Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

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This is a story about a guy who opens his eyes in an unknown country. He feels devastated among strangers though he is surrounded by servants. He can’t realize if he is a governor or aristocrat or anyone else but he needs to recover his family and form a shelter. His journey starts with shock and adaptation. He has to adjust to a new atmosphere at least to survive. The guy faced misfortune when he was forced to drink a drug. Heads of the province where the guy lived considered it inappropriate, blamed his family for being anarchists, and exiled him. He was in a panic but in some time he felt an extraordinary capacity.

The guy could travel between worlds by appealing in a village that reminded him of a simulation game. This gateway will become the only salvation for the main character. The guy wants to reconstruct an oppressed family with a help of his faithful servants. He just has nothing else to do in an alien place. Being involved in agriculture with a crippled body sounds difficult but worthy.

Join Zhao’s adventures to know how he deals with harvest, local dwellers, intrigues, weird factors, and more. Is there someone who can betray Zhao? Will he ever go back to Earth?

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

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