Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin Wo Mezasu / Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith Chapter 119

However, a shadow quickly appeared over my head again. When I looked up, the red dragon that I was supposed to have left behind after a good head start, was there. It was no use, I had no chance of winning by speed.

I pulled hard on the reins so that the dragon’s jaw lifted up. Accelerate and accelerate. We closed in on the red dragon that was above us. We came so close that we were about to crash. Just then, I turned around and jumped onto the red dragon. My dragon seemed to not be able to fly at this altitude, and it was out of breath.

But its role had ended.

I was on top of the red dragon now. I waved my sword and commanded my dragon to go home. My order seemed to have been understood, and the dragon flew back in the direction of the knights.

I was on the red dragon. And so was Rahsa, my brother from another mother.

“Brother, what are you trying to do?”

“I realized that it would be difficult to escape on that dragon. I don’t like the idea of fighting against my little brother, but I am taking possession of this red dragon nonetheless.”

“Damn it. You are always so reckless. But since it is a rare occasion, I will fight you. After all, it seems like you won’t return to the castle unless it is by force.”

Huh, he was really up for it. I held my sword in front of me, and Rahsa did the same with his.

I didn’t want to hurt him, but I felt like it would become dangerous if I held back. This kid was pretty strong. I just had a feeling that it was the case.

“Um, I’ve forgotten all kinds of things due to memory loss.”

“Memory loss? Damn, that is terrible.”

“But I know that I’m strong. Probably real strong.”

I was going wild in a dungeon a few days ago.

“I know that you are strong, brother. But, during these last three years, I’ve practically trained myself to death. Hehe. Back then, I felt like I could never hope to match you. But I wonder if that is the case now?”

So I was stronger three years ago.

But it seemed like I really was sleeping, and my brother trained a lot.

This was bad. Before he knew it, he had become stronger than the person he admired. With disappointment, he will cut me down. That’s the pattern, isn’t it?

Damn it. I don’t want to be cut down after coming all this way!

“I’m going to get past this and return to my normal life. I will be using magic now, but don’t hate me too much.”

“Your former life? I need you to tell me everything that happened.”

It was Rahsa who attacked first.

Diagonal slash, lateral slash, parry, thrust, an overhead forward slash.

I could only defend against the beautiful flowing movements of swordsmanship. He was strong. There was no doubt about it.

And he looked good too. I was a little annoyed.

“Brother, you better watch out, or this will be over quickly.”

He pushed me back at an incredible speed. Thankfully, I was able to handle all of his attacks. But on the other hand, I had no room to retaliate.

And so, I activated some fire magic with my open left hand and threw it at Rahsa.

He might get a burn from it, but I had to do something.

Rahsa was thrown back due to the force of the magic.

However, he got back up immediately. There didn’t seem to be any damage. His body was steaming.

I see. He had used water-based magic to diffuse my attack.

“Impressive. I launched my attack with the perfect timing, and yet you matched it.”

“I told you, didn’t I? Don’t think of me as the same person from three years ago.”

I don’t even know that person.

Without a second to waste, Rahsa started to attack once again.

Things that I could assume after this much fighting. We were likely near equals with the sword. However, Rahsa clearly trained every day. He seemed to be confident in his strength. If this fight dragged out, I would lose any advantage I may have had. However, I was superior in terms of magic. That is why Rahsa tried to stay close at all times. That way, I could not use any big spells.

But what was most dangerous, was Rahsa’s sword. His ability to use it was bad enough, the impact of it was even worse. Every time our swords clashed, I would feel an impact that made my wrist feel numb.

“This sword is frighteningly sharp.”

“My sword is supposed to be pretty good too.”

It was true. My sword was supposed to be a fearsome thing itself. But somehow, I was being pushed back.

What the hell was that sword?

“Hehe. So you do not remember. Well, memory loss will do that. This was the last sword you made before disappearing. You must have put a lot of emotion into it. The holy blade, Excalibur. That is the name given to this sword.”

I made that sword!? To think that I would have made such a monstrous thing. If this was true, what could my mind have possibly been going through during that time? To make such a beast. I must have been in quite a state.

“Um, it seems to me like that sword has been hitting harder little by little. If it’s called a holy sword, then it can’t just be my imagination, right?”

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