water and opened my eyes, I spotted 10 figures in front of me wearing black masks.

This is an exclusive hot spring so even if Eli is among these 10, a few of them would be intruders. Well, Eli wouldn’t be among them so I guess all of them are intruders.

“You’re Kururi Helan-dono, correct?”

“Yes, what about it?”

The man standing in front came asking for my identity so I just honestly answered. I felt a bit down thinking about the trouble that was going to take place now.

I mean, I am completely naked right now. At the very least, I would like to wear some pants. Even if I were to do something cool here, I wouldn’t really look all that cool if I am all bare.

“I would like to confirm as well, you’re Kururi Helan, yes?”

Not only the man standing in front, now even the man standing close to the wall asked for my identity. Why? You just confirmed a while ago.

“Yea, I just said so.”

Maybe they felt that I was getting irritated, so they looked a bit apologetic. If you can distinguish between these then I would like it if you guys do not attack a completely naked man.

Well, I guess these guys had no choice either, since it’s their job. But even still, what job? It feels like an assassination, when I think about it logically. Uwah, now I want my pants on even more.

“I am sorry but I would like to confirm once again…”

“Like I have said, I am Kururi Helan!”

When the man hiding under the shade of the tree tried to confirm it for the third time, I finally lost it. Are you stupid?! Why do you need to ask the same question thrice?!

“You guys, are you messing with me?! What’s your job? Is it to ask my name? Of course not! Do this properly, you idiots!”

It might seem weird coming from a completely naked me but I had to say it.

The man under the shade grew a little timid. It seems he has a reason.

“Come on, if you have something to say, say it.”

“Is it okay?”

“Just say it.”

“Well, we are different groups of assassins so…”


“I mean, when finishing off the target, isn’t it aesthetic to confirm that they are the target? These guys went ahead of me and well, I was able to confirm the target but well, I do it all the time so, I just wanted to confirm just in case… it’s not like I can’t read the atmosphere or anything…”

He’s cowering!

“Wait a minute, so you guys are from different groups of assassins?”

It seems they were also considerably perplexed as all of them vaguely nodded.

“From where to where is one group? Be clear about that!”

For now, under my command, I made them gather together in groups.

The one who was standing near the wall had two other allies. They came as a group of 3 to kill me.

The one in the front also had two other allies and came to kill me as 3.

And the one under the tree shade seems to also have 2 other allies.


“Then, what about you?”

I pointed at the remaining guy.

“I am sorry, I came alone. It was hard for me to confirm the target because of the atmosphere so I endured it.”

Admirable! As expected of someone who came alone, he has his tact.

No, no, no, no, that’s not the point, is it?

What’s with all these different groups of assassins?!

Why are there 4 groups aiming to kill me? Just how much hatred am I stirring up for myself?

Well, I do have have a clue about one of them.

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