Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 13

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Chapter 1-13 (Gossip)

My neighbors are dangerous!

At the time that almost all students had entered the academy and begun their dorm life, I had finally entered the dorms as well.

Before entering the dorm, I heard the female students’ rumor, “Aren’t the first floor’s residents a little strange?”

The elite I have no need to pay attention to something at the level of another’s gossip.
Since after all is said and done, I am the heir of the Razan territory, famed for its jewel mining.

More so than such gossip, I can’t help but be looking forward to my new academy life.

I small room is not appropriate for me.
The room I will be spending this three year period in from here on is room 1-3.

While I intend on devoting myself to my studies while I am student, I also want to meet with people I can call friends.

Though it would be nice if my dorm neighbor met those conditions.

There’s nothing to criticize about the inside of the room.

It can’t match my room at home, though.
Well, it seem that my choice of the wide first floor was correct.

It was evening when I was let into the dorm.

I want to finish all of the work within today.

The greetings to my neighbor should be fine tomorrow.

Having expectations towards tomorrow causes power to surge into my body; I became vigorous. Work proceeded extremely efficiently.

The dining hall’s meal was also very delicious and I was able to be satisfied.
I experienced a bit of discomfort on the baths being shared, but it can’t be helped. I should become used to this immediately.

I returned to my room and looked at my new home that I had cleaned up.

On the first floor, a garden is especially attached.

It is separated from the adjacent garden by fencing and its grass was a beautiful green.

I’ll have this for three years.

A tree, flowers, my imagination is filled with ideas.
Growing a rose garden to suit me would be good. Surely that would best favor the person that I am.

“Hah! Hah! Hah!”
Another person’s voice resounded in my garden.

It seems the resident to the left room is doing something in their garden. 1-2’s side, huh.

He’s naked above the waist and by obligation to no one, is simply swinging his sword in a state free from obstructive thoughts.

I thought, ‘Honestly, I don’t want to get involved.’

It would surely leave a stain on my live.

My neighbor is not just him. If I look to the right, there is also the student of 1-4.
I think I’ll go greet the student of 1-4 tomorrow.

I returned to my room and made the black tea I always drink before sleeping.

Within that I felt a small amount of bitterness, but I didn’t worry about it.
At the same time I put the tea in my mouth, I felt drowsy.

As I thought, the fatigue from moving around all day has come out.

However, it was quite the strong drowsiness.
Unable to bear it, I fell down on the spot and fell asleep before I had noticed.

I don’t know how long I slept myself.

The next morning, I woke up to a strong sound formed by a collusion.

It seems that someone is violently striking the door.

What business must it be from such an hour?

Or is this a robber or something!?

Scary! Due to my inexperience, only such feelings come out.

I simply waited for that fear to pass by.

Even after the sounds stopped, for awhile I was scared and unable to move.

Now that I think of it, I can’t remember last night well either.

I can remember until the part where I was drank the tea, but why was I sleeping on the floor?

There’s no reason to push yourself to remember something you can’t remember.

I finished my breakfast, reset my feelings, and visited 1-4.


The room gives off a strong medicinal smell.

The man is short with a thin body; looking at the recesses of his eyes, they are very dark, perhaps being due to not be sleeping much.

“Umm, I am Luin who moved in nextdoor.”

I can’t become friends with him.

I want to leave this place as soon as possible.

“I’m Toto Gapp.

“Well, yes. For some reason, I can’t remember yesterday well, but I certainly slept well.

“Is that so, it seems to have gone well.”

“I was talking to myself.”
“I, I see. Well then, I’ll be going.”

Unfortunately, I was not blessed in neighbors.

The right is an eccentric.

What, there’s nothing to feel down over.

With my gorgeousness, I will surely be blessed in group relations.

Both neighbors were no good.

I might as well try calling out to him.

I stand before the door of 1-1 and could hear a slightly sharp metallic sound coming from the room.
I feel like I’ve heard this sound before.

It’s similar to the sounds I heard at a smithy.

A noble? For what reason?

Every possible question popped up, but due to the choice of not calling out to him, my worries disappeared.
I returned to my room and drink my favorite black tea to calm down my mind.

There’s no need to hurry.

That’s right, I’m a special person after all.

While it would be fine to choose to do nothing all day, I decided to spend the day reading.

It’s a good opportunity to read them over again.

I noticed an irregularity immediately.

Without any regards to it being noon, I was attacked by a strong drowsiness.

I head to my bed with an unsteady manner of walking, but I ran out of strength and fell down on that spot and slept.

I don’t know how long I had slept.

The next morning, I woke up to a strong sound formed by a collusion.

It’s the guy from yesterday!

The person from yesterday is trying to break the door again.

I look outside and it’s still sunrise.

Just what business do you say you have in my room?!

Once again, there was only fear.

Why do I have to meet such a humiliating experience?
Tears came out through chagrin and fear.

After time had passed, the sound stopped today as well.

After finishing breakfast, let’s consult the dorm manager.
If I do not, I might not be able to bear living here any longer.

At the time I was drinking some black tea to calm myself down, a sound came from the door again.
It seems it was only knocked on this time.

After opening the door, yesterday’s resident from 1-4 was there.

It is extremely unclean.

It troubles me if he acts friendly, so if possible, I’ll turn him away.

“What is it? I’m a bit busy.”

“Ah, now that you mention it, I woke up on the floor this morning, huh? Why did I sleep on the floor?

“Two continuous days successful.”

“I was talking to myself. Be careful with your body, well then.”

I closed the door immediately.

While I understand that the wants to get friendly with the elite I, there is something to satisfied before kindness.
With that appearance it’s hard to say whether his lineage should match up with mine.

Really, I picked a strange room.
Now that I think about it, it would have been better if I had kept that student’s gossip in the corner of my mind.

However, after commuting the dining hall for a few days, I was able to make friends naturally.

As I thought, having gorgeous people in my surroundings suits me.

1-2’s giant, 1-4’s medicine plant man, 1-1’s metal man, they are not suitable for me.
I’ve also heard there’s a new student from the commoners this year. The first time I heard it, it gave me a shiver. But either way they’ll immediately lose their place, so it doesn’t have any relation to me.

And, since the day I consulted the dorm manager, the thunderous roar every morning stopped.

While the start was the worst, my smooth-sailing academy life has set out on track.
I was born under such a star.

“Black tea is delicious.”

Everyone else is also enjoying it. A gorgeous scene, suitable for us.

“Uee,” just then, one of my friends vomited.

“Hey, just what are you putting in your tea?”

“I-I haven’t put anything stra…uee.”

After that, as if lured by it, everyone in my room vomited.

“What is wrong with your room?”


Reluctantly, I cleaned up the room that had become filled with garbage and put forth an apology to my friends the next day.
I really made the tea properly. I conveyed that to everyone with all my effort and somehow got them to forgive me.

Fu, I was dangerously close to a dark cloud hanging over my academy life.
Nevertheless, when drinking my black tea yesterday, it had a faint medicinal smell? …Well, I’m surely just thinking too much.

“It seems you made quite the racket with your friends yesterday, but did something happen?”

He’s an annoying man.

I tried conveying ‘don’t come anymore’ indirectly.


“Ah, see you.”

He is not suitable for me.

In the afternoon, my friends invited me to exercise outside.

It’s a good chance for reconciliation.

I took everyone along and walked in the front.
Everyone was getting excited about what to do, but it seems that my mood wouldn’t become well due to having unpleasant things happen to me for successive days.

At such a time, I collided head-on with a man that came from ahead.


The resident that I went to visit, but gave up on.

From his clothing and behavior, I immediately understood he was far away from me, a low-leveled noble.

Who I just collided into was unmistakably that metal man.

“Sorry, I was looking aside and didn’t notice.”
Words of apology came from the man and he held out his hand to me.

I stuck that hand strongly.

My mood is currently quite bad.
On top of that, borrowing the hand of some guy who strikes iron is impossible.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hand!

“…Nn, sorry. Well then, I’ll be going.”

“From now on, properly look in front of you while walking. That way, you life at the academy and your future should become something good!”

A useless man. Can’t even answer back.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? A single small fry like that.” I don’t understand what he’s fretting so much over.

“I, I don’t know.”

The friend who drew up to me had the blood in his face reced.

Somehow, I have a extremely bad premonition.

“Helan is the most prosperous territory in the country right now. That guy is the next feudal lord over there.

“Even if you say connections, it’s not such a strong connection, right? I haven’t heard such talk at all.”

“Nah, it was quite recent, but there’s a rumor that he’s quite close to Rahsa-sama.

I involuntarily swallowed the saliva in my mouth.

Words won’t come out.

“Besides, I know about it.”

I’m already in the mood of plugging my ears.

“That guy is apparently quite the magic user. I’ve heard that has enough power that he can take down a monster with one shot of magic.”

My other friends showed agreement.

That’s something I haven’t heard of at all.
I’ve become anxious, but it’s still only the kind of stories that can’t be believed.

“Um, since it’s now I can say it, but…”
It seems there’s still something else.

“This story happens when I just entered the dorm.

I was scared so I didn’t enquire, but if I think about it now… ”
Everyone seemed to swallow down their saliva. It was quiet enough to hear that sound.

The surroundings became engulfed by silence at once.

It didn’t need to be said by anyone, we understood.

Just where will my brilliant academy life be heading?

My neighbors all seem to be dangerous.
My mind became slightly disordered.

My neighbors are dangerous!!

Let’s just put that into my mind.
If I do so, my life at the academy might improve a bit.

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