Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 142

This idea was immediately implemented. Fortunately, Watering Machine 3 was made well and we got to know that it could gush out quite a lot of energy.

And after calculating, we came to the conclusion that we would be able to run the magic train within the limited amount of mana and magic stones. We also anticipated that it would be quite fast.

We made a simple version of the magic train and equipped a slightly redesigned Watering Machine at the back.

We had also made a 100 meter long prototype rail where we ran it.

The pilot went in and inserted their mana.

And then, a sharp wind was fired from the back—a wind that’s not dangerous and will be useful for the people.

The energy didn’t stabilize and the magic train kept oddly clattering.

However, it soon stabilized and slowly the iron wheels started moving without making a noise.

And it was smooth after the train started accelerating. And it was fast. It ran through the 100 meter rail.

I was so happy that I almost lost my head in shock. Not only me, but everyone present there too.

We were screaming and exclaiming in joy.

But immediately after, a thunderous noise resounded and stopped our joy in its tracks. We all went ‘ehh?!!’ and looked towards the direction of the sound.

The magic train kept moving even after reaching the end of the rail and pierced through the warehouse until finally stopping after crashing into a building in Craftsmen street.

…It was the simple magic train’s first accident which happened due to all of us using our heads to make the thing run and not think at all about stopping it.

The craftsman who was piloting it took 2 weeks to heal from the wounds he received in that accident.

“This isn’t a big deal. I will definitely help out from tomorrow again!”

I couldn’t look the guy in the eye as he said that with a smile as blood flowed down from his head. Sorry.

And it seems this wasn’t the only big event of the day for him. When he returned to his home in the Craftsman street, he found his pregnant wife had given birth. He named the child Philip. It seems he took it from his respectable father.

As an apology, we named the simple magic train Philip. He was extremely happy knowing that the first magic train was named after his son and his dad. His head was covered in bandages and I felt too guilty to look him in the eye this time as well.

When I told the workers about naming the train Philip, they all agreed without any objection.

“It’s nice, huh?”

“Yea, ‘course it is.”

They were talking to each other about it like that.

It seems I wasn’t the only one who felt guilty seeing the pilot come again the next day with bandages wrapped around his head. Magic train Philip will surely leave its mark in history. Please let it go with that, alright?

Our course of action was decided.

We still need to remodel the watering machine one again and improve on the magic train. However, now when we can see which road to take, it was only a matter of time. I could see it being completed.

And like this, days of working towards completing the magic train began.

While we were occupied with that, a response from the capital came.

Of course, it was about the magic train project.

I was a bit surprised at the contents.

It was a letter with the king’s signature, entrusting all rights of construction of the magic train and the rails crossing Kudan kingdom to me.

However, as the capital was busy with the Dartanel family’s disposal regarding the watering machine problem and with what to do about the dangerous character Salman who was in cooperation with Ammirare kingdom, they couldn’t assign us any personnel. Moreover, they couldn’t fund us either.

But on the other hand, in the event of the proper completion of the magic train, he promised us an unfathomable reward.

Hmm, an unfathomable reward…. I guess I will work hard.

But still, no aid from the capital, eh? We will never make it with just the Helan territory’s resource. I guess I have no choice—I will have to make the Spunkymonds steal some money, huh?

Well, jokes aside, it isn’t like I have nothing planned.

I have been given all rights regarding the magic train and the rail. There are several ways to do something.

I guess I will have to persuade landlord Karthus for now, whose territory is west of Helan. I will have Mr. Lotson gather the information on landlord Karthus…

And in that way, although it was difficult, I had things planned in my head. Or at least that was the plan but there was a pitfall waiting at an unexpected place. Mr. Lotson gave a surprising opinion when I called him over.

I wanted to talk about the landlord Karthus but was too surprised by the info Mr. Lotson brought over that I didn’t have any time for that.

“Although the people of Helan are okay with cooperating with building the magic train, there have been objections about having the rail here.”

“Why now?”

I mean, sure, Helan has really naturally beautiful landscape but the rail wouldn’t really be destroying that and neither would it have any bad affect on the environment.

“It’s a very superstitious reason but according to them, there’s a dragon sleeping deep underneath this land.”

“Ehh, again with the surprising info….”

“Some people have started believing this superstitions after the natural disaster here and the abnormal number of hot springs gushing out.”

“Dragon… what does that have to do with hot springs?”

“They say that the dragon’s breath boils the water. And it seems Poobe liking the hot springs a lot has also spurred on this belief more.”

“Ah, shoot—”

I held my head.

To think there would be objections from my own people at this point. I had completely assumed that the Helan people would completely agree with it.

I hadn’t been able to interact with Poobe recently and was wondering where he had gone but to think he was going to the hot springs. That elegant little dragon.

I can’t really say anything about the natural disaster which occurred in Helan. I am the one who solved it but unfortunately, my memories have left me. Even if they come speaking of a dragon, I can only answer that I have no idea about it.

“Seriously, so they are saying making a rail here would be bad because there’s a dragon sleeping?”

“That’s right. They say that we must not bother the dragon as it might wake up and bring disaster to this land. The amount of people who believe this have reached a number that can’t be ignored.”

“That’s a problem. How do I persuade them about this? If it goes bad, it would be like pouring oil into a fire…”

That’s worrisome. This might sabotage the entire plan.

“I thought it would be troublesome so I have discovered a clue to solving it.”

“Ohh, as expected of Mr. Lotson.”

As expected of the champion of the ‘most dependable man in Helan’. Although I haven’t yet put that into practice.

“There’s this other superstition that’s spreading. That Master Kururi probably has the dragon’s blood flowing in him as he has an 100% accuracy rate of digging up hot springs—such voices can also be heard here and there. There might be a clue to solving this there.”

“Oho, I see. That can be used.”

The turning point to this era is coming. Such trouble is expected at times like these.

Let us solve this problem, for Helan territory’s bright future.

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