Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 33

Today is a school holiday, as well as my long-awaited vacation day.


I was thinking about doing the challenge given to me by Neko-sensei the other day about transformation magic, but because there’s always two people in my room, I decided it would be best to find a quiet place outside to practice instead.


Following the procedure I did in the classroom, my body gradually took the form of a cat, and after I compressed it as well, my body started to shrink accordingly.



My line of sight became low, and my body became light.

I had completely turned into a cat.

With all four of my legs, I tried bouncing up and down a few times.

As I thought, its light.

Before I knew it, I was having fun from this simple action.


Nyanyaa~ I walked in rhythm with the song I sang as a cat.

Finally reaching the lawn, I plopped my whole body down for a bit.

Ah, the sun feels great~


Students passing by would glance at me from time to time, but they didn’t do anything in particular to me, I was only a cat after all.

Finished with my observation, I decided it’d be good to explore the school grounds a bit more.


This really makes me feel like I’ve become a cat.

Maybe if I find somewhere nice, I’ll even have a nap like this.

I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep the transformation up?


“Shah!” (sfx: Hiss!)

As I was taking my walk comfortably, my natural enemy had appeared before me!

There was a male cat with a wounded face, sharp eyes, and a large body. He was like a king walking in the middle of the road, there was no doubt he was a veteran of many cat-fights.

More importantly, he was currently directing towards me a large amount of hostility.

I wonder if cats have things like territories as well? I’m not sure on the finer details but I do know that he’s not in a happy mood.


I guess for now I’ll just say ‘hello’, “Nyaa.”


“Nyaa?” Translation: Is there something wrong with your stomach?


“Nyaa?” Translation: How’s it going? Are you having a good day?



This is useless, I think his mood is even worse than before.

I guess it can’t be helped, I tried to converse with him, but he’s not cooperating.


I slowly began to approach him.

Understanding my intentions, he readied himself for a fight.


Before that could happen though, I released a bit of my magic compression and made myself bigger.




The other cat raised his voice in surprise.

When your opponent suddenly becomes double your size you have second thoughts about picking a fight with them.

He immediately decided to flee and disappeared, though I do feel a little bad about that.


I don’t even to say the results.

Score one win for Kururi Helan.

Returning my body back to a normal cat, I resumed my walk.


Oh, there was grasshopper bouncing in front of my eyes.

Hmm? I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything right now, but before I knew it I was chasing it like my life depended on it… why?

Whatever, right now all I know is that I want to catch it!


I want to catch it right in between my paws!


The grasshopper landed, and I pounced, to sandwich it right between my paws mid-jump… but it got away. I bet this was a special grasshopper that could jump faster than any other!

I jumped! Miss. I repeat! Miss. This cycle happened a couple of times but I couldn’t catch it.


…?! I caught it in my mouth!

*Paku* (sfx: bite) Yup, I caught it well.

I did it!


…ueeeeee. I finally realized I had a grasshopper inside my mouth… I spat it out immediately.

Ugh, I can still taste it a bit. I-it couldn’t be helped okay?! I had no control over myself!


My mind had truly turned into that of a cat. This is dangerous, really dangerous.

From now on, I need to be careful whenever I use this spell.


After re-confirming I was myself, I returned to exploring the school.

The roads that I’ve passed through so many times look completely different as a cat.

It really gives a fresh feeling, everything is new and tickles my curiosity.


Neko-sensei’s magic sure is useful.

As I walked *tokotoko* (sfx: step step), I found a couple flirting together early in the morning.


I recognise both their faces, and the place that they’ve met seems to be a place that’s hidden from sight.

Wow, I just saw something interesting.


The other side wasn’t vigilant of me at all, it must be because I’m a cat.

So I can even use it for things like this, I feel that this also has a lot of bad uses to it as well.


Maybe it was because everything was so new in this form, or because I’ve been like this for a while, but I was feeling a little drowsy.

I was suddenly in the mood to find a place where I could nap.

Thinking about such things, I made my way over to a corner of the school building.


Wait, that’s?

There was a familiar face there.

It was Iris, reading a book alone by a flowerbed.


Spending your holiday reading, you sure are serious.

Though, I don’t really think she’s doing this because she wants too.


Iris is a special presence in the school, but that makes her an easy target for bullying.

Because of her relationship with the prince, along with her grades and school performance, she’s not only made an enemy of Eliza, but many other students as well.

Even I’ve recently heard the rumours of her being harassed.

There are even stories being told by the seniors to help spread contempt against commoners in general.

To see her in such a state, where she doesn’t even have any girls as friends… I don’t like it.

I can only imagine how bad it is at the dormitory.


I’ve never confirmed these rumours myself, but they’re likely to be true.

Maybe it’s because she’s always so cheerful when she’s with me that I never noticed.


Just looking at her, in comparison with the her that’s always so happy, and that figure spending her holiday all alone, how could I just let this be?


After moving to location out of her sight, I canceled the spell.

Just in case I double checked my hands to see if there was any trace of ‘paw’ left.


“Hmm? What coincidence seeing you here Iris.” walking over to the place Iris sat, I called out to her.

By chance, as she looked up a soft gust of wind blew by, making her hair sway.

“Kururi? What are you doing here?”

“I saw a serious student reading a book by herself in a corner of the school building, and thought I should say ‘Hi’.”

“I can settle down here, I can’t really concentrate when there’s a lot of people around… but I’m still happy you came.”

That’s the bright Iris that I know.


“Iris, you’re always so bright and energetic, but that’s no excuse for me to have been so insensitive to what you’ve been through… umm, what I mean to say is, if you ever have any troubles, I’m here for you.”

“What’s with this so suddenly?”

Iris started to laugh a bit.

“Well, I’m your friend right? Let me know the next time you need to vent, and I’ll be there to listen.”

“Thats… thanks. I’m honoured to have someone like you by my side oh great aristocrat Kururi-dono.”

Haha, Iris exaggeratedly bowed to me.

I guess if she can still tell jokes like that, it probably hasn’t gone too far yet. That’s a relief.


“Be it harassment or anything of the sort, make sure to tell me.”

“Don’t worry so much, I’m a strong girl.” Iris laughed with a smile.

Everything doesn’t seem okay though, why would she be here if she was?

I think I just got a glimpse of the true feelings that she always hides behind that smile.


“Fu~, well that’s the end of my worries, but Iris, seriously, you’re the very definition of a maiden that a hero of justice would risk his life to save.”

“Really? Fu~, does that mean you want to be my hero Kururi?”

“Of course I do, I want to be everyone’s hero!”

I flashed a smile towards her.


As the two of us continued our talk, the topic slowly changed directions towards my room.

“From morning to night, both Vaine and Crossy, they always just enter my room without permission, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if you came from time to time Iris.”

“I couldn’t possibly do that.” was her reply.

That’s what I expected, I mean it’s common sense right? Those two are the odd ones here.


Talking with Iris was a nice refresher, so after we finished I decided to continue my cat-walk.

While invoking my magic, for some reason I found that my body was lighter than it was before.

Maybe it was because that conversation was so relaxing, that my magic stabilized a bit.


Nyanyan, I advanced forward with my paws, and finally I found the perfect sunny area.

The sun wasn’t too strong to make it hot, so it was comfortable location with flowers blooming everywhere.

The wind was blowing softly too.

It’s the perfect place to sleep.


Lying down, all the power in my body just seemed to flow out of me.

Ah~ This feels great~ I never get a chance to relax normally.

Closing my eyes, I wondered whether I’ve ever felt so relaxed before.

It’s no fair, why couldn’t I have learned this sooner in my life?

This is the best, I don’t even need a blanket to keep my warm because of my fur.


And before I even noticed, I had fallen asleep.




…wake up.

“It’s time to wake up, Neko-san.”


There’s someone calling me. As I thought that my hazy consciousness slowly returned to me.

My eyes were still closed though, so I didn’t know who it was.

I think they were scratching my chin though.


Oh, please continue. It feels great~

Ah, right there!

The person who was scratching me seemed to be quite used to cats.

They know just the right spots to scratch.

Ahh~ This is perfect~


“Nyan, nyan, nyanya~”

My voice unintentionally slipped out. Somehow I’m getting sleepy again, I guess I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, and that fatigue sure does accumulate.

“Nya~, are you going to sleep again, nya~? I’ll wake you up later then.”


This time they seem to be massaging my paws. *Munyumunyu* (sfx: soft and squishy)

I’ve already said this many times, but this feels great~

Even so, that voice sure does sound familiar… where have I heard it before?

Someone does come to mind, but there’s no way, the contrast is too great. It’s probably someone with a similar voice.

For a while I just slept as they gave me a massage, but I think I’m good now. Opening my eyes, I looked up at the person as my vision cleared.


…?! Gyaaa!!

If I could express my feelings in one word right now, it would be ‘scared’.

It was all-my-hair-is-standing-on-its-end level scared. I could barely even squeeze my voice out in shock.


“Are you done now? You surprised me there for a second, really.”

The girl who was going ‘nya’ at the ends of her sentences on purpose was… Eliza.


She’s never showed me a friendly face before, and now she was rubbing my chin while I’m a cat.

“Hehe, don’t you like this? If you lie down, I’ll scratch you more.”

That’s… w-well, if you insist.


Once I lied down, she continued to stroke me.

Anyways, I had no idea Eliza had this cute side to her.

I better keep this secret to my grave. It was something I felt I had to d- oh, right there!


“Neko-san, neko-san. You sure are free, aren’t you Neko-san?”

I wonder what brought this up? Oh well, she’ll likely explain it in a bit.

Please continue.


“Sometimes I feel just like a bird in a cage, I want to live free just like you do.”

…hmm, I think I just heard something I shouldn’t have heard right now.

Though I am her future husband, so it’s okay, right?


“I don’t have any friends here, so will you be my friend?”

…I replied with a ‘nya’.

“Oh, really? What a good boy.”

All I did was meow and she started petting me. Ah, right next to the ear! Yes! Right there!


Eliza said she didn’t have any friends, but what about the Four Heavenly Kings? Aren’t they her friends? I must definitely take this info to my grave, for the greater good I absolutely must.


…I think it’s about time I run away now.

I’m not sure how long I slept, but if I’m not careful the magic might dissolve on its own.

Kicking myself out of Eliza’s hands, I started walking away with a *Tata* (sfx: light steps)


“Hey, wait!”

As she said so, I was lifted up by her.

Embracing me into her chest, she started looking into my eyes.

“Just a little more please? Did you not like it? No?”


This is bad, I’m getting excited here.

…really bad. My magic is about to dissolve on me.

I tried struggling out of her arms, but it was useless, she wouldn’t let go.

I must endure this, if I return to normal now only certain death awaits me.

Bear it! Kururi Helan!!


“Hehe, you are a boy after all, I guess you would be a little embarrassed. Here, take this!”

Oh, it was no good after all.

The moment she decided to tickle me, the spell finally cancelled. Why now of all times?!


My magic was canceled with a *Bon*, and I appeared in front of Eliza’s eyes.

“Umm… hey, how’s your day going?” I tried to give a refreshing greeting to her. Please work.



After that I was ruthlessly chased by Eliza.

If she was holding a sickle, I would’ve sworn it was actually the grim reaper chasing me, ‘cause if I was grabbed I was sure to die. My neck would’ve been chopped off without any hesitation.


This was the day that Kururi Helan had run from death the most in his entire life, leaving a memory that he would never forget.

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