Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 2

Chapter 1-2

The Helan household, which had not been written of in the game, was what is called a noble lineage.
While an a lineage of extensive history, serving the royal family from the founding of the nation, yet having birthed no one of excelling quality for generations, one can look back and see it has been in a continuous state of decay.

My father, Toral, has a gentle character and is loved by the people of his fief, but is not smart and cannot use the sword nor magic. In the society of nobles, he is spoken of being a pig that parasites off of the royal family behind his back.
My mother cannot be seen to be encouraging father either, passing time by without a care together.

“It’s peaceful.”
Truly a peaceful household.
While progressively decaying, it isn’t so much as to bankrupt during my generation. However, I don’t understand why I, Kururi Helan, end up falling into ruin with that villainess.
Although, I have seen that ending which gives a tragic feeling countless times.
I don’t want to end up like that.
I lived up until now enjoying the sweet nectar of noble society; at this point, there’s no way I can bear a peasant’s lifestyle.
I wiped off the sweat I felt on my forehead and made a decision.
Let’s improve this little by little.

I don’t understand how I end up with the villainess; it is also possible that we end up together after falling into ruin.

I of course want to avoid falling into ruin, but I’m thinking I’ll assume a profession so that I’ll be fine even if I do.
If you have your hand in a profession, you’ll be able to live. Even if it’s not luxurious, it’s better than that ending.
No, I might as well aim higher. If I stood at the top of this world, I would be able to live quite the good life.
To go even further, Let’s receive the fallen villainess with a warm reception.
If I remember correctly she had quite a beautiful face.

Since I’ve decided as such, it’s necessary to go ahead and decide what to study.
The Academy we nobility attend we enter after turning fifteen years of age. One studies until eighteen, then after graduation sets out on their respective path.
During that three year period, the story of Gensou Academy unfolds.
I am now twelve years old, so there are three years until enrollment.
It’s a perfect amount of time to invest into something.
I immediately discussed it with my parents, but I received the natural reply of, “There’s no need to assume a profession for a noble.
However, my mother, Aisu, said, “You used to be quite knowledgeable in the making of swords, shields, and the like. Why don’t you study under a blacksmith?”
“Kaa-san, don’t give Kururi any strange ideas.”
“Oh, A child saying he wants to do something from his own volition is great. If he’s just going to spend his time at home, then it would be better to let him experience many things.”
“…yes, that’s true.”

My parents both gave their acceptance, so I think I’ll learn blacksmithing as my mother recommended.
Even within the game there was weapons refining. I had even refined weapons that weren’t available within shops.
Now that I’ve decided, one must strike when the iron is hot; I searched around the smithies in the territory and visited the smithy that was said to hold the place of best among the population of the fief.

“Excuse me”
I yelled out at the front of the smithy, but the door did not open. I suppose it’s fine to enter on your own.
“Donga Weapons Shop” was written on the signboard, so I shouldn’t be mistaken.
I tried opening the door apprehensively.

I enter the building and from the back, where ready-made goods were lined up, there was sound of metal striking metal to a pleasant rhythm.

“Is Donga-san present?”
I let out a slightly loud voice.
After a moment, A old man with the figure of a dwarf came out from the back of the store.
“What?” The gravely voice is quite overbearing.

“Um, Are you taking apprentices?”
“That’s sudden.”
“It is sudden. Sorry.”
“If it were someone with some good muscle, I’d think about it, but you’re out of the question.”
“Why is that?”
“You the feudal lord’s idiot son, right? With those pretty clothes and that extravagant fat, you’d immediately know.”
“Does a smith choose his lineage?” I said in a slightly provocative way.
Donga laughed slightly. “If you lose that high-class meat, I’ll listen to your request.”
“Understood. I’ll come again.”

I left the shop obediently and returned home.
I stand before a mirror and look myself over again.
Un, chubby.
A chubby twelve year old attractive young boy, looking at myself I thought I had a soothing appearance.
Throwing away this calming quality is a bit wasteful, but let’s do it.
Let’s go ahead and start exercising from tomorrow.

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