Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 22

Entering the school building from the courtyard, I went to the staff room located on the south side.


I was walking with forty-eight people spreading out behind me like a triangle attached to my back, but I couldn’t help but feel that everybody kept giving me weird looks.

I think I saw this scene in the show ‘The Great White Tower (Shiroi Kyoto/巨塔)’ before…

There’s no way this is actually happening, because doesn’t this make me look like some kind of Evil Boss or something?!


Since everyone was following me so seriously I tried stopping for a second to see what would happen, and they all stopped in unison as if they practiced it.

…I have to admit though, this is getting kind of fun!


The downright pleasant sound of synchronized footsteps echoed throughout the hallway.

Fortunately, the corridor is wide so there’s enough space for the other students to pass by, while I majestically blocked the area in the middle with my group.


The thing is, students that passed by us seemed awfully scared as they made eye-contact with me.

…or rather the moment they did, they turned their eyes away.


As we proceeded down the hallway, there were two people standing in the middle of it in some kind of deep discussion.

They haven’t seem to realized we were here.


“Hey you two, you’re in Kururi-san’s way.”

Somebody behind me said aloud.

The two of them turned towards us in surprise after realizing the size of my group.


They quietly mouthed “We’re so sorry.” and quickly moved away.


Wait, no, I’m the one that should be sorry!!

This is dangerous! The quality is too evil!


What are we doing?! Are we trying to conquer the school or something?!


“Umm, that should be enough you guys-”

I stopped walking and turned around.



Turning around, I finally noticed the tightness of all forty-eight people there, and as their leader I naturally give off this aura that makes other students cower as we approach.


“Everyone, answer this but don’t yell since you guys over do it a bit. You see, I know it might useless to tell you guys but not matter what, absolutely do notharm other students.”


Oh, it looks like they understand.

Maybe because we just started club activities, their loyalty to me seems to be really strong.

If I show them my bad side, what will happen to me when I disappoint them?

Will I get stabbed?

Then again, what’s preventing them from stabbing me from behind right now?


It wasn’t very long, but I think I just went through a terrible experience.

Finally, we were at the staff room.

I opened the door taking my first step inside, and of course they all followed.


Surprisingly, the sheer population entering the room didn’t phase the teacher inside at all.


It was my homeroom teacher.

It’d be good if he could become my club’s counselor, I mean, he’s the only teacher I know.


“I’ve created a club, so I’d appreciate some funding for it.”

“So you’ve already made one? With such a large group too… but is this really the best time to be establishing a club?”

“Bucho(Club Prez) is busy, don’t waste his time with your useless banter Wu-sensei, so get to the point.”

Busy with what?!

The only thing rushing here was the beating of my heart!


With a sigh, Wu-sensei handed a form over to me.

“Here, I’ve signed this form to become your club’s counselor, I’ll bring you your funds later but… Kururi-kun, isn’t your head getting a little big?”

A big head?! I could feel my ears burning in embarrassment. I guess it could look that way from an outsider’s perspective.

“Well try to get it in today, I mean the sooner the better right?”

“Yeah got it, but remember to take the student’s autonomy into consideration when you have your extracurricular activities and manage your budget well.”

“Okay, is there a classroom we can use then?”

“Of course, you’re free to use the rooms on the west side of the school, but other students may be using them as well, so make sure you have one booked first.”

…I guess this wasn’t such an impressive school after all.

I had unintentionally raised my hopes for them, but how could they just let a group as suspicious as this be created?!


“By the way, we haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet.”

“That’s fine, enough members gathering together is a good enough reason in itself. I think it would be best for you to learn the power of numbers early on because if I’m right, in the future you’re going to be in a position that naturally brings people together.”

“…but wouldn’t it be dangerous to fully fund an organization that doesn’t even have a distinct goal in mind? Let alone one with numbers as great as this?”

Read between the lines sensei! If I disband it I’ll be stabbed, but they should let it pass if you stop it!

“Of course, although Kururi-kun, gathering together a large force like this also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. Don’t you think I would’ve rejected it by now if I didn’t think you could handle it?”



…true, in this world there’s no such thing as sweet talk. I might only be 15 year’s old, but even I know that.

“Wu-sensei, can you give me more advice if I ever need it again?”

“Anytime, though I doubt you will I have high hopes for you Kururi-kun.”

“Yeah, well then let’s go everyone.”


Everyone left the room on my cue.

Well, I guess if we got this far I might as well take advantage of it.


“Bucho, why don’t we return to the courtyard first to think of the direction we’ll take in the future? Then we can find a clubroom.”

I nodded my head to Heart’s proposal, and we returned to the courtyard.


“Everyone, from now on I’ll be talking about what direction I plan to take this club, so I want you all to listen!”

Everyone nodded in response.

I started making my proposition.

“I still haven’t decided what to do yet, but I have decided our motive! We will be the one’s with the hearts of Gentle Lions!”

They all tilted their heads as if to say ‘What does that mean?’.


“On the surface, those that have entered here have been considered superior in literary and military arts. We’ve studied hard and know a lot, but even the A-class has neglected this! We need to ride off of this momentum and change their assessment of us!”

To fire them up I showed them my serious face, flashing a smile to fuel their aspirations.

“We’re no good as we are now. In the future, we’re supposed to be the ones to stand over others with our abilities, and we will get to that point if we all put in some effort. However, the most important thing is to be able to see things from the perspective of the underdog. That’s the caliber that we need! For those who stand above others, with the consideration of those below them, that is our goal! The heart of a Gentle Lion!”


“” “Oh” ”” voices of approval were raised.

My first speech seems to have succeeded.

I felt a bit uneasy with how they put me on a pedestal like that, but it doesn’t feel bad being able to see everyone’s faces gathered together.


“Now let’s talk about where we want this group to go, if anyone has an idea do it with a show of hands.”



No one raised their hands.

I don’t want to have to start picking people!


“Umm, does it really matter if we have a goal or not?”

The one who raised his hand was a guy with silky hair and glasses.

“You’re… Thomas-kun right? If I remember correctly you scored fairly high on the achievement test.”

“Yeah, it is an honour to know that you know me.”

There were students from the A-class here and there, but even among them Thomas was a Moi-level person in his preformance.

I just realized it, but don’t I have a lot of talented people here?


“Since we’re just starting, do you plan to rent a clubroom?”

“That was my intention.”

I haven’t made any promises yet though, everything is still up for discussion.

It’d be nice to have a place to meet if this all works out.

“The clubrooms on the west side of the school can only fit about 60 people at most, but if we think about our future growth here, wouldn’t it be better just to build a castle?”


A castle?!

Build a castle at school?!

I’m seriously contemplating on whether or not we’re going to overrun the school here!


“Isn’t that going a little too far? Forget about the construction costs, where would we find the land to build it?”

“Don’t worry about it, in the school grounds surrounded by a fence there’s a vast open area in the northwest. Just north of the freshman dorms. We’ve already gotten the approval of the teachers, as for the construction costs… one of my territories livelihoods is construction, so we’d be able to secure materials and personal for cheap. In total it would take about… half our budget?”

“…is that so?”


Thomas may look like an academic at first glance, but just what is he thinking?

It’s a big dream, but I guess that’s what you get when the world you live in is small…

“Alright!! Now we know what we’re doing!! Thomas-kun, can you take the leadership role for the construction?” Heart agreed.

…Wait, we’re actually going through with this?!

“Yeah! Let’s build a castle just for us!” Thomas yelled excitedly.

“We’ll create a castle completely independant from the school!” Heart excitedly added on.


Unsurprisingly, she seemed to have big ambitions.

By the way, isn’t this already at a level of an embassy?! Heart!!


“From the school we should be able to rent some equipment for measurements. Do you think it would be fine if I took some people to help me out?”

“Of course it will be, just do what you need to Thomas-kun.”


Thomas happily collected some volunteers and rushed into the school building.

While we moved to the location where we were going to build the castle.


Just as Thomas-kun said, it sure was a vast vacant plot of land.

Even after we complete the castle there would still be space to spare.


It took a while, but Thomas and his group eventually came.

In their hands were various kinds of surveying equipment.

To understand the future of this project, I started a conversation with Thomas-kun.


“The professional work can be left to my territory’s craftsmen. Since we just issued the request to them today, it’ll take them two or three days to prepare and get here. Until they arrive though, we’ll try to do what we can with the staff on hand, such getting the land ready for the basic materials. Will that be okay?”

“That’s amazing Thomas-kun, I have no objections do whatever you think is best. So, what should we start with?”

“First we should survey the area, it’s a basic rule of thumb when looking at a construction area, but it shouldn’t take too long. Then we can start checking the foundation of the soil and such.”

“It feels great to know that I have such an excellent staff. Okay! Why don’t you hand me a shovel so I can help?”

“No, umm… why don’t you sit down and take a break Bucho?”

“I want to be the kind of leader who works hard for his reward, I can’t just sit while you guys work, it’d go against my ideals.”

“Bucho!” Thomas-kun seemed to be moved.

Yup, I worded that good, but really I just hate boredom.


“Now Thomas-kun, give out your instructions!”



Apparently the castle is only to be three-stories high, so it’s necessary to get the underlying ground ready.

First, we need to dig a hole.

I’ve dug out the hot springs before this, so this is the best work for me!


“That’s amazing Bucho, you’re digging at an amazing pace!” I was complimented by a club member whose name I didn’t know.

“Well I’m accustomed to digging, that’s all there is to it.”

“You really are amazing though Bucho. From the moment the shovel goes into the ground to when the dirt comes flying out, there aren’t any unnecessary movements at all!” I was complimented by a female club member whose name I also didn’t know.

“Well, that’s just because I’m more experienced at this.”

“A moat could be created in an instant at this pace Bucho, I don’t even have to work hard and…” I was complimented again by a child that I didn’t know.

“Well I have confidence in my speed.”

“I wonder, if I copy his movements, will I be able to master digging easily?”


I have other good points too!!

Don’t just praise me for my digging skills!!

I worked hard to change myself ever since I turned into Kururi-kun! Isn’t there anything else good about me?!


“Kururi Helan, here are the funds that you requested.”

It was the voice of Wu-sensei, who had seemed to interrupt our work.

For some reason he had a pompous bag hanging off of his back.

“…Is the money inside of that bag?”

“Yup, correct. The documents dealing with the summary of its contents are in there too, after you verify it tell me if it’s correct or not, and with that I bid you farewell.”

With that the funds were dropped onto the ground giving off an amazing sense of weight.

A bit curious, I opened and peered into the layered bag.


Inside was a ridiculous amount of gold coins.

It was an amount I couldn’t possibly count by hand.

This is bad, my left hand couldn’t stop trembling. I almost want to take some photo’s for insurance.


I took a look behind me.

Everyone is seriously working off of Thomas-kun’s instructions.

That means… I’m the only one who knows the contents of this bag…

Should I take it?


…No!! I don’t want to be stabbed from behind!!

I almost want to say sorry to everyone who was working seriously right now.

Slowly, I carried the bag over in my trembling left hand.


“Everyone, I’ve received the funds, the biggest obstacle to the castle construction has been cleared.”

“Yeah!” “We did it!” “GOOD GOING!!!”

When I saw the happy faces of everyone, I was glad I didn’t take it.


“Thomas-kun, give me the hardest job we have.”

“Oh you don’t need to do that Bucho.”

“I do need it. My mind is weak, I’m a bad person, command me!!”


“Yeah, give me instructions.”

“Ah, umm… yeah, over there.”

I received new tools from Thomas-kun and headed to the area he pointed to.

There, looking at the sight of the group working for me. I couldn’t help but feel the pressure of what I had to take care of now.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I also have to grow.

Is what I thought as I pushed my shovel into the dirt for the nth time.



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