Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 29

Opening the classroom door, the first thing that came into my sight was a naked girl peacefully sleeping there.

The light coming through the window slightly reflected off of her hair giving off the impression that she was glowing.

Her big, attractive eyes were closed, and the peaceful sound of her breathing softly resounded throughout the room.

And her plump, protruding butt, including her most important parts were completely exposed.


…Well, it was only Neko-sensei though.


“Sensei, I’m here.”

I gave the Neko-sensei who was currently laying down a light shake. A small “Ofu~” was her response, continuing to speak..

What should I do? Should I call out to her?.


“Sensei please wake up, it’s me, Kururi Helan.”

“…nyaa? Ohh, its Kururi-chan nyaa. Welcome nyaa~”

“I’m here because you called me for something, so what did you need?”

“I called you here on the matter of magic research, nyaa. Nyeah, you have to wait a bit because I called another person here too.”

“Another person?”

“Nyeah, I called Arc-chan nyaa. The two of you were specifically called to help with research because you’re the best students I have nyaa.”

Ugh, she invited the number one person I don’t want to get involved with, and it’s him, the first prince, there’s a big chance he’ll bring that other person I don’t really want to get involved with.

It’s not even worth mentioning why I don’t want to be involved with them, I’m scared.

Well, if we get to use magic, I wonder if I can cast <> in self defence if I need to.


“Why don’t you give me a massage while we’re waiting, nyeah? Recently, a lot of my accumulated fatigue seems to have gathered around my waist, nyaa.”

“Sure, I don’t really mind.”

Sitting down next to Neko-sensei, I started to firmly massage her hips.

“Oh~ Ahn~ Nyan~”

“Can you stop please? That voice is a little…”

“Don’t mind it, nyaa. Now go on, don’t stop meow.”

After that, she continued her moans and the occasional “ufu” during the massage, despite the fact I was glaring at her.


“I’m here, stray.”

With the opening of the door was the appearance of the First Prince, Arc.

He still seems a bit hostile towards me. I’m glad he’s finally here, but there’s more than enough space here for us to keep our distance even if Neko-sensei is here too.


“Oh? So Kururi’s here too huh?”

“Well it’s nice to see you too, Prince.” I replied with a smile, it was only a formality though, I honestly didn’t care about how I greeted him, really.

Even so, the prince’s face twitched in response to the tone I just took to him.

Wait… now that I think about it, isn’t this really bad? Didn’t I just offend the prince of the country I live in without thinking?!


“Nyaa, now that we’re all present, why don’t we start?”

“If you will.”

“Right now I’m going to teach the two of you my unique magic <>, nyaa. With this spell you can freely change into other forms as you wish, and I’ll give bonus points if it’s a cat nyaa. It’s convenient but, nyeah. Every year I try to teach it to four or five students I take a liking to but barely anybody actually succeeds in using it nyaa.”

“Is that why Sensei’s appearance is that of a cat?”

“That’s wrong, nyaa. This is my original appearance nyaa.”

…Is that so?


“First you need to envelop your body in a veil of magic power, nyaa. As if you’re wearing a costume, nyaa.”

Following her instructions, I tried imitating Neko-sensei.


As I was covering my body with my magic, I envisioned myself being put inside a stuffed toy.

Oh, somehow I can feel something warm welling up inside of me.

“That’s good, nyaa. Kururi-chan has a good sense for magic nyaa.”


On the other hand, the prince seemed to be having trouble with it.

“No, nyaa. Try to imitate me nyaa.”

“Damn, if he can do it, there’s no reason why I won’t be able to.”

He’s awfully aware of me, isn’t he? Just don’t cause any trouble for me.


“You need to let out more nyaa. You’re young, so there shouldn’t be a problem of getting it out because there’s not enough nyaa.”

Neko-sensei is… teaching him, right? Well, disregarding her teaching methods, it seems like Arc was eventually able to grasp the idea behind it.

It would’ve been better though if he just obediently imitated her in the beginning. All he did was waste our time messing around.


“Fu~, I’ve caught up to you, Kururi.”

So what? The only reason why I’m still at this step is because I couldn’t proceed without Neko-sensei’s instructions.

During the time that you were repeating the same mistakes over and over again, I probably would’ve been leagues ahead of you by now.


“The next step is to utilize the magic wrapped around you nyaa. For now, just try changing your hand. The two of you are now changing the ‘substance’ with magic, nyaa. You should be able to do it, after activation all you need to do is maintain your magic supply to it. You can alter it however you wish nyaa. Now try it, engrave the image in your head onto your hand nyaa. ”


Neko-sensei showed us an example.

In the blink of an eye, her paw became the hand of a normal human.


Both the prince and I exclaimed “” Oh~”” at this sight.

“The more you try to change it the more difficult the process becomes nyaa. Look closely because I’m going to change it back meow, this arm just isn’t beautiful at all.”

Neko-sensei’s ‘hand’ smoothly changed back to its original form. The paws are cute, but you didn’t think that arm was beautiful? I don’t really understand Neko-sensei’s aesthetics at all.


After confirming it with Neko-sensei, I tried imitating her.

It was there for an instant, but my hand almost immediately changed back to normal after.

Certainly, this is rather difficult.


“Don’t try to go all out at the beginning, nyaa. You’ll use up your magic too quickly nyaa. Focus, and try to get used to it one step at a time, nyaa. For young people like you there’s a tendency to lose your concentration when you’re excited nyaa.”

“That’s… true.” I feel sick, I guess I haven’t removed all my evil thoughts yet.


It can’t be helped.

Time steadily passed while I diligently practiced.

The prince was also concentrating hard.


Before I knew it, the sun was already about to set.

“I did it!” Just now my hand had clearly changed, and it didn’t even revert back! Is this a success?!

I raised my hand to show Neko-sensei my achievement.


“That’s amazing nyaa. To get it done so quickly Kururi-chan must be a genius nyaa.”

With her body covered in the light of the sunset, Neko-sensei answered while still in her napping pose.

“D-does this mean I’ve succeeded?”

“You’ve succeeded nyaa! You can come back for the next step later nyaa. So for now, why don’t you go home, masturbate(シコシコ), and get some sleep nyaa?”

“Thanks, I will!”

I’ll make sure to sleep… steadily(シコシコ)? Whatever that means.

I canceled the magic, turning my hand back to normal. Doing this feels strange for some reason.

“Thanks for the good work, Neko-sensei.”

“I’m tired, nyaa. Let me sleep meow…”



As I left to go back to the dormitories, a loud voice called out to me from the classroom. Of course, it was none other than the prince Arc, who was currently giving me another of his sharp glares.

Great, I’m going to get sucked into more trouble.


“Hey, what you did there… tell me.”

I see. It was probably mortifying to him that I was able to figure it out first, but he must be even more ashamed that he couldn’t figure it out himself while we were practicing, and now he wants me to tell him how I did it.


Now, what to do?

“Okay, sure.”

Since Neko-sensei is too lazy to teach anymore, I’ll show you how.


Just like how Neko-sensei taught us, I tried to convey how I interpreted it.

“I don’t understand! Explain it better!”

This is what I meant by trouble.

In response, I said “Let’s just do this patiently” with a smile.


Eventually evening turned into night, but the prince wasn’t able to do it.

“Not bad nyaa. Close, but not quite nyaa. You need to quit those bad habits of yours prince, nyeah.” To Neko-sensei’s words the prince seemed to be a little depressed.

“Hmm, I’m feeling a little hungry now.”

With the prince in tow, the two of us walked over to the dining hall. It’s nice that we can still eat even though it’s already late.


“You might be ahead of me for now, but I’ll be the one to complete it first.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever you say.”

A tired opponent sure is troublesome huh?

“Anyways, what’s your relationship with Iris?”

Straight to the point huh? I would think that royalty of all people would have a little tact to them, but I guess not.

What should I do in this situation? Or what shouldn’t I do, so that he doesn’t get the wrong idea.


“We’re friends.”

“What? Is that all?”

“I wonder? What kind of relationship do you think we have?”

“What did you say?! Hey, what do you mean by that?!”

Overreacting a little bit, he accidentally spat some of the water he was drinking at me.


“It was a just a joke, I’m joking alright?”


“Really, we’re just friends.” We have a relationship where we slept in the same carriage for five days straight! …that probably wouldn’t be the best thing to say right now.

I don’t want him to get angry.


“Ugh, but even that Rail has a high opinion of you! The same Rail that never compliments anyone! There’s no way you’re an ordinary guy!!”

Oh, the other troublesome person.

So he also troubled the prince huh? That’s kind of funny.

…and Iris is supposed to see this guy as her ‘Prince on a white horse’ that protected her from Eliza?

She has way too high an opinion of him.


“Well, wasn’t this nice?”

With an undertone to bite back him just a little, I finished my meal.

Finished my dinner, I said I light goodbye as I walked away, “Now then,prince, I’m going to head back to the dorms no-”


Suddenly my shoulder was grabbed with a strong grip.

I honestly didn’t want to turn around, but I did so anyway.

“Wait, who said that you could go to sleep? I still haven’t finished my special training yet.”

“Let go, it’s creepy. You can go ahead and do it without me.”

“And what do you need to do that’s more important than this? Tell me.”

“I was in the middle of smithing a spear when I was called over. I’d prefer to finish it before the end of the day.” This was a lie.

This was just an excuse so I could get out of here as quickly as possible.

“What are you making?”

“Swords and other weapons, like this one.” I showed him the sword at my waist.

(TN: WARNING!!! From this point on I started getting confused! I’m currently doing a re-check over the translation!)

“Wait, isn’t this of the same work as some of my magic sword collection in the Imperial Capital?!”

Magic sword collection?!

…how much would that be worth??!


“If I said I was the creator, would you really believe me? These are magic swords afterall.”

“‘A young genius that can create magic swords with ease’ right? If these suddenly appeared in the market, each one could be sold for an arm and a leg, enough to live as a commoner for a lifetime.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’ s nothing special about this sword, I just made it, that’s all. So why don’t you let go so I can go home already?”

By all means, please let go!! Please, I beg of you!!


“Hmm… well why don’t we first confirm if you really are the genius in the story, Kururi Helan. Let’s be off to your room immediately.”


Wait, why my room?

After the two of us left the dining hall, we talked on our way to my room.


“By the way, the swords I make, I’m not giving them to you. I just want to say this, but they belong to me. Promise me, that you’ll follow what I say. Oh, and by the way how much were those swords you were talking about a while ago worth? I just wanted to know.”

“Hey, don’t just suddenly become talkative, and when did I ever say I was interested in something like that? You’ve just been saying whatever you wanted since a while ago.”

“No, promise me you won’t tell anyone else about that blacksmith.”

“I already have, and among those people is my brother Lasa. Hey, I’ve always wondered, what do you think of him since he always visits you’re territory?”

“Lasa-kun is a great person. I know that he’ll make a great king someday.”

“Watch it.”

A bad mood suddenly enveloped us, so I think it’d be best to stop now.

When you use a lot of magic like we did today, it’d be good to rest.


As we returned to my room, Vaine and Crossy were there doing muscle training.

“Its hard training the bottom, but if you can do it the balance of your movements will improve. Its painful but why don’t we do another set?”

“You said I could take a break three sets ago!”

“Well, I’ll let you go after another three sets then.



How fun, but can’t they do this in their own rooms?


“Hey, what are you doing in a room that isn’t yours?”

“Oh, we don’t mind. In fact, I can concentrate a little better when there’s some noise.”

“No, I mean now my room’s all hot and humid. Do you two know what hour it is?”

Trouble seems to have followed me today, I just want them to notice.


“Well, I just returned from a lesson with Neko-sensei, so can you take my feelings into consideration, please? You can come back later, okay?”

“Understood! Let’s~ go!” Crossy gestured to Vaine, and the two of them left.


It’s already midnight after all.

They’ll probably be back by tomorrow though, so isn’t it useless of me to scold them? And even with them gone, I don’t think the person behind me is going to leave either.


Vaine and co. had left the room somewhat hot, so I guess we should just practice the spell for now.

Ah, I miss having a room to myself.


Suddenly, someone started knocking on my door roughly.

Who is it?! So late at night too, what a weird person.


When I opened the door, there stood a man that I didn’t know at all.

“Your room is too noisy! It’s driving me insane!”

Ugh, I know! It’s driving me insane too!


“And it’s not just today! Almost every single night, you always make so much noise! It’s always this room or the moans of men and women in the garden! Just stop already! Its annoying!”

Excuse me! Those moans you’ve been hearing aren’t my fault!


“What? Is there a problem here?”

Listening in on the dispute Prince Arc drew near.

“This prince?! Why are you in a place like this?!”

The student who came to complain was puzzled.

“Well why do I have to tell you?”

“No, that’s not what I-”

“Go back to your room, or would you rather be sent back to your territory instead?”

“Ah, no. Sorry, good night.”


I’m so sorry-!!!

Even though I didn’t like the attitude he was taking with me, did you really have to abuse your power like that?! Now I’ll have to get him a souvenir or something to apologise.


“Good grief, now let’s continue.”

The prince said so, but his eyes told another story.

“”Ooh”” thanks for understanding second-floor residents!!

“No, could it be?!”

“It’s happening! Its really happening!” I noticed the two were hugging each other.

When their excitement subsided, they let go.


“Then try to end today Once again had successfully”

No, the other go home! !

“Before the end of today, I want to successfully use the spell at least once.”

No, it’s already past midnight! Its tomorrow, go home already!


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