Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu Chapter 10

Chapter 1-10

When Iris had just joined me in the carriage, she was reserved and precautious. She would barely talk into any detail about her household, but by spending four days together, her wariness naturally disappeared and she talked about her personal history to me.

It seems that Iris’ father was a blacksmith; however, when Iris turned twelve, he fell sick and left this world.

However, that was a strained lifestyle and one without any form of luxury.

It seems that’s really all she’s thinking about.

Even in our territory, the amount of households living off of farming is large.

According to Iris, the tax within her territory is heavy, which puts pressure on their lifestyle.

“Well then, you should come to Helan. Our tax isn’t that high and the territory is growing more and more prosperous. You’ll surely be able to live well there.”

I got rejected.
Certainly, it’s not something you can decide so easily.

It seems there are also bad feudal lords in this world, while my father shines in comparison.

It seems that due to Iris excelling at her studies from the time she was a child, she was persuaded into taking the entrance exam for the academy by her mother.

In the time between working on the farm, she learned fundamental education, magic, and swordplay, the three subjects for the exam, all on her own.
I thought this to be amazing perseverance and character.

“And then, when I passed I was really happy, but when it came time to leave home, I felt really lonely. Even now, I’m not sure if I made the right choice.”

‘My father is like a messenger of peace, so won’t he get tricked?’ and such. But he’s surely doing fine. Iris’ brothers and sisters are definitely doing better than Iris thinks.”

“They definitely are.”
“… Yeah!”

She seems to have recovered some of her spirit.

It would be a waste to continue with such a dark conversation.
I might as well tell her one of my father’s grand stories to make her feel better.

“It’s seems there’s a fuss going on outside,” Iris cut me off and said.
“It looks like trouble,” a servant reported with a sullen expression.

We exited the carriage and confirmed the situation.

There is a carriage that a merchant would seem to use stopped in the road.
What could be thought to be the whole crew were assembled outside.

“Sorry, do you think you could open up the road?”

“Ah, sorry. I’ll move the carriage immediately.”

There is a lot of luggage and the carriage is larger than the norm.
Due to the narrow highway it seems moving it is taking a bit of effort.

“Just what happened?” I asked in pure interest.

“By trouble you mean?”

Luckily, there were no injuries and nothing of a high price was damaged, but unluckily, the entry permit was taken.”

“That is quite unlucky, huh.

Hurry up and get out of the way.

“You seem to possess an expensive sword, but perhaps you engage in the elimination of monsters?”

The scabbard and sword are both handmade. His eyes are correct for judging them as expensive. A skilled merchant without a doubt.

“Ah, is that so. If you hunted the monster, I was thinking of paying you a gold coin.”

“Is that true!?”

“Will you really pay a gold coin?”
“Of course! If the two of you go, I’ll give you two gold coins.”

Iris is looking this way with watering eyes, seemingly about to cry.

“Let’s do it.”

“Two wolf-formed monsters attacked us.

We received a simple explanation and headed back to our own carriage.

“Iris, what’s your ability in magic?”

Ah! But I use magic normally everyday, so I might be pretty good… .”

While it is her first battle, it’s a weak monster so it should be okay, perhaps?
In the worst case it’ll be fine if I follow her up.

“Do you have a weapon?”

“Well then, equip it and let’s go.”

Just as the merchant said, we spotted two wolf-formed monsters in the forest at about five hundred meters southward.

Honestly, I can take both of them out by myself at this distance.
I’d like to finish it like that since it has a low chance of danger.

However, a problem is born after I take them out by myself.

She’ll definitely say, “I didn’t contribute, so I cannot take any money.”

“Um, it’s probably no good. There’s too much distance.”
As expected, huh.

Alright, if that’s the case then there’s only one strategy.

“Yeah, I think I can do it.”

I produce some mana and add water’s application of property change and ice’s physical alteration.

While it’s the first time I’ve made it, it’s pretty good.

The arrow goes straight through a monster while making the sound of cutting air.
The monster died without making a sound.


“Well then, the other one is coming.”

The second one goes into a frenzy after it’s partner was killed and charges over.

While it’s not enough firepower to take it down, the aim was to kill the force of its charge.
Just as intended, the power behind the charge decreases and the faltering monster fell to Iris’ sword.

What amazing agility.

Smooth and quick. But I think I heard a strange sound.

“You did it, Iris.”

“What’s wrong?”

Iris is hanging her head. For some reason, she’s not expressing any happiness at all.

“Haha, for it to break in one strike, you must have had a defective product pushed on you, huh?”

“The sword that Okaa-san, Okaa-san pushed herself to buy for meeeeeeee, uaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.”

She’s seriously crying!!

“If it’s a sword, I’ll give you my new one. See, don’t cry.”

Ah, so that’s what it is.
I finally understood Iris’ feelings.

“Don’t worry about that!

“Really? It can really be fixed?”

“No, it’s fine like it is.”

The permit was made with leather. Because of that, it was taken by monsters, huh.

I retrieved the permit and then observed Iris’ state.

It’s not as if I was the one who said we’d exterminate the monsters, nor did I break her sword.

“I’m not bad here, right?” I asked toward Rahsa’s kind smile far away.

“I am truly thankful. Here are the promised two gold coins.”

Iris begins making a racket, shrieking, after one coin is passed to her.
She must be relieved since she know her sword will be fixed.

“My name is Famiel. I deal mainly in products with historical value.

If it would be fine, would you please tell me your names?”

“Kururi Helan. That’s Iris Palala.

“Yes, a merchant will thankfully take any advice. It’s free after all.

“You say something like that in front of the other party?”

The merchant completed a mechanical greeting and left.

The merchant and the others opened the road, so the carriage was finally able to pass.
Speaking of Iris, she’s rubbing her cheek against the gold coin from earlier.

“What will you use that gold coin for?”
Well, the answer’s a given, though.

“I’ll send it to my family. They should be able to eat something nice for awhile with this.”

I actually want to give her my coin too, but she definitely won’t take it.

“However, I think I should give this coin to Kururi-san.

I don’t think we will become even with this, but please let me pay you for these four days.”

“I won’t take it of course. This is money that Iris earned after all.”
“But, I really can’t give you anything else. Please, at least let me do this.”

“Do you want to give that money to me? Or do you want to send it to your family? Now, which are your real feelings?”

“…, I want to send it to my family.”

Do you think I’ll be happy with one gold coin?

“Fifty gold coins!? That’s, then I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enter Helan’s hot springs.

“Ah, that’s good.

“That way is definitely better.”

I am a woman that takes responsibility for her words, so believe me and look forward to it.”


All right!!!!
I got the feeling of entering a big insurance company.

“Well, the academy is right ahead. Let’s enjoy the rest of the trip!”

I’ve also been wondering about that and am excited to find out.

For an academy, this it much too big, possessing a size so grand as if a single town exists inside.

“It’s huge, huh.” “Huge.”
I can’t find any other words.

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