Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 3

Chapter 1-3

In losing weight, limited caloric intake… No! It’s exercise!
After getting used to moving around from running, let’s try out some sports.

Having decided as such, first is stretching.
Bodybuilding is the most important part of exercise after all.
I go ahead and try stretching my body and, this body is flexible, flexible.
How smoothly my body stretches.
Yo, yo, to. Un. My body moves smoothly in just the way I thought.
Isn’t this a great body.
While having such a potential and not exercising, what a waste.

I don’t want to damage my knees, so for the first day I started from walking, but as expected, my state is very good.
I took a break after one hour of walking, but my my mood was elevated, a sign my body still had an urge to move.

However, that’s all for today.
After finishing my post-exercise cool-down and stretching, I took a relieving shower.
“Ya, Tou-sama.”
While passing by father, I gave a refreshing greeting.
Father made a blank expression.
Come to think of it, I was never this energetic at noon before.
The me before would be in the middle of eating sweets on my bed at this time.
After exercising, I become thirsty.
Usually I would have some homemade lemonade with lots of honey without hesitation, but today I drew some water from underground and drank it.
Puha-! It’s pleasantly cool and refreshing.
Pure water without any impurities is as expected, delicious. Having been blessed with this nature yet having not taking advantage of it until now, how wasteful.
“Young master, If you would say it to us, we would draw fresh water for you at any time.”
The maid, Mary, called to me while watching me draw water.
“No, I can do this much myself. I’m always causing trouble for you, so please let me take care of my own business myself.”
“No, it’s not trouble at all.”
Mary made a face like she had been doused by cold water.
Now that I think of it, I have a feeling this is the first time I have shown any consideration toward the maids.

Our Helan territory is famous for its beautiful nature.
A vast stretch of land abundant with vegetation, with over ten natural flower gardens within the territory.
The father of our country, the first king said, “If I’m going to die, I want it to be here,” expressing his love for this land.
However, The amount of people in this time period with a love of nature is decreasing.
Visitors to our territory decreases by the year; additionally, it possesses no unique local product.
Residents are moving into another territory when experiencing financial difficultly.
Our territory progressively declined in this way.
While it would fine if we received assistance from the king, sadly our house possesses no such connections.

Well, I’ll look for a hint for solving that along the way.
First is taking care of myself.

I ended up with free time after exercising. Normally I would… what did I do?
For now, a nap, I suppose.
However, I can’t sleep at all.
My mind is too clear.

With nothing else to do, I went to our house’s library.
Now that I think about it, it’s the first time I’ve come to the library.
The reason I call it a library is that it is so large that it makes you feel restrained.
A building with three floors with books lined up in shelves to the brim on each floor. Each floor is also respectively big and well suited to hide-and-seek…, what a great library!

“Well well, Young master. Welcome to the archives.”
The person who popped their head out from the second floor wa

s Modan-jii. He is the manager of the library; I knew his face and name, but I don’t know what kind of person he is.
“How are you today?”
“Hey, Modan-jii. My mind is hopelessly clear. Are there any interesting books?”
“Umm, Even is you say that, what field do you have interest in? Also, My name is Moran.”
“Ah, Sorry Moran-jii.” It was Moran, huh. I didn’t even know his name.
“Mn, Then I’d like to try reading a magic tome.”
“A magic tome? You’ll start learning from fifteen at the academy, but there’s certainly no loss in establishing your fundamentals.”
After saying this, Moran-jii disapppeared into the back of the library, then reappearing after a short while.
“This, This book is very easy to read. It’s contents are mainly introduction and beginner’s level, but it’s written so that it’s extremely easy to read. This is the ideal book for making your foundation. Towards the end it has a section on application, if you’re interested.” After finishing speaking, Moran-jii threw a book down from the second floor.
I somehow managed to catch it, but this grandpa is quite bold in comparison to his looks.

Magic tome 1 Introduction by Chris Helan

Huh? The author is written as Helan. Perhaps an ancestor?
The book’s contents were, as Moran-jii said, very easy to understand.
In the three hours of my first day, I managed to squeeze out some mana.
Let’s learn how to change the property of mana tomorrow.

At evening, the food lined on the table seems to shine more than usual. Right now, I experienced the sensation of hunger for the very first time.
Because I had always been eating up until now.
From meat to vegetables, all of it is freshly pick from inside the territory. I took some of each for balance and enjoyed the meal.
“You were a little strange today, but you really are the usual Kururi-chan.”
Mother gave a relieved expression.
“Thanks for the food. It was delicious,” I tell the maids, and I drank not the usual sugar-added apple juice, but some natural water.
“As I thought, perhaps the effect of hitting his head is remaining.” Mother, seeing me drink water, ended up worried after all.

I entered the bath overlooking a flowerbed, then entered a bed unsuitably large for me.
A pleasant, luxurious life.
I fell into slumber in a satisfied mood.

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