Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 8

Chapter 1-8

“Well, well. It’s been awhile since you’ve come, young master.”

“Hoho. Lately you’ve been taking a lot of actions, huh. Your appearance is also becoming that of a sturdy young man. It’s as if you’re a different person from the time you were a child.”
As expected of someone such an age, he observes others well.

“I can’t deny it. Has this place regained a bit of its liveliness from when Moran-jii was young?”

I believe that Helan is exactly in the middle of its most flourishing period.”

Good, good. While letting your guard down is bad, this is certainly a good flow. If I don’t make any large mistakes from here on, there shouldn’t be a problem, should there?

Let’s think about this again next spring.

“For the first time in awhile, I’ve been thinking of reading a magic tome in the library. As expected, I concentrate best in here after all.”


“It’s certainly difficult. However, after reading it through four or five times, I’m starting to understand it.”

“Where did you study at, Moran-jii?”
“I only engaged in self-education by rummaging through books, an old man with only knowledge. Though, I am also a lucky man to receive this post at my old age,” Moran-jii laughed.

“From handing over this series of tomes so easily, I thought Moran-jii to be quite knowledgeable, but for you to be self-instructed.

“Hohoho, please don’t tease this old man so much.”

After enjoying a brief conversation, Moran-jii and I returned back to our own work.

I’ve heard that a country where the elderly are happy is a good country.
If you’d say that, then that would make Helan a good territory.

The contents of the second magic tome place the preservation of mana after separation from the body as it’s main point.

However, this is only at my current level.

Cutting off the supply of mana, yet maintaining form. If you master this, you have finished the second magic tome.

The reason I came to the library today was to concentrate on the application section’s creation of magic tools.

In regards to the core used to make a magic tool, through material change, it’s possible to make a flower grow from a piece of iron; while through property alteration, it’s possible to make a piece of iron that is always cold.
Well, that’s only in theory as I haven’t succeeded in it yet myself.

The item I brought today to become the tool’s core was an apple.

Even though I say water, I’ll alter the mana to become infinitely close to honey and put that inside of the apple.

It looks just like a normal apple.

It seems that it still won’t turn out well.
I’m thinking that if this goes well, I’ll be able to make an extremely delicious apple.

In accordance to Moran-jii’s teachings, I should just keep attempting.

And I continued pouring mana into apples.

“Ah, Moran-jii.” It seems he’s returned to reality.

“With an apple?”

“Hoho, You do some strange things.

It is generally used by equipping the ring that was turned into a magic item and fighting, or by using a sword that has property change used on it.

“Is that true!? What a waste.”

In regards to this matter, young master is an irregular.”

“I haven’t. Absorbing the mana that one has produced. While it seems possible, it isn’t something many people would try.

“Huh. In terms of magic only, I wonder how strong I am in combat.”

In terms of combat, you’ve still got a ways to go. Hohoho.”


Around evening, below Moran-jii, who was working hard on the second floor, I had completed my creation on the first floor.
I had become able to almost perfectly store mana in the apple.

“I refuse. As an old man, I need to treat my body with care.”

“Hoho, well here’s the third volume.”
That damned Moran-jii swiftly ran away to the recesses of the library after throwing the book to me.

Though I say that, when it came to eating it I also became scared.

I proclaimed such many times, however.

It can’t be helped. Since it’s come to this, I’ll have to use that hand.


I found father relaxing in front of the fireplace.

Tou-san is carrying a lot on his back with the position of the feudal lord, so I picked it with the desire for you to take in the proper nutrition so that you don’t collapse.”

Now that I think of it, after climbing to take that apple three years ago, you’ve changed a bit after falling.

“A-ah, I’ve got it.”

After passing over the apple, father seemed to hesitate to take a large bite out of it.
He glanced over at me to read my mood, but gave up and bit into it.

“Nn!!! Delicious!!

What’s up with this guy. Resisting the urge to punch him in the stomach, I left the room.

Is it that good?
In the end, father pestered me for more, so I made some more for him until he calmed down.

After nightfall, I exited the bath and entered my room.

I already at dinner so I honestly didn’t feel good about it, but father said that much after all.

“Delicious!! The deep sweetness spreading out in the inside of my mouth… .”
Whoops, I almost repeated what father did.

Well then, let’s sleep. I also have a lot of things I want to do tomorrow.

Well, let’s not think too deeply about that. I’ll end up not being able to sleep.

My body is hot. It feels heated up like after going on a run, and my mind is in a state of arousal.

There’s only one possibility. It’s the apple!!

Mana is overflowing.
It’s as if a flood of mana is occurring within my body.

If I ate the magic tool that I put my own mana into, what would happen? If you think logically, this is the only result.

“Yo-to,” I really lifted it up.

Right now I am unrivalled! I’m being placed into that kind of feeling.

I can’t sleep anymore today. I might as well use this opportunity. This condition, that I will call super mode, I will use for the benefit of the population.

Due to the visitors to the territory, the citizens are becoming affluent, and the amount of immigrants have increased largely lately.

I’ve decided on the area for the new residential area. I also know that there is water passing by underground.

“Uoooooooooo!!” I’ve got this–!!

“Little brother, why do you think we, the famous thieves ‘Dark Shadow’ have come to such a backwater place as Helan?”


“Well, let’s explain this time’s job.”

The two were making quite a dangerous conversation, but the spot is a bar. The sort of person to listen in on the two wasn’t present.

I don’t know the reason. However, before that gap, all records list this place as a deserted and desolate land.”

“It was. The current Helan has a figure completely unlike that in history.”

“You know that the first king, Marley Kudan had a strong love for this land, right?”

“Those feelings so were passionate that he desired to die on this land.

“The yet unfound first king’s treasure. You say it’s here?”

“Ah, if I’m not mistaken, the son of the lord that dug up the hot springs.”

“You’re saying that he already has an idea of where it is?”

“Have you investigated the location, brother?”

“Where is it? Hurry up and tell me.”

“Brother, that seems to be the Helan estate.”

“There aren’t even any guards, huh? Just what you’d expect of a backwater feudal lord.”

“There’s a lot of treasure, you know. It has to be underground. Find a door leading below.”

“It’s just as you said, brother.”

The two didn’t take too long in their search. This was to be expected from a pro’s job.
The older brother opened the lock and the two descended the stairs underground.

Their eyesight in the darkness must have been good, as the two didn’t need a lamp.

“It seems so. There should be a hidden door.”

This also didn’t take much time to find.
There is no futility in the two’s work.

“I found it, but the amount is odd.” Behind the hidden door was a large space with a single small wooden box that stood out.

“It means this isn’t it. Only that. Don’t worry so much about a failure.

“A book?” The bulky younger brother said loudly.

“Shit, let’s leave, brother.”

The two were also quick on their retreat.
It’s unnecessary to stay longer than needed. This was one of the reasons they have never fell through on a job before.

“Wait right there!”

“Che-, found, huh?”

“What is this guy saying… Nn?

“Since I heard something, I came and found two rats. This Kururi Helan will apprehend you!”

“It is!! I ate another magic apple as a test today and ended up like this! I can’t fall asleep, so I’ll be your opponent!”

“I won’t let you do that! Water magic! Water bog!!”

“I created a swamp underfoot with water magic. You can’t run away with this. This swamp has no bottom, so your life will be in danger!!


It seems what the pair of thieves stole was a single book.

‘Magic tome 5’

See, the author is Chris Helan.
For now, let’s place it in my room.

Well, my parents not waking up even with all this fuss worries me, but I’ve handed over the thieves to the guards. Shall I go and dig another well?
However, I shouldn’t eat the magic apple for a while. The fatigue I feel tomorrow will be extremely high.

The next day at the bar.

“Ah, this morning the information broker spread it. It seems there’s a bounty being paid by the royal capital,” The man to his right said after drinking down his alcohol.

“Kururi-sama will make a good feudal lord. While Kururi-sama is here, this land will be tranquil.”

The two gave a reaction to the doubt of man in the middle

“According to the information broker, it seems that the Dark Shadow pair was caught while leaving by Kururi-sama after barely taking anything.”
“That big-shot thief group barely took anything!?”

… .

“Perhaps, the feudal lord’s household has nothing of value?”

“I’ve seen the crotch of the lord’s pants have a tear in them once. The man himself made a unconcerned face while wearing them.”

“What about this? It seems Kururi-sama used to be fat, but now he’s that skinny.”

“I suppose that’s true. But I’ve had the experience of working with Kururi-sama before.

“Hey, is that true? But due to the hot springs, the population is thriving. Aren’t the taxes going up along with that?”

“Damn it, I can’t believe only we’ve been enjoying the benefits. After this, I’m going to try talking to the company head.”

“Exactly! That’s what we call Helan’s chivalrous spirit!”



“Haha, Kururi’s not managing his body properly, huh. Otou-san is working at his job hard, but is healthy as you can see.”

“Eh-!? Well then, I’ll be out for a bit.”

“T-that’s, it will surely start increasing from now.”

“O-of course I am. … of course I am!”

“… . Well then, shall I go to the hot springs.”

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