Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 140

And so with that in mind, I headed for the craftsman street the next day. Development had been going smoothly, and it was now a larger, more lively place. Of course, I took the Watering Machine with me.

I tried to be careful so as not to leak any information, but it was pretty difficult.

The best craftsmen gathered together while I carried a hammer in one hand and discussed my plan for the creation of the Watering Machine II.

“Well, I do not see why we could not make something like this, or even better than it, with Master Kururi’s skill and all of our help. However, the problem is that we can’t do anything without a magic stone.”

After we all talked about it, the conclusion was that there was nothing we could do without a magic stone.

The magic stones that could endure such high power going through it could only be found in select regions and were very rare. And since the royal capital owned most of them, there were of course, none in the Helan territories.

While it was impossible to make a finished product, we decided that we might as well make something since we were all there. And so the Watering Machine II was completed after one week. The barrels were much rounder and more beautiful than the first machine, and all of the small details were improved on to a shocking degree. This was proof of how far the craftsman street had come.

“Well, then. Should we test it out?”

It was human nature to want to test something out once you created it. And so while I felt sorry for it, we disassembled the Watering Machine I. Of course, this was to rob it of its magic stone.

I put it inside of the II and we immediately started to test it.

The spheres of water were launched into the air. This time, they went much higher than they had the other day.

And they were faster too. When I sent energy into it, it fired five times in one second. So its energy use was much more efficient now. Putting in the power of 1 gave you the force of 5. The flowers would be able to drink a lot of water today!

That being said, it wasn’t all good news. A fearful weapon had now evolved into some kind of monster. Was it really safe?

I couldn’t help but worry.

Still, it was human nature to want to improve once you have been successful. And so before I knew it, we had started development on a Watering Machine III. Where were the people of Helan going with this?

Though, I was one to talk, since I was the one leading them…

While the creation of the Watering Machine III was under way, Lotson came up to me and said he had an important report.

And so I left the production site and looked through the report. Apparently, a mysterious ore had been discovered on Helan soil.

Different policies had been put in place in order to decrease our reliance on resources, but we were still thankful for what we had. In other words, you shouldn’t rely on them too much, but take good care of them so they can be used for a long time.

I left the development of the Watering Machine III to the craftsmen and decided to head for the place that the report had come from.

Many people had gathered at the site, and they were currently still digging straight through the mountain.

They had been working in order to increase the size of their fields, when they found this unexpected treasure. And so they were now digging very eagerly.

Ore could be sent to the craftsmen street, where it was bought at a high price. And so it was understandable that they would be excited at this temporary increase in income.

They stopped their work once I arrived and led me through the tunnels that had been dug.

It was wide enough for two to three people to walk side-by-side, and there were lanterns set up to light the way.

I entered in order to investigate.

As for the ore, there was apparently as much of it as you could dig up.

I tried lightly brushing away the dirt with my hand and saw a glimpse of it appear.


I had been wondering what kind of ore it was, but also felt that the amount was more important.

The reason I had come to day was to calculate the amount and talk about how much they should be paid. I also intended on helping them if they needed any supplies, but…it seems that my plans were starting to get messed up.

I quickly called someone over and had them dig up the ore.

Then I went out to where there was light so I could see it.

And then I went around and looked at everything that had been dug up already.

They were all the same. There was no mistaking that.

It wasn’t ordinary ore. They were magic stones.

Not only that, but they were high in energy with high purity levels, meaning that they could be used for the Watering Machine and magic canons…

I looked at the stone in my hand.

I compared the purity to what Rahsa had told me of the magic stones from the royal capital, and the stone that had been in the Watering Machine.

I could tell by just sending a little energy into it. Twice…no, it was at least three times higher in conductivity. It was incredible.

I turned around and looked back into the tunnel I had just come out of. Then I looked up.

The mountain was a lot bigger and deeper than I had thought.

There was a man there who knew a lot about the place, and so I asked him how much more ore we could expect to mine.

“If we continue at this small scale pace, then we may be able to continue for the next twenty or even thirty years.”

He said. While we would have to do a more thorough investigation, this information was enough to make my hands shake.

And then Mister Lotson, who had been standing next to me all of this time, muttered,

“Master Kururi, I guess you will rule the whole country after all.”

I shuddered and was soon covered in a cold sweat.

Helan now had all these magic stones and the technology to create the Watering Machines. And it was I who managed it all.

No, no, no. That’s not right! I don’t like doing these sorts of things!

The new Watering Machine III would be finished in a week. It’s expected to be quite the upgrade. Though, I’m sure we would find new flaws once it was finished.

The creation process for swords were quite similar and so I understood it. You have to alter something at least ten times before it approached perfection. So that meant we wouldn’t stop until we had made the Watering Machine X or XI.

If we could accomplish that, the current skill and manpower of the craftsmen street meant we would be capable of putting them into production. We had a lot of magic stones now. I could conquer the world!

No, no, no! You lose the moment you start thinking like that. I need to live as a more honest man.

“Mister Lotson, I’ll conquer the whole country some other time. Right now, I want to use these for something that is more fun.”
“Oh, do you mean what I think you mean?”

“Yeah. We’ve only made plans and haven’t started anything concrete yet, but yes. That. We have this much resources and the craftsmen street is almost complete. The population in the Helan territories is on the rise. We could use a little more money, but that can be borrowed. I think it’s time we had a magic train that runs through this country.”

“One that runs through Kudan…”

“Yes. It might end up being a bigger hassle than taking over the world.”

“Very good, Master Kururi. You are saying total domination is easier than a train?”

No, no, no. What are you even saying!? This guy!!

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