Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 25

Okay, now all I’ve got to do is choose my electives.


After school, I was thinking about such things while I worked on building the clubroom.

First I chose Herbalism, so next would be…

Raising a cute pig in Animal Husbandry would be nice. Eating it later might hurt, but it’s one of the leading candidates.

I want to eat better and better meats.

Martial arts is definitely a no.

It’s a very disheartening class.

When I saw the figure of a girl with a physique larger than my own I couldn’t help but freeze up.

I almost hurled, and decided that class wouldn’t be for me. What was that… that girl that couldn’t have been a girl.


Tomorrow maybe I’ll try out the Medical Science, though Law sounds interesting as well.



“You’ll get hurt if you work while thinking absentmindedly.”

“Ah that’s right, thanks.”


I should probably take my club member’s advice and concentrate on my work.

Even so, who was that guy?


Soon I should take to learning the club roster by heart. When I call out to them, it’d be really disheartening if I was only able to refer to them by ‘That person over there’.


So far the clubroom’s construction seems to be going really well.

Everyone worked with high motivation, and the artisans that came from Thomas-san’s territory were very masterful in their trade.


Speaking of people who’ve recently came… it took a while, but she’s here. Mary’s been coming over to spectate our progress as of late.

In less than two days, she had already blended into the group as if she were an original member.

Since she has a good enough appearance to be called a beauty, she’s also become a good source of motivation for our male members.

I mean, all of us want to show off our good side when a pretty girl is around, right?


Even so, I think it was a good idea to take her in.

She’s happy, and we’re happy, that’s what’s important.


As I was thinking about such trivial things, in my line of sight I could see one of my club members running towards me at a desperate pace.

I don’t know his name, but I do know his face. There’s no doubt he’s a member.



I had a bad feeling, from his expression I could tell this wasn’t going to be a pleasant conversation.

“Take a deep breath, and explain it to me calmly. What happened?”

I mean, I’m still preparing my own heart.

Since I asked, please be a trivial story!

“Fu~, can I have a moment?” (sfx: Breath out)

“Take another deep breath in.”


He dutifully did another great job of breathing in and out.


“Fu~ That Eliza Deauville is approaching here with a fierce expression right as we speak! Her entourage of four have weird expressions plastered on as well!”

Hey, you’re joking right? You’re wrong right? Please tell me you’re wrong!


Who was it that summoned the Angry Goddess?!!


The members who had heard the story stopped their work with pale faces.

With the wolves coming, everyone started to lump together in a herd.


Now who will be our sacrifice.

…and of course, it couldn’t be anyone else but me.


While taking quick strides in my direction, Eliza was glaring holes through me.

Indeed, right now I could feel an unusual amount of hot air in what was usually quite a cold atmosphere.

Even so, she sure is beautiful… No! How can I think about such things, especially right now?

Please, do a U-turn! Turn around! Do not approach! Even if I knew it useless I tried praying a little… and of course, it was in vain.


I wonder if this is how sheep feels when they know they’re about to be slaughtered and eaten raw.

I’m not going to run away, but if anyone else does I won’t blame them.

Even so, the aura released by Eliza sure is scary.

Wow, we’re a pathetic herd.


They can’t learn that their ‘Bucho’ is feeling anxious at heart.

I could feel their lines of sight falling on me.


Huh, I wonder what Eliza’s so angry about.

‘Cause whoever’s responsible is getting a huge scolding later!


“Greetings, Kururi-sama.”

Immediately after they arrived, while stopping the girl in her entourage that was about to say something, Eliza spoke herself.

The very same Eliza who was standing right in front of me.

…she’s beautiful, but wow, my stomach is killing me.

I definitely wouldn’t be able to eat anything at this moment.


“Hey Eliza, what’s with the scary face? Even worse, what’s with that tone that’s as if you’re issuing a challenge? My stomach won’t be able to handle this pressure you know?”

“Kururi-sama, please stop it with the boring jokes already.”

*Kiritsu!* (sfx: Sharp glare) I could almost hear the blade being drawn from her stare. Her sharp eyes felt like they were digging into my own.

“Uwah, whatever you’re angry about I’m sorry, will you forgive us?” I decided it’d be best if I just apologised like normal.

“I’m here for Mary-san.”


Oh… but wasn’t she fired from the original Four Heavenly Kings?


“Do you need something from her?”

“Nothing big, she’s already out of my entourage. Though recently, she’s been extremely rude to me, becoming another’s belonging without even telling me about it? How dare she.”

“Oh, really?”

The person who summoned the Angry Goddess was me!!

I’m so sorry!! Please don’t chastise me!!



The voice itself was alluringly gentle, but it had an inexplicable chill to it.


In a tone that was all but fleeting, Mary answered while she rushed over to Eliza.


“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”


Mary looked like she was about to cry.

Heck, I felt like I was about to cry. Eliza was that scary.


“Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Kururi-san!” “Bucho!”

Some of the club members called out to me.


I can’t afford to let a wolf take a young female sheep away from the herd.

I understand that feeling. I knew it would be painful, but I didn’t think that Eliza would be this intimidating.

My ancestors have probably hunted down dozens of wolves before. This should be easy.



Clenching my right fist tightly, I opened my mouth.

“Eliza wait, what are you going to do to Mary?”

Redirecting her gaze to my face, I could feel the words “There’s no need for me to tell you.” stab me from Eliza’s eyes.

Even so, I wonder what came over me all of a sudden, ‘cause before I knew it, I was standing in front of her, meeting her glare head-on.

Ugh, I really want to turn away right now, you know?


“I’m going to punish her of course. Isn’t natural to give some discipline to dogs that bite the hands of the owners that feed them? It’s the same thing with subordinates, don’t you understand?”

“No, I mean specifically, what are you going to do to her as punishment?”

“Why does it matter to you? You’re completely unrelated to this problem.”

“That’s not true, Mary is one of the members in my club. It would trouble me if you just took her without permission.”

“I wonder? Are you sure you’re not misunderstanding something Kururi-sama?”

Dang, Eliza sure has sharp eyes today. I almost went to grab my stomach, doing my best to fight the pain.


“Well, why don’t we ask Mary-san then?”

“Eh?!” Mary looked like she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer.

“Now Mary-san tell me, who do you belong to? Me? Or Kururi-sama? What is your answer Mary-san?”

There was a strong meaning laced into that gentle voice.


Mary was already far beyond her limit, her tears streaming down to her feet non-stop.

“*Hick* Y-yeah… the one I serve is Eliza-sama o-of course.”

“You see, Mary-san said it herself. Do you have any objections Kururi-sama?”

Without waiting for my reply, she and her entourage began walking back down the path she came, with Mary in tow.


The storm had disappeared, for the sacrifice of one young sheep.


“Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Kururi-san!” “Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Kururi-dono!” “Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Bucho!” “Fucho! (Head Nurse!)” “Bucho!”  “Bucho!”  “Bucho!”  “Bucho!”  “Bucho!”  


The club members that seemed to be in a daze suddenly snapped back to reality.

I looked at everyone’s faces.

They were hot, burning faces that seemed to say “This is wrong!”.


…I know.

Even I… Even I feel the same way.

You caught me.


…and hey, who called me ‘Fucho’?!


“Wait, Eliza!”

I screamed out in a loud voice to make sure she could hear it, there’s no way I could just let her leave in silence like this.


Eliza stopped.

Her annoyance could be detected from her back alone.

Eliza and her entourage froze in place, while Mary dashed back, taking refuge behind me.


I don’t think I need to say this again but, this is scary as hell!

We’re just a bunch of sheep trapped in a corner.


“Eliza, you need to understand human beings more, you need to know a little more of their pain.”

“What? You still don’t know why I’m doing this? I’ll tell you one last time, this is a problem that only involves me and that girl behind you. So Kururi Helan, why don’t you just shut up already and hand her over?”

“I will not, Mary is a member of my club. She’s staying here.”

“…shut up.”

“No, I’m also saying this for you, because I might have to live a humble life with you in the future, Eliza. I’m creating this opportunity for you to learn about caring for others.”

“You know, from the very moment we met I thought you were a funny person, but that ends now. I was a fool to think I could have a serious talk with you.”

Gunununu! (sfx: gnashing teeth)

I’m doing this for you, you know?!


“Huh? Well no, I refuse. For the time being, Mary is staying with us.”


Finally, I snapped.


Eliza is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever scene, born into a powerful, wealthy house, and is blessed with a versatile amount of talent, but she’s so blessed to the point where she can no longer understand the feelings of those weaker than her.

That’s why she bullies Iris.

For that sort of reason, there’s no way I can allow it to continue.


If it’s the me of now, I can do it.

At my very best, right now I can carry out my revenge.


Special Move! Dekopin(Forehead Flick) of Friendship!

The Dekopin of Friendship, a special move unlike the violent Dekopin, which uses the full force of a middle finger hooked to the thumb, that only does a light flick using the nails at the tip of the finger!



My attack was a direct hit to Eliza’s forehead.

“Don’t tease people too much, that’s not the kind of person you are.”



…I thought that she would immediately retaliate in angry waves, but Eliza hadn’t issued a single word as she stared downwards.


“…that hurt.”

With a faint voice, Eliza’s eyes which were usually so sharp were filled with tears.


Eh?! She’s whimpering?!

…she’s so cute.


Wait no, no! That’s wrong! I’m not supposed to be thinking of such things right now!


Eliza covered her forehead with both her hands and let out a small “Au…”.



What the heck is this?! It’s so cute!!

No, that’s not it! That’s not it!!!

What am I doing?! This is ridiculous!!


“Not even my father ever hit me…”


“You hit me first! I’m going to tell my father to tell off your father!! This is completely unacceptable!”

While in tears, Eliza ran off while holding her forehead.

Everyone behind me was relieved.

Still though, that was so cute.


“We’ll remember this!!”

Somebody from her entourage shouted out.

Uwah, that’s the cliché line of losers, does this mean it’s our win?

Wait, we won?


“” “” “” “Bucho!!” “” “” “

The club members crowded around me at once.


You guys are hot! Give me some space!

I was finally caught, and somebody put me on their shoulders.


I was then thrown into the air about ten times before I was let down. What awaited me with teary eyes there, was Mary.


“Hey, welcome back.”

“Yes, I’m back.”

Mary was just crying a little while ago, but she started to cry again.

Unlike last time though, these were tears of happiness.


The club members were delighted.

I made the right choice.

Hmm… I wonder if I’m actually good at this kind of stuff? Yet here I am, the only anxious person in a crowd of people celebrating.

I have a feeling I might have just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Thinking of what kind of revenge Eliza has in store for me sent shivers down my spine.

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