Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 85

Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 27

The castle was busier than usual. They say there’s a calm before the storm but it seems this time the storm came suddenly. Who might be in the middle of this storm…

“Supatifila-san, exactly what is going on?”

The castle was really busy from the morning and I also felt weird not seeing Rahsa for awhile so I asked the woman standing still beside us.

“I can’t really say anything but let’s just say an important person is coming.”

“Important person? I won’t tell anyone so tell me.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I am also kinda curious.”

Iris was also curious about Rahsa since he was nowhere to be seen for the past few days.

“…..If Iris-sama asks that much, I guess I have no choice. I shall tell you.”

Why?! Is there that much of a difference between Iris and me?! And what do you mean ‘that much’? She didn’t say much at all!

I was super aware of it but isn’t this weird?!

“The head of the Dartanel house and their son is coming. They have been asking for quite the impossible request for quite a while but since both parent and son are coming now, they might be trying to push that request again.”

“What request?”

“I can’t say.”


“…….If Iris-sama asks that much then.”

Objection! It seems like we need to settle this!

“They have been appealing to the king to hand over the prime minister’s post to them. Deauville-sama is really capable himself, so the king thinks there is no need to change him but since they are coming again, they might have seen a chance or something. And so both prince Rahsa and prince Arch had to go to the official place.”

“Why didn’t he tell us about it?”

“He probably did not want to get you involved.”

If my memory serves me right, Eliza’s father is doing something bad behind everyone’s backs. If they come pressing that and applying economical pressure as well, I feel they might just succeed. It isn’t about Rahsa getting us involved, since we are kinda related to it in the first place. At last, it looks the climax of life is here.

I also want to be present there. It is something I am related to. At the very least, I want to be there.

And so, while I was thinking that, a familiar knight face entered the room as if the heavens wished it.

It was the first knight I met with when I went to their barracks before.

“Kururi Helan-sama, you are being summoned at the audience. Please come along with me.”


“Yes, you.”

I am related but I am not supposed to be related to it directly so why?

It seems like Supatifila-san also did not understand what was going on.

I could not feel anything except anxiety but since I had also been wanting to be there myself, I guessed I would go along.

It was at the king’s hall. The place used for official audience. It is not a place the general public can enter. Of course, I have not entered it once either.

After being properly inspected to see if I was carrying a weapon with me or not, I was guided into the place, without having any knowledge.

The actors had already gathered in the hall.

At the very deep throne, sat the king. At his sides, stood the two princes and the prime minister, Eyan Deaville.

A little further from them, stood the parent and child. I guess it is Dartanel house’s parent and child.

On both sides of the passage to the throne, knights stood in a line with the parent and child in between. Even the knight leader’s huge figure was also there. I guess injuring the royalties here would be impossible. Although, I don’t think anyone with that intention exists here. Even if they were, I can’t see anyway they could do it.

I was guided beside the Dartanel house’s head. Was it okay to stand here?

“Well then, looks like all the needed faces have gathered. Let’s get into it.”

Said the man on the throne. In other words, the king but…. I know that person. Definitely. Yes, I know him!!

This is the worst. That person is the person I slid the floors of the bathroom with, talked about Iris being cute with and also the person who told me all about the capital’s army. I can’t forget him. It is definitely that old man whom I slid with together. I can’t possibly forget that blonde head. So prince Arch’s blonde hair was from his father….


I ended up saying that unintentionally. Was it just me, or did the king’s eyes looking at me feel like they were teasing me?

“First, I would like to thank the king, for giving me and my son some time!”

The person with good physique standing next to me said with a loud voice. Was he the top of a business or something? As expected from a merchant, he has a good voice.

“That’s fine. However, my sons, and moreover, my red-haired guest is not exactly full of time so just say what you wanted to.”

Red-haired guest? I guess that’s me. Ah, that’s a relief, I am a guest… but Brau Dartanel summoned me? Why?

“Then I shall do just that!”

Now that I look closely, the stupid son standing next to this man, hmm? I know him as well. It is the person who sent that letter the other day. The person respecting and admiring me. Furthermore, I know this guy from even before.

It’s the unfortunate guy who got beat up by Iris at the masquerade ball. So it’s that hopeless person, eh? No wonder Rahsa wouldn’t like him. He also confronted prince Arch…

Exactly what did this important Dartanel people come here for? Is it that request Supatifila-san was talking about? Then I should side with Eyan Deaville at any cost. I don’t sympathize with him or anything but Eliza is already an important person to me. I shall fight as much as I can to protect her as well.

“Firstly, that fox wearing a human’s mask standing beside the king. I can’t help but feel anxious leaving the country’s politics to a fox. There’s also a rumour that the neighboring country, Ammrare is making some kind of a move. You must not leave such an incompetent prime minister by your side for so long.”

A sudden, super frank claim. So much that I fear it will turn into a fight. I could tell that a blood vessel twitched on Deaville’s face.

“Eyan Deaville is a man I deemed worthy and put him by my side. Even without your opinion, I do not think my judgement is wrong.”

“Is that really so? The king is a very generous person to normal people’s deeds. But even if it’s something small to the king, it might not be so for weak citizens like myself. There are many government officials carrying out many evil deeds. Especially, Eyan Deaville-dono is the representative evil person among them”

As I expected, he did go there. Eliza’s papa did not change his expressions but he probably has quite a lot to think about this. I request you to keep your poker face just like that.

“You are not weak, are you?”

“No, no, in this place, I only feel like a weak, weak, baby rabbit surrounded by wild animals.

“…….Fine. More importantly, do you have proof of Eyan doing anything evil? I can’t help but see your one-sided claims as selfish desires.”

“Yes… Of course–or so I wanted to say but as expected of the prime minister, he wouldn’t let me get a lead on him. Let’s just say it’s only a matter of time. Sooner or later, I will get evidence and show you.”

“I see…. For someone requesting for the prime minister’s post so much, that was quite the powerless claim.”

“I am afraid so. I am not such a greedy person. I just have the confidence I could do better than others. If you were to leave it to me, I would show you by developing this country just as I did with my business. It is an appeal for my love of my country.”

Then, exactly what did these guys come to do? The prime ministers post should be pretty solid still….

“Your majesty, of course that was the first thing I wanted to say but I have another important matter to discuss today. Please, give me a little bit of your time.”

“I don’t think you will leave without any results, just say it.”

Ahem!–he cleared his throat. Looks like this is the main part.

“Sorry to have called you, Kururi Helan-dono.”

“……Eh? Me?”

The king and Brau were having a conversation till now but here he suddenly swings it onto me. Perhaps, I will become the key to this matter? If so, I should be careful of what I say.

“Yes. I am very grateful for having some of your time, next head of the Helan territory. However, today, I must talk in front of His Majesty about your crime.”

If I did not hear it wrong, did he just say crime?

My crime? Is it that my cheeks are too charming? I guess my buttocks being jellylike is also quite sinful.

“Your Majesty! Today, I would like to inform you all of how dangerous this person, Kururi Helan is!”

“So that’s what you are after. You are talking about the next head of the Helan territory and an important guest of the castle, choose your words wisely. Otherwise, you do know who will be the one committing a crime, correct? Now, speak.”

The king said something which could even be thought of as a threat. But despite that, the man called Brau and his son showed no signs of panic. Exactly why am I being the one targeted as a whole here… I didn’t do anything underhanded. My father…. Surely not, right?! It looks like the king is also siding with me. Rahsa looked at me worriedly. Prince Arch… I don’t know what he is doing. I wonder if he will save me from a pinch? I don’t quite understand a person’s feelings.

“Kururi Helan-dono’s crime, actually, it is a very primitive crime but, he is a very ferocious, uncivilized man. My son has been beaten up by him the other day. From what I hear, it was a very one-sided fight…”

Ahh, that…. His face was covered in blood, after all. But, it wasn’t me who did it, you know? Besides, we have justice on our side.

I raised my hand.

To state my opinion.


“Thank you. It is true that I beat him. However, a few important information have been omitted. As because Fregen Dartanel-dono forcibly tried to take away my friend, Iris, I had to use some force to stop that.”

“Do you have anything to say to that?”

“I can’t think of my son doing such a thing. I might be taken as a doting parent but my son is very polite and popular among girls as well. Everyday, I get about 10 marriage proposals from beautiful ladies for my son. So I can’t think of him fixating on one lady and trying to kidnap her. Moreover, from what I heard, this Iris girl is the eldest daughter of a very poor family. Is it not more natural to think she tried to gain money and fame by getting close to my son?”

“Iris isn’t that kind of a person!!”

I lost my cool. If you want to accuse me of any crimes, then just do so. There is no need to say such things about her.

“Is that so? Even being a commoner, she entered a noble special academy. I can’t help but think she had ulterior motives.”

“She entered normally. There was a chance so she just went for it. Isn’t it because Brau-dono is the one who keeps thinking like that that you think others also think like the same?”

“……..Hmph! Impertinent!”

Provoking eyes and speech. I feel like I would explode with anger but I need to endure it here. If I am not calm they will think I am someone they can lead by the nose.

“My son’s two front teeth and cheekbones were broken by him. I also have the official report from the doctor.”

Showing it to the king, his son also showed his teeth with a smile. His front two teeth were replaced with golden ones…. Was Iris’ kick that strong?

“Fregen started attacking first.”

“Where is the evidence? From the looks of it, there does not seem to be any injuries on Kururi Helan-dono. If boys fight properly, surely the result wouldn’t be this one sided. My son did not resist and got violently beaten. There are other eyewitnesses as well. If needed, shall I call them as well?”

“Very convenient witnesses you have.”

The king spoke for me. Seems like he probably remembers us sliding on the bath floor.

“It seems like Your Majesty is supporting Kururi Helan but this person is very dangerous. He committed an heartless act of violence unbefitting of someone who will carry this country in the future. I can’t help but be worried about the people. He made my son like this, please give him appropriate punishment.”

The king was silent for awhile. It seemed like he was pondering something. Maybe about my punishment? If so, that is bad. I don’t feel the slightest guilt for my actions, after all. If I am punished, it would be pretty hard to live on in the society.

“Your one-sided claim is so forced I do not feel like believing it at all. Even as it is, you are good at cooking up tales. Unfortunately, I can’t believe that convenient witness of yours either.”

“I see…..”

“Kururi Helan is not guilty. I can’t see anything other than that.”

“Haa, if Your Majesty says that, then so it is…”

Justice exists. In this country, in this king, there is justice. I will live on properly in this country. Somehow, I felt really happy.

“I did not want to say this but, since it has come to this, I can’t help it. It might make Kururi Helan-dono’s crime heavier but I have to bring it up.”

I thought he had accepted defeat but as if he came back to life, he came accusing me again. In fact, his face said this is where it starts.

“First, may I bring in the piece of evidence?”

“If it is needed, then so be it.”

“Thank you, I have someone holding it just outside the hall. Bring it in!”

The big heavy door opened and a short man came in with something covered in a long cloth. After handing it over to Brau, he immediately left.

“Everyone, please look at this.”

The thing he brought out from inside the cloth was a sword. That is….

“It is a sword. Knights, please do not be so cautious. I can’t use a sword at all. First, I want everyone to look at this sword. It is a very rare famous sword.”

They were very cautious. One of the knights also drew his sword but was stopped by the king.

“What of it? Certainly, it is a very well made sword from the looks of it.”

“First, do you remember this sword, Kururi Helan-dono?”

Remember or anything…

“It is a sword I made.”

“Yes, exactly. You are an extremely skilled person. From what I heard, you are also in the Blacksmiths Ten Excellence.”

“And what of it?”

“This sword, do you remember giving it to someone?”

“To another member of the Ten Excellence, Zeni Geba. It was a sword I made using his techniques so to show my gratitude, I gave it to him.”

“That is enough. Not much different from the investigation. Your Majesty, the before mentioned person, Zeni Geba– Saishin Ubstol-dono, is now in the capital’s biggest prison, Kudan prison.”

Zeni Geba is in prison?! Why?!

“Saishin Ubstol. I have heard that name before. If I am not wrong, he is a very skilled businessman. Why is such a person in prison?”

So the king also knows him. Now that I think about it, they were talking about him getting the noble position before. Why is such a skilled and blessed person in prison?

“It seems like Saishin Ubstol has killed one of his disciples. With this sword!”

The sword he showed was the magic sword I had completed before. He killed a disciple… Zeni Geba….

“This sword, from what I heard, is not just a normal sword. It has a magic gem inside and magic flows within it. Magic gems are normally worn. Using that power on a sword is an original idea. At a glance, it seems like a really good idea but from what I have heard from Saishin Ubstol, when he swung this sword, it seems his heart was mislead. A man blessed by both skill and money, suddenly cut his precious disciple. Of course, he was accused of the crime but do you not think the person who made this sword also bears the crime? At the very least, misleading hearts is an extremely vicious crime in my opinion.”

“…..Well, this is another talk of a shapeless, superstitious belief.”

It is exactly as the king had said. Even I didn’t understand what was going on. Mislead hearts? My sword did that? There is no way. There is no such magic flowing in it and I didn’t even put such feelings into it. There is simply no way. Something like that….

“Many people know how well of a person Saishin Ubstol is. So much that there is no need for a witness. Moreover, he has been seen by an employee holding the bloodied sword after cutting his disciple. Even he admits it, so there is no room for doubt. This sword definitely misleads a person’s heart. It has demon’s magic inside it. Kururi Helan-dono also excels at magic so I do not think it is something impossible for him.”

“Even if you accuse so irrationally… Are you really saying Zeni Geba–Saishin Ubstol-dono’s heart was mislead?!”

“Yes, we don’t need any evidence for this either as he himself has stated it to the guards. Of course, there is an official record of it as well.”

“That’s impossible! It can’t be! It just can’t! There is no way…”

There is no way such a thing could happen. I was just, just too entranced to make a sword with a new technique. Something like misleading hearts… I don’t know, does something like that really exist? Can something like that happen as a side effect? This is bad.. I am starting to lose confidence..

“Kururi-dono, do you think it is a coincidence?”

“……Of course it is. There is no definite proof of it or anything. There is no way something like this could happen.”

“Then, I shall ask you. This magic sword, how many of these have you made?”

“Two. That’s all.”

“And where is the other one?”

“I gave it to a hunter I know. His name is-“

“That’s enough. The hunter’s name is Gardomira. He, too, is in Kudan prison. Being possessed by the magic sword, he cut his ally. He denies his crime but there is no way something like that is a coincidence when it happened in such a short period of time.”

“…….That can’t be..”

Even Gardomira-san? Why did he too cut his ally?! He was a good person!

Why? This is a lie, I just, I just wanted to make a good sword.

There is no way it could happen.

“We can’t say anything unless we look at the evidence. This talk is temporarily suspended. Kururi Helan, you are to standby at the interrogation room.”

It was an order from the king who was supporting me till now. I have no choice but to obey. None of the princes opened their mouths. I wondered what they were thinking? Were they disappointed in me? If so….

Only I left the place early.

I waited together with the assigned knight at the interrogation room. There was no conversation. I didn’t even feel like talking.

I don’t remember how long I had waited. But it seemed like things were indeed progressing.

“Kururi Helan-dono. Your punishment has been decided. As there were plenty evidence of it and the crime being very likely, you are to be imprisoned at Kudan prison temporarily. However, your crime has not been decided officially. There will be a need for more evidence. Next, the official judgement will be given at trial. Until then, you will be imprisoned.”

I did not do anything that would make me feel ashamed of myself. But even still, it seems like I will be imprisoned. If I keep believing… will I be saved?

……….Kudan prison, eh… It looks like falling into ruin seems closer than ever…

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