Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 112


Chapter 112

The frequency of Mr. Barol and Riot coming to this shop kept increasing day by day.

That in itself isn’t much of a problem but I have a feeling that they are getting too accustomed to the shop recently.

I felt confused when Mr. Barol had a business meeting with his customer at our shop the other day.

I was even more confused when Riot had his mail delivered to our shop.

And today, when Eli bought some beddings so that the two of them can stay over any time, I couldn’t help but feel surprised.

A family was being born.

A slightly odd family……

“At any rate, this country is getting very busy too.”

Mr. Barol was conversing with Eli during their free time. As I was also taking a break, I decided to listen in.

“Did something weird happen or anything?”

“Hmm. I had some time on my hand recently so I had a conversation with a hawker yesterday. I didn’t hear much but it seems that the Helan territory at the east is going through quite some political troubles.”

Eli normally enjoyed these lax conversations with Mr. Barol but hearing a familiar name, she twitched. I couldn’t help but react as well, considering the topic of the conversation. Either way, are you sure you are not getting too much free time because you are visiting our shop too much? I hope you’re not neglecting your job by doing this.

Kururi Helan.

That seems to be my actual name. That is, if I were to believe that Rail guy’s story but, considering it’s true, I feel like things fall in place. Considering my skills as a blacksmith or how the neighbors here think we are nobles.

Moreover, I was well acquainted with swordsmanship and magic, which are both fields which normally nobles learn.

Looking at the facts from these points, I can judge Rail’s story to be highly plausible.

Like, being Helan means that, doesn’t…

Helan territory and my last name……

I didn’t talk about that with Eliza but she probably came to the same thought. Mr. Barol probably didn’t realize that his usual nonchalant gossip caught our interest.

“It seems like there was this huge calamity there 3 years ago, you see. The story starts there and even continues to this day.”

3 years ago, eh…… At this point, the person called Kururi Helan seems so much like me that I feel like covering my ears. According to Ms. Poly, Eli and I were carried here 3 years ago.

“At that time, this incident really created an uproar and many different rumors came out. Although there were no actual information, from what I heard.”

“What kind of rumors?”

“I don’t really remember the details, sorry about that. After all, I just lent an ear to know what was going on and that was all.”

So no info on the rumors, eh? I don’t really feel like going around searching myself. Although I am curious.

“Ah! I know about it well!”

Riot, who was practicing sword training, interrupted. Here it comes, the informant young boy, Riot.

“If I remember right, the son of the Helan landlord used a dangerous magic which caused a riot or something. Well, that’s just the general rumor which is going around but my mother doesn’t believe it. She says what the Helan people say are more right.”

“What the Helan people say? How is it different?”

Eliza was the one who asked.

“Yes, it went like this, if I remember right. This son of the landlord, the person said to be the cause of the riot, is actually a very skilled ruler. It seems that he had the real power in the Helan territory till the riot occurred and that due to his work, the Helan territory prospered like never before. Hmm? You guys are listening quite seriously, aren’t you?”

Uhh. Not good, not good. Let’s ask more with a more relaxed attitude. With a smile.

It seems like Eli also thought that was not good as she also had an awkward smile on her face now. I shall remember this, that Eli is bad at making up smiles. Although I probably shouldn’t be the one saying it.

“Ah, right. I feel like there were a lot of sword orders from Helan territory at that time. I remember thinking that they must be going through good economic times.”

“Right. I heard about Helan territory quite a lot from my mother. She told me to learn from him if I was going to inherit the Noris family’s territory in the future. And because of all of this, my mother did not believe the rumors and directly heard the actual story from the people of Helan. And that’s where she heard that the person who stopped the spell ruining Helan lands was the landlord’s son. It is strongly believed by the Helan people that the son sacrificed himself at that time to save the land.”

Exactly which is the actual story?

Is he a fool or a hero?

I wonder which of the two Kururi Helan was.

If I truly am Kururi Helan, then I believe the people of Helan!

“Both stories are extremes. I wonder which is the truth.”

And naturally, Eli was also clinged to that.

“It really gets on your mind, doesn’t it? Actually, it also seems that there was a girl beside the landlord’s son when he sacrificed himself. That has become a fairy-tale in Helan territory and turned into a picture book. I read it a long time ago when my mother bought it. It was a really moving story. Maybe because of that, I also agree with my mother, that the Helan territory’s people’s version is true.”

I also respect young Riot’s opinion!

So there was a girl who accompanied him, eh……? This has awfully turned quite real.

“The name of the girl, was it on the picture book?”

Eli asked Riot as naturally as she could with her awkward smile.

“What was it again… I read it more than a year ago. It was probably…… ah, it was a name similar to yours, Ms. Eli. Shall I bring that picture book tomorrow?”

“No, it’s fine.”

Ohoho? If that girl’s name were to be Eliza…… Will we end up burning the letter Rail left us? Nah, let’s forget about that.

“Now then, about the current confused condition of Helan territory. Will you continue, old man Barol?”

“I am fine. You seem to be more knowledgeable about it than me too so I’m hoping to learn something new. I want you to continue.”

“Alright. Then, I will tell you as much as I know about Helan territory.”

As expected of a noble’s son.

Seems like he will start with the current ruler of the Helan territory.

“Although the Helan territory’s landlord is still alive, the first prince Arch is temporarily governing the territory due to the actual landlord not wanting to do it. The story about his son having real power was quite strong so I guess it’s only normal for him to not want to do it. After the prince married a commoner girl last year, the two of them have been rotating their work quite well. It seems the princess’ reputation is wonderful among the people. The marriage brought a lot of animosity from the nobles but that is another story so I will leave it out.”

The prince married a person from the commoners, eh? I can only imagine but that must have been a thorny path. I felt as if I could see their pain and my eyes got watery.

“That was a good marriage. The prince distributed sake all over the country, which made everyone turn towards the prince’s side and so the nobles also had to shut up. Hohhohho.”

Sake all over the country… A very extravagant prince. I didn’t get my sake yet so I shall put in an application the next time.

“It was quite the festival at that time. By the way, sweets were distributed to us children. There was this new company which spent quite a lot to celebrate the wedding. Either way, such things happened and the two of them supported the Helan territory. However, the prince can’t quite keep on governing that land forever. He is the prince so he must stay in the capital. After 3 long years, that aspect can now no longer be avoided and a new governor is needed. There’s where the political troubles start from.”

Hoho. He’s on a completely different gossip level than old man Barol. As expected of my disciple! I should compliment him this time. And as thanks, I should also add some special training menu.

“The current landlord rejects ruling power. The prince who must return to the capital. A new coming landlord. Uwah, I can’t help but smell a dispute.”

“My mother was also saying the same. Moreover, the situation is even worse.”

“Eh, even worse?”

“Yes. Are you okay, Ms. Eli and master? You seem kinda down. It’s fine, Helan territory is far off to the east, after all. Their influence won’t reach all the way here.”

Is that so, is that so? Thank you for trying to cheer us up. But we can’t help but feel gloomy. It doesn’t sound like somebody else’s problem anymore.

“It has already been decided that the prince will return to the capital but the muddy situation right now is about the new landlord. Forcing down all the opposing opinions, Dartaniel family was supposed to take the rule but the Gap Company also came up announcing their candidacy by stacking up a huge amount of money. The top of that company also seems to be a noble so there isn’t any problem and on top of that, they also have a ton of money, making them a very prominent candidate.”

“Money is amazing. All things considered, everyone really likes Helan territory, huh?”

“Although Gap company is a new company, they have earned quite a lot. Right, right, about what master just said now, my mother also had that on her mind. About why the Dartaniel family and the Gap company are going to such lengths to acquire such a remote region.”

“Isn’t it because the economy is good?”

“That was 3 years ago. It’s definitely not like that now.”

“Then maybe there’s treasure hidden there somewhere.”

“Ah, I also thought the same. Or rather, such a rumor is going around the capital at the moment.”

It sure is a happy moment when stuff you randomly say hits the mark. Treasure hidden in Helan territory, eh……

“Maybe the landlord’s son had hidden away a huge sum of money somewhere-such a rumor is spreading.”

Oi, oi, oi, you really went and did it, didn’t ya, Kururi Helan?

Come on, my memories, come back right now!!

“Well, it is a rumor at most. After all, why would they go for such a land otherwise? Let’s get back to topic. While these prominent candidates are raising their voice, the vital people of the Helan territory are expressing their strong opposition. The prince’s rule was temporary and so it was okay but it’s a different story if a new landlord comes in. I heard a rebellion might break out in the Helan territory. My mother was also saying that it wouldn’t be weird if ‘blood flows’.”

“Even if they oppose, do they have any choice? If the prince can’t do it?”

“Their representative is submitting written opinion to the country. And the content of which is that they will wait till the landlord’s son returns and until then, they won’t take a new landlord.”

“That’s stubborn.”

“True. But that just goes to show how amazing the dead son is. However, they can’t really keep waiting forever for someone who died. I hope it doesn’t come down to a military conflict……”

A military conflict, eh? I can’t picture any good future if that happens.

“Aren’t there any other solutions?”

“For now. We can only pray that it doesn’t turn into a conflict.”

Really, that is true. If I weren’t Kururi Helan, I could have let it go saying ‘what a terrible situation’ and what not…… Haa, this is troubling.

“If, and this is purely hypothetical, alright?”

“What is it, master?”

“What will happen if that landlord’s son was alive?”

“Hmmm, won’t everything just turn out fine? Hahah, although the son will probably have to work a lot then.”


I wonder what kind of expression I have on right now. I hope it doesn’t seem like my soul is leaving me.

Riot left to train again, saying ‘it would be nice for him if he doesn’t get punched by the affected people saying “where were you these 3 years?!” haha’. Riot looked happy after being able to say everything he was wanting to say.

But for Eli and I, the story put the empty pieces to place, making us feel even more gloomy.

I will admit. I am probably Kururi Helan. And Eli is Eliza Deauville. She accompanied me, and also died. 3 years ago. At the very least, that’s what the world thinks.

Is the capital’s rumor true… or the people of Helan’s rumor true…

I request you! Me from 3 years ago, I will trust in you!

Till Mr. Barol and Riot left today, Eli and I were unusually silent. We consciously tried to look energetic but, unfortunately, we didn’t have that much willpower left. That is how much Riot’s story weighed in on us.

And then, I decided on one thing. I will talk to Eli about it when we are alone afterwards.

Eli was making dinner today.

We were eating out a lot these days but it seems that she really wanted to make some here today.

I gazed at the extravagant dinner lined up on the table. Eli is good at cooking. She is elaborate and maybe her affection is also poured into it.

“You have the face you do when you want to say something.”


“I will listen as we eat. It would be a waste if it gets cold, after all.”


The pumpkin stew Eli makes is exquisite. Ah, so I will have to part with this for a while too, eh……

“Eli, I have something to talk about.”

“The stuff Riot talked about, right?”

“Yes. I am probably Kururi Helan. No, I am Kururi Helan.”

“And I am Eliza Deauville.”

“Yes. I was happy when you said you liked your life here. I felt happy that I was able to work. If possible, I also want to stay and live here.”

“But, you will go, right?”

“Yes. I will go. I will go confirm my identity. And I will go and do the things I left undone.”

“Mr. Moran said we fulfilled our duty. Mr. Rail said he wouldn’t say anything to anyone about us. But…… you will still go?”


“What will you do if you are the foolish son like the rumors in the capital say? You might learn something bad.”

“Which do you think is true, Eli? The capital’s rumor or the Helan territory’s one?”

“I don’t know, I am fine either way. But I will just say that I think that being a blacksmith suits you more.”

“Hmm, right.”

I also think that. Being a noble or the son of a landlord-such stories don’t feel real. I am the guy who is running a blacksmith here with Eli-that feels more right.

“Tomorrow morning, I will head for the capital. I will meet with Rail, with the prince and learn the truth.”

“I understand. Hey, can I confirm just this one thing?”

“Of course.”

“You will definitely return, right?”

“Of course. Half of this store is my land, after all.”

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