Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 81

Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 23

“Please, stop it!!”

While I was searching for Iris and Rahsa, at a corner of the hall, I spotted a group of men forcibly pulling a woman’s hand.

It was a really sweet lady. Or so I assumed from her aura. I could not see her face, after all.

Not because the lady was pretty, but my heart of justice was burning. I shall strike them down with my fists!

I also followed them as they were taking her outside.

“Wait right there.”

All of them turned to face me.

3 hoodlums. All of them were wearing expensive accessories and splendid masks.

Really, learn something from me, wearing a kuma (bear) mask… Umm, can we please exchange??

“Haa? What are you? With that oddly rough voice.”

“This is because of the magic stone. Let the lady go. She is not liking it.”

“Haa? I don’t know what your origin is but you have to stay out of this. Don’t come crying when you get to know our families later.”

“Hmm? Do you get physical strength from your family?”

“Obviously. Authority is power. You wanna try?”

The guy who appeared to be the representative of the three came and stood in front of me.

“Do you think you can win against me here? Let’s assume you can win against us three here with your strength. So what about it?”

Nn? What is he asking me?

I don’t quite understand.

“No, if you shift to violence here, I plan on beating you all and saving the lady, though”

“First, you can’t even win against me. And even if you do, you will face even painful things later on. Do you understand?”

“No, sorry. I don’t really understand.”

“Ah? Are you making fun of me? I don’t know from which shabby noble family you are from but I know you are definitely lower than me. I can get that with a glance. Just try grazing me a little. I will destroy your family and you will forever be hated by your relatives.”

“…..Sorry, can you say that again?”

I do know that I was being provoked here but because of the magic stone his voice sounded really hoarse. I couldn’t understand the important part at all. And also, he was talking really fast too.

“That’s it. You will be executed. Just know that, I won’t accept any apology now.”

“Umm, can you take off the magic stone? I can’t really hear you properly. Sorry, after doing that, can you repeat all that?”

I heard a ‘Ggh!’ sound and understood the mask I was wearing had broken.

Looks like he punched me straight to the face. This is why I do not like masks. It makes the vision so narrow.

I could feel the pain in my cheekbones.

“Ouch!! This bastard, I won’t forgive you!”

The guy who punched me hurt his hand and was going into a frenzy.

I thought I asked quite politely but it ended up in an outburst.

Well, justice is on my side so I can fight him, right?

“Wait!” said a loud voice, and everyone faced that way.

It was the woman who was being kidnapped.

“Kuma-san, I am sorry. Don’t fight for me anymore than this. It looks like they are quite high ranked nobles. It will end up causing you trouble so just leave. I will…. Do something about it myself.”

“You know your place, don’t you, woman? So? The woman is agrees too. Well, I won’t let you run now anyway.”

Seems like he finally removed his magic stone and I could clearly hear it now.

“Well, it seems they won’t let me leave either and I can’t just let this go.”

“……Sorry, kuma-san.”

“Don’t worry about it. I came by my own will.”

The woman threw away her gorgeous feathered mask and said,

“I am Iris. If you are gonna target someone, target me.”

‘Woo’– I could hear one of them blowing whistle.

Seeing Iris’ beautiful face, it looks like they understood how big of a fish they caught.

….Wait, it was Iris?

Even though she was wearing a mask, they ended up getting the big prize.

“I was wondering that such a low status noble had mixed in but this… this….”

As if he were appraising Iris, the representative man looked at her.

The woman was my precious friend, Iris, and I already could not stand around bearing this.

I should end this farce about now.

“You fools, you went too far. I guess I will let you guys know a little pain.”

“You wear a stupid mask and your head is full of flowers as well? That’s fine, it feels the best to beat a justice-barking guy like you.”

“Like I said, kuma-san, wait!!”

Iris said again, with a loud voice.

“Kuma-san, you should just leave now. I will do something about this.”


“The authority they speak of is honestly…. Kinda scary but we are not at fault here. Besides, they made the first move too so….”

Everyone of us waited for what Iris had to say. We were waiting but what came was a fierce high-kick.

The representative guy went flying. That was quite the kick.

After that, the two who were standing also took a straight kick and went down.

“…….I overdid it a little. I wanted to settle this peacefully, though..”

“Fufuffu, no, this is just about right for people like them, right?”

I took off the broken mask and as well as the magic stone.

“Ah, Kururi?! It was Kururi all along?”

“Yep, I found their delinquency while searching for you. Well, it is only natural to do this much to guys like these.”

“Sorry, because of me your face… does it not hurt?”

“Just a little. It is cold outside so let’s head back. Let’s go back to the castle after finding Rahsa.” “Yep… Sorry.”

“I saw it…!”

With blood all over his face, the hoodlum’s representative got up.

Blood all over his face… Iris’ kick was that intense? I better be careful not to get kicked.

“Red haired fool, your face, I will absolutely not forget it. These wounds and humiliation you gave me. I will make you regret it.”

I have something to say first… I was not the one who gave you the wounds and humiliation! It was not me!

“Well, since we are doing this, I will also tell you my name. It’s Kururi Helan. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Fuhahahaha, idiot! I was planning on getting you soon but you saved me all the trouble. Kururi Helan. My memory is good. Don’t forget my name. It’s Fregen. My family name is—”

“Ah, that’s okay. I will forget it anyway…”

And I can’t even see his face properly because of the blood.

“I will definitely not forgive you! I will tell papa about you!”

Oh no!! He will tell papa!!

He had some pressure being all bloodied up but that last sentence just ruined it all.

“Haa, I am not interested anymore. Let’s go, Iris.”

“Is it really okay? Leaving them like this.”

“It is okay. If you don’t go soon he will tell his papa, after all.”

Iris laughed a little.

“You shoudn’t…. Say that.. Pff”

Iris said with a low voice.

“You fools! You laughed, didn’t you?! I won’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you at all!!”

“If you come alone, I will take you on anytime. See ya.”

Taking Iris’ hand, as she was hesitating a little, we left the place.

The Fre… something guy was still shouting from behind. Something about his wounds and humiliation.

I wasn’t the one who kicked you, alright?!

“Sorry, Kururi. I can’t really adapt myself to the party, and I caused this trouble too– this is just the worst.”

“It’s fine. It might have been a serious deal… Now, let’s go find Rahsa and leave.”

“You sure? I would feel bad if you were having fun….”

“It’s completely fine.”

It’s that-that, surely, Rahsa will….

After searching for a while with Iris, we found someone like Rahsa.

“Hey, Kururi, I would feel bad for prince Rahsa if I am wrong but…”

“No, you are probably not wrong.”

Silently standing at a corner of the hall, a rather small guy.

Without drinking the mysterious drink in his hand, he was just standing there.

At a warm hall, that hawk-masked young noble was standing still.

“Really….? I thought prince Rahsa was more like, you know? Who would confidently go around places like these….”

“I don’t really know well myself but he is probably not that good at places like these. For a big crowd to assemble at one place and communicate without rules.”

“Even prince Rahsa has things he is bad at, huh? I kinda feel some affinity towards him now.”

“Right? Now that I think about it, he was probably like that the first time I met him too….”

“…..Let’s go back with him, shall we?”


Stealthily coming from behind, I gently put my hand on his shoulder and said,

“Found you.”

“A…. Anijii…..”

Is it just me or was his voice shaking just now? I had thrown away the magic stone which changed my voice so he understood immediately.

Looks like he waited quite a bit. I wish I had found him sooner. That was all I was feeling.

“Let’s go back.”


We went back together in one carriage.

Maybe because we were leaving from an unfamiliar place, the atmosphere inside the carriage was quiet.

I felt with my whole body that the atmosphere felt kinda soft.

“I thought I would be okay if I were with you, but, as I expected, it was no good.”

“Don’t be so depressed about it. I was really, really bad too and besides, it isn’t something to boast about even if you are good at it, right?”

“That’s right but, but Aniki, you were able to hit on a pretty lady. Really, Aniki, you are amazing.”

So he was watching me…..

“Yes. No one would have such an appearance except you.”

What do you mean such appearance?! And let me just add, it was almost all Supatifila-san’s suggestion!

“Well, still, it’s that–you know, it was still a failure.”

I was wondering what to do for the most part too.

Even Iris looked at me like ‘Hee, so you were doing that.’

I really…. Strongly, want them to stop… Isn’t that what that place is for?!

“I lost sight of you two in the middle. It was the worst after that. Exactly where did you go?”


Iris looked sorry.

Even though she is absolutely not at fault.

“A little event. It seemed fun so it is a shame I couldn’t participate.”

“Something like that existed? Well, I wasn’t feeling like that anyway so it’s okay.”

Rahsa sighed, as if he was sick and tired of it.

“I don’t want to go to such a place for a while now. Oh, now that I mention that, my brother was also there. As expected, he completely fit in–I should learn something from him.”

“Ah, he was.”

“Really? I would have liked to meet him.”

Those words! I want to tell it to him!

He would probably feel the best.

“I want to have some soy soup after I get back.”



“You bastard, Fregen.”

“Hou, from that voice, is it prince Arch-dono?”

Having come outside after searching all around for Iris, he had found Fregen.

“……..Why are you so bloodied up?”

“……Don’t mind that. It’s fine. It’s been long, prince who went to a boondocks school.”

“Don’t make fun of it. It’s a proper school with tradition. And besides, there are interesting people there too.”

“Only an idiot would distance himself from the capital lifestyle for such a thing.”

“……Is the blood fine? I can’t concentrate on talking with your face covered in it.”

“I said it’s fine! I am in a bad mood now! I will execute that fool who did this to me!”

Raising his voice, he immediately made an evil laugh. He had remembered performing the ‘execution’ in the past and the distorted happiness he had felt.

“Your bad habit is showing. No matter how much money you have, there are things you must not do. Especially, in front of my eyes.”

Being threatened by the prince, the evil laugh faded from Fregen’s face.

They had known each other from long ago and had a bond before but now it was not anything to speak of.

“It is not related to you.”

“Is that so? Depending on the matter, I will add restraints personally.”

“You think you can do that to me….?”

They had glared at each other for a while but Fregen left the place first.

The prince did not stop him. He did not know what that guy was going to do and certainly, it was not good to stop him with force.

Fregen’s family, the Dartanel family, runs the number one company in the capital.

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