Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 91

Botsuraku Yotei Chapter 5 Volume 5

“Boss! Please don’t go! What are we going to do without you!” “Boss!” “Please, boss!” “Say something! Boss!”

I was to be released from prison in order to stand trial and this resulted in them crying all over me. I had no idea that I would become so popular in this underground place…

“There is something I need to fight for up there. …if I lose, I’ll just come back here.”

“Then lose!” “Boss, lose!” “Lose for our sake!”

What are you saying! You guys are making this very hard for me.

But, to be sure, living here was not that bad at all. I wouldn’t live here forever, but visiting once in a while would be fine.

“I can’t lose. It’s not just about me, it will affect a lot of people that are important to me. That’s why I have to fight, and I have to win. I have a fondness for this place…but I still have to go.

“Boss…you’re dealing with a lot out there, huh. You really are amazing. I suppose if that’s the case, we shouldn’t bother you anymore… Please go! Go and protect what is really important to you.”

“I’m sorry. Please use the plans I created. And now, I leave!”

And under the fond gazes of the prisoners -to be a little dramatic-, I took the elevator back up to the surface. The atmosphere was very different from when I first arrived. The filthy, death-like Kudan prison was gone, it had now changed into a proper, lively place. You could see it clearly from above.

“Boss, we’ve made a clean sweep of the prison to find all that are corrupt. We’ll be sure to make a report when we get the bigger picture.”

Perhaps it was just me, but from inside of the elevator it sounded like even the guard had called me boss.

Is that why his expression was always so serious?

“Good, examine it carefully. I expect a full report from you.”

“Yes! I’ll do just as you say.”

At some point in time, I had become the boss of this entire prison… It was as if the frog inside of the well caused the well to overflow and affect even the outside world. Perhaps I am a man of ability after all.

The elevator finally reached the surface with a loud bang and a shudder.

On the surface, the guards were standing in a straight line, and they were all were saluting me.

“Boss, we’ve all gathered here in order to see you off.”

Eh? Really? When did this become a thing?

“…Very well. Continue to do your best. And, even gradually, have more interactions with the prisoners down there. Yes, I think that’s good.”

“Yes! As you say!”

I passed the line of standing guards and went towards the carriage further on. They had called a carriage for me…I had no idea what was going on when I first came here, but now I feel a little sad at having to leave. Bye bye, Kudan prison.

“Boss! We await your return!”

At the end they all raised their voice and cheered for me.

…in other words, I should get arrested again? I don’t know about…that?

“You…what exactly is happening here?”

I entered into the carriage and saw Prince Arch and Iris, who appeared to have been hiding.

They were probably worried and came to see me. I have such good friends.

“My concern was wasted on you! I heard cheering echoing from underground, and you’ve tamed the guards, what have you been doing here!? Were you not arrested?”

“I was, but it was nothing, as everyone was so nice. I even got a sofa.”

“Is that so? This is an unexpectedly honest place then. What did they mean by boss? It seemed like they were talking about you…”

“Yeah, that. I’m the boss of this place. If you ever find yourself here, don’t forget to come pay your respects to me.”

“I won’t go in there. I mean, you won’t even be there anymore anyway.”

That’s true. Fine, you won’t have to pay your respects.

“Kururi is just Kururi no matter where he is, huh. Yeah, I was worried, I should have put more faith in you. The correct thing to have done was to sit back and lazily enjoy a cup of black tea.”

“That’s right. Iris, you are finally starting to understand me.”

“Yeah, we’ve known each other for quite a while now. Right?”

“What do you mean, ‘for a while now’. Hey, Kururi! What is the meaning of this?”

“I think so. It’s at least further than back then when I met Prince Arch.”

Well, I was able to tease the Prince and talk with the adorable Iris after not seeing her for so long. It was all I could want in this moment, but of course, circumstances did not seem like they would allow me to relax.

“We can only ride with you half of the way. You will have to go alone to the trial. Don’t worry, we have all kinds of evidence ready. It will not be long until your innocence is proven.”

“I heard it from Rail too. It looks like you really worked hard. Thank you. Express my gratitude to  Rahsa as well.”

“That, you should tell him yourself. You’ll just be returning to your mundane school life anyway. You should be able to find plenty of time before then.”

That’s true. Never mind then. I will go and see him myself.

Come to think of it, Rahsa didn’t come? Why? He was the one that I wanted to see the most… I guess he must have had other priorities.

“…Rahsa didn’t come with you?”

I didn’t have to ask, but it just came out for some reason. It was just words spoken on a whim, but I saw the Prince’s face tighten for a second.

“Rahsa isn’t feeling well. Oh, you’ll see him soon enough.”

“Did something happen?”

“No, it’s really nothing. He just isn’t feeling well. Really…”

Something felt very wrong. Did something happen to Rahsa? It didn’t feel quite like that either.

But it was also apparent that he was hiding something. I don’t know, what could it be? Is something happening?

What if both of them are hiding something from me? I wanted to ask, but I thought it would be rude to press two friends who had just came all this way to meet me, so I decided not to.

As far as what happened after that, I arrived at the intertrial in such extremely good health that it even shocked the Dartanel family, the trial itself moved in a linear fashion and completely in our favor. ‘Zeni Geba’s’ testament was the decisive blow, and I was found innocent and acquitted. And even Brau Dartanel who had accused me, came to apologize. That he could so easily change his attitude and apologize without hesitation showed how thick his skin was. He even said that he would make a compensatory payment, which I willingly accepted.

“It was a paltry sum…I thought you would refuse to take it…”

“…These things are more about the sentiment. It’s like a victory trophy. So for now, can we just agree that I am the winner of this fight? I came back quite healthy, and don’t you think that it’s only a matter of time till the corrupt guards start talking about you?”

“…Uh, indeed. You are the winner, I’ll allow that.”

There was something fishy about this… I didn’t like it, but if that’s what he wants, I will face him any day. Anyway, it’s about time I started to gain confidence in my own strength as well.

I was returned to a calm life at the royal castle. A big chunk of my holiday was taken, but well, Kudan prison was kind of like a holiday in itself, so it’s fine.

However, it was only for a short time that I was able to relax.

I don’t know how the story leaked, but I learned that the incident spread throughout the citizens of the royal capital, and was told around all the drinking tables. The reason that I learned, was because a certain reporter had paid us a visit.

Rahsa has not shown up and I was bored, so I decided to deal with the reporter out of curiosity.

“I would like to write a detailed article that’s labeled ‘The Great Brawl of Two Major Nobles’, and was wondering if you’d like to talk?”

“If it’s for just a short time. I’m bored now.”

“There are rumors that it was started by the Dartanel’s side, what was the origin of it all?”

“Origin? Hmm, a woman…I think.”

Was the incident with Iris the start of it all?

“Ohh, related to a woman then. I knew it…”

What do you mean you knew it? But perhaps these kinds of stories tend to start like this.

“And what was the reason that this female trouble lead to such a frontal collision of two extinguished houses?”

“Lead? Mmm, money…I think.”

It was Fregen that changed his injured front teeth into gold teeth and used it as evidence of assault, I think that’s when things really started to get complicated.

“Oh, related to money then. I knew it…”

What do you mean you knew it? Though it seems likely for this kind of story.

“I apologize for bringing up a rumor, but it is said that you were held in Kudan prison…”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“Oh…if you have any thoughts on that…”

“It was comfortable.”

“Comfortable… You are a big shot no matter where you go. I expect no less from the sole victor or this incident. Well done.”

The sole victor… Something about the way he phrased it bothered me, but I didn’t think too hard about it.

“Now, do you have any thoughts on the defeated Dartanel’s and the Deauville’s who, after having much evidence of the Dartanel’s corruptions presented to him, stepped down as prime minister?”

“What did you say?”

“Uh, so a comment on the Dartanel’s and the Deauville’s…”

“Eyan Deauville stepped down as prime minister!?”

“Ye, yes. Had you not heard about it?”

I stood up without thinking.

I felt like I needed to go run somewhere, but where? So Eyan Deauville’s crimes were finally out in the open… But things were moving so fast.

And even more, why did no one tell me such an important thing?

Did Prince Arch know about this? There is no way that he didn’t. And Iris? She of course, had to know.

That’s it! What about Rahsa? Where is he?

“I’m sorry. I have an emergency. Please excuse me.”

I left the reporter and went out to go find Supatifila. She was usually close by, and it bothered me that I did not see much of her today.

“Where’s Rahsa?”

“Rahsa is not feeling well. You can’t meet him…”

“No. I have to see him immediately. Let me see him!”

“…Please don’t blame the prince too much. There was nothing he could do about prince Rahsa.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying. Just let me see Rahsa, I need to ask him what happened.”

Supatifila finally raised her heavy body and lead me to Rahsa’s room. She gentle knocked once on the door.

“Prince Rahsa, Kururi has come to visit you.”

There was no answer. The room was very quiet.

“Rahsa, it’s me. It’s Kururi. Why are you shut up in there?”

After a moment a voice echoed from behind the door.

“…I have no right to show my face to you.”

“Why? Between you and me, what is it that you feel you have to carry yourself?”

“I couldn’t do anything. While you were being degraded, I tried my hardest, but I could do nothing. I don’t know how to make it up to you…”

“What are you saying? I came back like this unharmed, look. There isn’t a single scratch on my body. You have nothing to be sorry about. We were able to reunite like this.”

“…I couldn’t save a single thing that is important to you.”

“Important? What is that?”

Again, there was no reply.

Supatifila, who stood in the back also refused to return my gaze.

“What happened? Tell me. In this unsatisfying state, I don’t know what to do now…please, Rahsa.”

After some time, the heavy doors of Rahsa’s room opened.

Rahsa was standing there with swollen red eyes.

“Aniki, we don’t know where Eliza is. I am so sorry. This was all brought on by my own dull-wittedness.”

“…Eliza disappeared by her own will?”


“Did you push her to?”


“Then why are you apologizing. Why are you at fault?”

“I could not protect Eliza in spite of foreseeing that this could happen.”

“That’s just your pride. No one could have predicted it, even if you did, you aren’t responsible. There is no need for you to apologize or feel bad about it.”

“But, I…”

“Rahsa, you worked hard, didn’t you? Just knowing that fills my heart with happiness. Now, my cunning and quick-witted, but also charming Otoutobun. I will go and search for that willful princess that disappeared without a word. Will you help me?”

I don’t know why Eliza decided to disappear, but she is not that delicate of a person. We just need to find her, that is all.

“Y, yes…I will help you with everything that I got!”

He was desperately holding back tears but managed to complete the sentence courageously. Rahsa, there is no reason for you to suffer for me. You should always be laughing. I’m happier that way.

I heard a lot about the Deauville family.

Eyan Deauville’s crimes were diverse, big and small, once the cork came loose, information released like a flood. It was now impossible to hide, and there were too many to be able to defend.

The king decided to acknowledge the work he had accomplished until now, and he was declared innocent as a pardon, but his fortune was confiscated to appease the general public.

The Deauville’s lost their house, station, and fortune.

The blow hit Eyan Deauville the hardest, and he would not even lend an ear to Tsukimi and Eriza who talked about starting over.

And then the devil whispered into his ear.

There was a proposal from Brau Dartanel to have his son Fregen and Eliza be engaged. That he would give him a fortune and a station if he accepted. And it seemed that Fregen already had his eye on Eliza… Eliza refused, and Tsukimi was also against it. However, Eyan Deauville had been severely weakened in both body and soul, he could not resist the sweet smell of the poisoned honey and he accepted the offer without telling anyone.

Tsukimi was furious at him, and since she was originally from a different country, she decided to take Eliza with her and return to her country by boat. However, on the day of departure, Eliza would also disappear from the boat and out of Tsukimi’s sight. This news was brought to us by a letter from Tsukimi, leading to the current situation.

Like this, the Dartanel’s lost not just their fortune, but their precious family was all split apart.

“…Thank you, for telling me.”

“Yes, I should have told you sooner, I didn’t want to disappoint you…I was scared.”

“Rahsa, I don’t want to disappoint you either. I’m scared. I know how you feel.”

“…Thank you. Older brother and Rail are searching for her whereabouts now. But, they haven’t found any clues.”

“…okay, we’ll go and search as soon I change clothes.”

“Do you have a hunch?”

“I don’t know. But it’s much better than waiting.”

After a shift of emotional gears, I took the now psyched up Rahsa to go and chase Eliza’s footsteps. We visited Eyan Deauville, but he didn’t know where she could have gone. Tsukimi had already boarded the boat and was no longer in the country.

So then, there was no trace left to us besides the house… And that may have already been inspected. But we have to go. We will!

“There are no longer any of the Deauville’s living here. No one is allowed inside without permission now.”

“Is that so. Butler Flotar, I was wondering if I can ask you something?”

“…yes, I will see what I can do.”

I banged the door, but no one came out.

This house lost its owner, but this house was also special. Only the prime minister was allowed to live here. During times where the station was open, the house was managed by the butler. If he refused to open it, the door of this house could only be opened by force.



I and Rahsa began to bang the door as we became irritated. We had to bang it. We’ll continue banging until he opens the door!

I don’t know how long we were there. I feel the door become light all of a sudden. It wasn’t just me. The door was unlocked and then opened.

“You’ll hurt your hands.”

“Flotar!! Where’s Eliza!? Is Eliza here?”

“No one of the Deauville family is here. Even if I did serve her before, she no longer has the right to enter this property.”

“Then, have you heard anything!? Something from Eliza!”

“…a butler does not open his mouth lightly. It’s a matter of trust.”

“Who cares about that! If you know something about Eliza, you have to tell me!”

“I care about it. It is very important to me as a butler.”

“Ahhh! I get it! You will not carry any sentiments about your previous master, you’re an amazing and loyal butler who is dedicated to his work! But you should be careful that your job isn’t replaced by machines!”

The words burst out in a fit of anger. I regretted it a little.

There wasn’t actually any fault with Flotar. The only thing he had done was to work hard. What I’m doing is no different than what a spoiled child does. Hitting at anything when I’m angry.

“That’s preposterous. As if a machine could replace a butler!”

“They could! Looking at your current work, they definitely could!”

“Hey! I will not silently watch as you demean my profession! Listen here! Butler’s feel affection too! Even more so for outstanding masters! What I am about to say, is something I will be mumbling to myself, and you must not overhear it! Is that understood!? My former master, Eliza, loved chiffon cake, the morning that she disappeared, she said something. Perhaps I’ll go to eat a potato from the far east, that is what she whispered. And she was someone that liked chiffon cake!”

Potato from the far east…?

“Aniki, is that!?”

“Yeah, the far east as seen from the imperial capital is…”

If restricted to this country, the far east would point to a certain location.

“Helan territory! Eliza is going towards Helan!”

“Aniki, we should go! We might be able to catch up with her if we leave now.”

“That’s true. …yes, let’s go!!”

We have to hurry. In order to catch up with her.

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