Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 154

Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 132

Freigen became quite meek after that day where he cried pathetically. Perhaps it had changed something inside of him.

News of the matter regarding the destruction of House Dartanel arrived from the royal capital after that. They probably didn’t want news of it to spread. The official documents did not contain many details, but a private letter from Rahsa explained more.

Apparently, it was true that the Dartanel House was teaming up with Salman in order to overthrow the royal family. And the watering machine had been imported as a weapon.

The Dartanels had cautiously gotten other nobles involved in their attempt to start a revolt. But once I had confiscated the watering machine, they immediately started to defect. The rebel alliance destroyed much of the evidence before crumbling. It was then that Rahsa and the royal knights went in. And on that day, the long history of the Dartanel family came to a close. While only a few names of the other noble rebels were found, the main culprits, members of the Dartanel household, were successfully arrested. However, the most important of all, Brau Dartanel, had managed to escape. The anger over this was very evident in the letter.

Freigen Dartanel was also arrested at that time, and had been sent to the Helan territories on Prince Arch’s order. It would be better to be in Helan than in prison. It was likely this way of thinking that had changed Freigen’s attitude.

“Still, he really is third-rate, no matter what he does.”

I couldn’t help but say with annoyance. Freigen would have been given a first-rate education, but no matter what he was asked to do, he could never do it right. The ‘Iron Heat Corps’ was already moving along smoothly and in operation.

The neighboring lords were all told that I had created a private army. Perhaps they took it as a threat because they all sent me gifts after that. The gifts consisted of local produce and somewhat valuable precious stones.

As I hadn’t meant it as a threat, I chose some quality goods made in the craftsman district and sent them back with the gifts.

“Freigen, you should just give up fighting. Perhaps there is something else you can do for work?”

I asked, and he nodded somberly.

So I asked him what he wanted to do, but there was nothing that he was particularly interested in.

“More importantly, why are you always sticking close to me? Aren’t you busy as the lord of this place? It should be hard enough organizing the construction of the magic train.”

“While that is true, a fallen noble is not exactly unusual, is it? And I feel like I can’t ignore you. After all, I may become like you one day.”

“But even if that did happen to you, you can always work as a blacksmith. I heard that you are very good at it. Unlike me, you’re good at doing most things.”

As I comforted the self-deprecating Freigen, I suddenly thought of something.

Perhaps I had been trying to become a blacksmith in case I ever came into ruin.

It seemed like a very pessimistic way to view it, but it was said that the Helan territories were often victim to natural disasters, and it was frontier land that was far away from the royal capital. So perhaps it wasn’t too strange that I would have worried about such a thing.

“You should be more confident. I know. I’ll find you a job that anyone can do. Don’t worry.”

“If you think that’s going to encourage me, you’re terribly wrong.”

He grumbled. Still, he no longer threw me looks that suggested he wanted to shoot me dead. He was harmless now.

“Do you want to work on a farm? It’s a pretty big one, and the owner wants help. A really big place where they grow lots of agricultural products. They’ve been requesting help for a while, but as it wasn’t urgent, I had ignored them until now. So it’s perfect. Why don’t you work there?”

I took one sheet out of the stack of written requests and handed it to Freigen so he could see the details.

“Yeah, that is fine…”

As always, there was little enthusiasm in his voice.

“What? Are you still depressed? This farm is a really good place, you know? See the requirements here. They are accepting just about anybody. There’s nothing about rejecting criminals and fallen nobles. So don’t worry.”

“That’s not encouraging at all!”

Ohh! Finally, the strength is starting to return to his voice. That’s a good sign. This would be a new start for him, so he should at least show that amount of spirit.

And so we quickly set off for our destination, Parpanel Farm. Now that I think about it, it sounded a little like Dartanel. He would definitely come to like it.

“It’s called the Parpanel Farm. Aren’t you happy that it sounds like your family name?”

“No, I’m no! Actually, it makes me very sad!”

Oh! He’s becoming even more spirited. I had chosen the right place after all.

The owner of the Parpanel Farm and his daughter came out to greet us.

They both had sunburnt faces and had tough bodies that were lean, but strengthened by the manual labor.

“Ah, if it isn’t Lord Kururi.”

The father said with a relaxed voice.

“Greetings, people of Parpanel Farm. Didn’t you ask for more hands? Well, I brought you someone special.”

“Oh, that is wonderful. Yes, we’ve been so busy recently. I’d be glad for the help of a cat at this point! Now, please come inside. And we can talk.”

The man and his daughter welcomed us pleasantly and invited us inside.

The house was small and made of wood. Apparently, the two of them lived here alone. As the farmlands were very large, the other workers lived in separate houses that were a short distance away. Unless it was necessary, they did not contact each other very often. While they were employees, it seemed that they were offered a lot of freedom on this farm.

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