Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 146

“To be honest, it didn’t really show on your face but I thought you would come soon.”

“Then, you probably already know what I am here to talk about. We will run out of funds soon.”

“As I thought.”

Although I had Mr. Lotson take care of most of the minute details, I kept track of our important funds myself everyday too.

I had worries about the financial side of things from long ago but this is earlier than what I had originally expected.

The rails were only about 30% completed within the Helan territory.

And the magic train was about 70% done.

Fortunately, the departure station construction, lead by Mr. Lotson, is almost finished at 90%.

And we also need the mining of magic stones to continue with the current number of personnel.

The areas Helan territory focuses on for income — the hot springs and the goods from craftsmen street, are not doing bad. In fact, those are actually increasing. But even then, it couldn’t endure such radical expenses.

“To begin with, the labor cost is very high. I feel like we’re paying a bit too much. Helan territory’s wages are extraordinary compared to the surrounding territories and, considering the amount of jobs we have here, there are also people migrating here. And if we are hiring all of them, then I can’t help but say that it was only obvious for us to use up all of the funds before the estimated date.”

I listened to Mr. Lotson’s honest opinion quietly. He is right.

However, I have my own thoughts about it, as well.

“Now, now, no need to be so grumpy about it.”

“I am not being grumpy. I am worried master Kururi’s magic train project is going to be face a setback. Fortunately, we have sympathy on our side, thanks to  Helan territory’s broad-mindedness. The population will probably keep growing. Although we have solved the shortage of human resources with this, if we run out of funds, the sympathy will also run out.”

“We can’t cut wages at this point. I don’t want their teeming motivation to decrease.”

“That’s right. I do not think there are many people who will work like they are doing now if the wage decreases.”

Mr. Lotson is worrying a lot.

I might have used up a bit too much money this time.


“No need to worry. Everything you said right now is correct. Actually, I was also aware of it. However, I don’t want to ‘endure a harsh reality now to have wealthy future’. If we’re heading for a bright future, I want the road to it to be bright, as well. After all, we are having them do a great deal of work as it is.”

“But even if you say that…”

“If we don’t have something, we just need to newly produce it or borrow it. I have a friend who’s a bit rich, you see, and I have sent them a letter. They might come over here soon. I am preparing a business negotiation which has a high chance of success. And so, you can rest easy.”

“Is that so? As expected of master Kururi. How unsightly of me, to panic this much. I am extremely sorry.”

“There’s no reason for you to apologize. I will be counting on you from here on out, as well.”

The rich friend I just talked to Mr. Lotson about is Toto Gap, who I have apparently befriended at the academy. Unfortunately, my memories of that time are lost but when I was leaving the capital, he told me to rely on the Gap company when I am in a pinch.

It’s a company which is growing at an incredible rate in the capital. They probably have no fund problems.

Right when I started thinking that we will have a problem with the funds, he came up in my mind.

What kind of a friend am I? Only making contact when I am having trouble with money… Or so I thought but I won’t just be borrowing money. I plan on having a discussion where he will find merits as well. So let me be.

On the same day Mr. Lotson came to the warehouse, news came from the mansion.

It seems a party from the Gap company has arrived.

Perfect timing. As Mr. Lotson is still in the building, I will have him accompany me. However, the news wasn’t just that.

It seems the amount of people from Gap company who came to the mansion isn’t normal. It said their numbers crossed 400.

It seems the people of Gap company are quite lively.

I thought I would have a chill business discussion with an old friend. But now, from the looks of it, they might even burn the mansion to the ground if things were to go south……

The scene in front of me was so absurd that it made me think that those absurd worries might come true.

When I was heading towards the mansion in a horse with a few people, I could spot a huge crowd of people in front of the mansion from afar.

There were also many carriages. It seems he has spent a lot on this visit itself.

Huhh?! Ya wanna borrow money, don’t ya?!

Then hand over half of yer land!!

Such an image of aggressive men passed through my mind.

Are you serious? I wonder if I should have brought the watering machine. It would be a war at that point. Ahh, I suddenly feel so down.

And maybe my horse felt that as well. His legs felt heavier than usual.

The closer I got to that large group, the more anxious I became.

I had a dispute with the Gap company once before and know that they have many battle-type employees but this group looks a bit too lively.

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