Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 109

Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 109

Going straight to the conclusion, the Life Dragon Subjugation went really well.

However, I would like to protest that I couldn’t agree with how things went.

What am I displeased about? About the fact that even after going into the dungeon, Mr. Voltaire did no work whatsoever. What I had in mind was that Mr. Voltaire would be the one leading and he will clear the monsters we run into.

However, he didn’t fight at all. He did say that he was no match for the Life Dragon but it looks like he also has a hard time with normal monsters. Seems like he usually hides alone and goes deep into the dungeon without encountering monsters. To begin with, his motive behind entering the dungeons was not to subjugate monsters, it seems like it’s to explore. And so he says he doesn’t need fighting skills.

He can spend the time hiding when he’s alone but that proves to be difficult when there’s one more person with him.

And so, he was always behind me when we were inside the dungeon.

“Mr. Kururi! Make sure to completely destroy the heads of insect-type monsters!”

Starting from cutting off the monsters head to crushing it, all of it was my job. It doesn’t seem like I can forget that squishing feeling in a week or so.

“Mr. Kururi! Swords don’t work against ghost-type monsters! Please use magic!”

Don’t be ridiculous! ‘Please use magic!’-I would have done so if I could!

……Well, I was kinda able to do it, though. Seems like I had a taste for not only swordsmanship, but also magic. It’s pretty scary when you don’t have any memories. I would never have known if I didn’t try. I guess it might be okay to thank Mr. Voltaire for that.

However, because of his suggestion to also crush the heads of the ghost-types, I think I won’t be able to get rid of the squashing feeling for another 2-3 weeks.

“Mr. Kururi! The Life Dragon is at the end of this path but a mythical beast class monster is blocking the way-“

I went in slashing before Mr. Voltaire could even finish his sentence.

We have to kill it, right? I have to kill it, RIGHT?

I have to go 1v1 against this absurdly huge monster!

And so because I know how that part goes, I went in attacking before he worried and fell back.

I received a bleeding wound to the head but was also able to kill the mythical beast class monster.

Behind me, unscathed Mr. Voltaire was happily jumping around.

It’s supposed to be the opposite, right? I mean, I will be the one making the sword after this.

I should be the one behind, being happy after he defeats a monster. That’s how it was supposed to be.

Well, since I did defeat it so, no, since I did come this far doing it……

I also squashed the mythical beast class monster’s head.

“Mr. Kururi! Finally, we will be going up against the Life Dragon. Mr. Kururi, you distract it. Even better if you can defeat it. I will extract the crystals from its back when I get the chance!”

Like I said… our roles…… ah, I will just do it-!!

And like this, the curtain rose on my heroic fight against the Life Dragon.

Even though I received wounds all over my body, I was finally able to defeat even the Life Dragon. I might be quite strong.

Mr. Voltaire extracted the crystal we were looking for from its back. Haa, with this, our journey has come to an end.

At the end, I also…… no, the Life Dragon’s head portion still lied there looking full of life, as if it still hadn’t died. Its face structure looked beautiful and its scales glittered in the light. To hurt such a sacred thing……

I squashed it. No exceptions since I came this far.

Mr. Voltaire carried me the way back.

By the time we safely exited the dungeon, the sun was setting. I thought we would need more time than this so I guess it turned out to be a very smooth dungeon exploration.

“Let’s quickly go back and make the sword!”

That’s not something you say to a person drenched in his own blood, do you? I feel like Mr. Voltaire is lacking some fundamental human feelings.

When we returned to the shop, we found a bronze cow statue majestically standing beside the pig statue. What I did understand from looking at it was that I need to make a sword for him too.

As we entered the shop, Eli and Barol were horrified seeing me all bloody.

The two of them probably thought the dungeon journey would be a more relaxing thing. I also thought that, so I can’t really blame them. Eli immediately brought the first-aid kit and wiped my face and body first.

“Stupid, aren’t you? To try hard to this point.”

“Well, a lot was unexpected.”

“If something were to happen to you…”

Eli said with a low tone, looking out for me while applying med kit.

If something were to happen to me… Will Eli be sad?

“Our income would decrease, you know?”

“Ah, so that’s what it was.”


I felt Eli applying more strength than before while sterilizing the wounds. Ow-ow-ow-ow, I won’t do this again so please, go easy on me.

“I will make the cow’s sword tomorrow.”

“Right. But it’s quite wonderful even like that so there’s no need to hurry.”

Is this Eli’s way of showing kindness?

She made me make the swords for the pig and racoon in a hurry so it probably is. Feeling kindness with just this… I might have been trained quite well, huh?

But, if she is going to be kind to me like this then I guess being wounded every now and then doesn’t sound too bad.

“Mr. Kururi! I assume you will be done with the Life Dragon sword by today!”

Mr. Voltaire said, standing beside Eli while she was treating me. That’s the only thing he is interested about, so I guess it can’t be helped.

“Fufufufu, Mr. Voltaire. Shall we go talk a bit at the back? We have delicious sweets back there ,as well.”

Eli told Voltaire with a not-smile-like smile.

“Eh, what is it? I guess it’s fine for a bit. I was also getting a bit hungry.”

The two disappeared to the back of the shop.

I don’t know what they are talking about but I can feel this eerie atmosphere.

Seems like it was like I had thought, when Mr. Voltaire came back, his face was pale and his eyes had lost that shiny glitter.

“Mr. Kururi, no need to hurry with the sword. Make it whenever you feel like it.”

Looks like he was also successfully trained. Terrifying Eli. We probably only felt just a portion of her terror.

“It’s fine. My body still works so I will make the sword by today. I am also interested to see how a Life Dragon sword turns out to be. Besides, I also have this adrenaline rush so I feel like I can make something good.”

“I-is that really so?”

A shimmer of light returned to Mr. Voltaire’s eyes. Although it disappeared immediately again with Eli’s glare.

“….Please don’t overdo yourself, Mr. Kururi.”

It’s perfect. He has been perfectly dominated by Eli.

I think that’s about enough punishment for him.

“Noow then, the big wound is all closed up so I guess I will go pound some swords. Give me the crystal here.”


*Ting* *ting* *ting*- the sound of metal clashing against metal ruled over the shop.

What can I make with this? Mr. Voltaire was obviously excited but old man Barol and Eli were also curious.

A sword unlike any other sword-I don’t know what kind of a sword that is going to be until I finish it.

I had the adrenaline rush from so many battles in the dungeon so I didn’t feel tired from the work, at all.

Time passed by really quickly.

And before I realized, the sword made with the scales of the Life Dragon was complete.

I was also able to make the Life Dragon’s scale’s half-transparent golden color remain in the sword. It seems like the sword properly inherited the characteristics of the scale as it felt half-transparent and golden particles inside it, looking elegant.

When light is reflected on the blade, the particles inside the sword shines. No, it also looks like the particles inside are moving. Exactly as if it was living.

So this is what the living crystal Mr. Voltaire was talking about can do?

“I did it. It’s complete.”

Seeing the sword, light returned to Mr. Voltaire’s eyes and he jumped at it.

However, he soon stopped. And then looked at Eli. He was asking for permission.

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you very much!”

Mr. Voltaire continued jumping at it.

I know that he is the one who is most happy about it so I obediently handed over the sword. He also seemed to be most knowledgeable about it.

He brought out a one-eye lens from his bag, wore it and concentrated off into his own world. He was now frantically trying to confirm the state of the completed sword.

Silent time passed by and after a while, Mr. Voltaire raised hisface and returned back to this world.

“It’s a success…… The Life Dragon’s scales are still living! There’s genuine dragon’s blood running through this sword!”

Ohh, looks like a success. Although I knew more or less by the sensation when I finished it.

Mr. Voltaire hugged the sword as if it was his own child. Look out for the edge.

Seeing him this happy about it makes my hardships feel worth it.

“Once! Can I swing the sword once?!”

He asked Eli, for some reason.

“Go ahead.”

And Eli also gave her permission, for some reason.

And without waiting, Mr. Voltaire swung the sword downwards. It felt like that one swing had something in it, making it hard to believe that he was bad at fighting.

“As I thought. This sword has the dragon’s will dwelling in it. I, who can’t use a sword, making that swing. This sword is really living. My theory was right……”

Is that how it works? If so, then I could also understand that swing just now. If a master swordsman were to swing this sword, what exactly would happen? Makes me kind of excited.

“Whew, that was a great experience. Well then, I will give you back your sword. And I will be leaving then. I will be counting on you the next time too.”

Mr. Voltaire handed over the sword to me, bowed and was about to leave the shop.

“Wait a minute! What about the sword?! Don’t you want it?!”

“No. I generally can’t use a sword. I am pretty sure I said I would like to swing it once when requesting the job…”

No, really, is just one swing enough for you?!!

“Well then, I shall leave now.”

Ehh, he really went up and left.

“What do we do, about this?”

I looked at the Life Dragon sword in my hand.

“I guess we will have the cow hold it…”


I was smacked by both Eli and old man Barol.

‘Voltaire is an idiot but you’re not any better!’-they also said.

“You went to all the trouble for it. How about using it as your own?”

“Hmm, I guess that is true.”

I decided to take Eli’s suggestion. It is certainly true that this living sword might show interesting changes as I keep using it.

And like this, the Life Dragon sword became mine.

The sun had completely set outside and old man Barol also started getting ready, saying he should leave now.

I expressed my gratitude to him for looking after the shop the whole day. I should also properly thank him someday.

“Oops, I almost forgot to tell you something you important. The doctor came today.”

“Doctor? That one?”

“Yep. He bought a sword in instalment. He liked it so he might visit the shop sometime soon. Although looks like you were out of luck today.”

“Seems so. Mr. Barol, thank you for today. Please be careful on your way back.”

“Yeah, I will be back again tomorrow.”

After seeing off old man Barol, Eli and I started to prepare to close the shop. All things considered, it was quite a hectic day. Eli also seems to have done a good job at reducing the price of the cow statue. We both had our harvest for the day, so all’s well.

While I was thinking that, I felt a presence outside the shop.

Seems like they are standing still near the entrance. Are they looking at the sign? No, they are probably looking at the pig and raccoon statues. I didn’t want a slip in customer at this time. Especially after such a tiring day.

But my wish didn’t come true and that customer pushed open the door.

It’s the last one today. I guess I will do my best and deal with him.

“”Welcome to ‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’.””

Eli and I said energetically.

One man came in. He looked quite good. I guess he is the type of men they call ‘splendidly handsome’. He only had simple items with him and had the traveller atmosphere around him. He looked to be of the same age as us.

“Eli and Kururi’s blacksmi…… wha…”

The customer froze the moment he entered. His eyes opened wide as he looked at Eli and I interchangeably. Over and over.

It didn’t seem like he fell in love with a sword or something as Eli and I were directly looking straight at him.

“Kururi…?! Ms. Eliza……?!”

Well, who exactly is this person that knows my name? Although he mistook Eli’s name a bit.

I looked at Eli and asked ‘who?’ with my gaze. To which she faltered a bit, probably saying ‘I don’t know!’.

“Ahh, are you perhaps the owner of the greengrocer shop? The tomato was delicious. This is my shop.”

“No, that’s not it. It’s me, me. Rail Rain!!”

Rail Rain? Hmm, feels like I heard it somewhere.

“Hey, it’s the doctor. You know, the one travelling.”

“Ah, him.”

Looks like Eli remembered. So it’s also him who came to the shop today to buy a sword. Is he perhaps here to return it?! Please don’t!!

“That not it! Well, I am a doctor but, why are you recognizing me like that?! It’s me, your friend Rail! Where exactly have you been these past 3 years?”

“Mm? Here…… right, Eli?”

“Yes, that’s true but…”

“What are you being so nonchalant about?! Eh, why are you so calm?! Am I the weird one here?! Hey, am I the weird one? No, this is the normal reaction!!”

What happened to this person? He seems to be quite tensed. It seems like he knows us somehow but I can’t really follow.

“…..Eli, prepare some tea. Do we have the sedative kinda ones?”

“Right, that seems like a good idea. But we don’t have the sedative kinda ones.”

“No, no, no, no! I am completely sane!”

“Customer, please come to the back for now. Which would you like, black tea or green tea?”

“……Black tea! Change of plans! Now that it has come to this, I will stay here longer if needed so, if possible, I would like something to eat as well!”

He seems to have gotten better. This guy declared he would stay long… Eh, that’s really bothersome. What a weird customer after such a tiring day.

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