Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Earn a bit of money

Lin Feng was whistling as he drove. Dong Wu sat in the passenger seat, and was drenched in sweat.

“That scared me to death! If I didn’t react fast enough just now, perhaps they would have fired on us.”

Dong Wu, who was seated in the passenger seat, recalled the scenario just now, and was sweating profusely.

“Relax, it’s not like everyone is that greedy. However, being a little more careful would be good.”

Lin Feng turned his head towards Dong Wu as he drove, and laughed. He said this in a comforting tone.

Lin Feng had already prepared before they departed. When coming out to carry out a mission, there wasn’t any meaning in bringing guns. In the base-managed gun shop, one S-35 pulse pistol sold for 50 white crystals, a T-16 pulse assault rifle sold for 100 white crystals, a Z-26 heavy pulse machine gun even sold for 200 white crystals, and three pulse bullets sold for one white crystal. In addition, after Lin Feng had upgraded his apocalypse watch and registered as a team of mercenaries, he only had about a hundred white crystals left.

If he had exchanged them for guns, then even if both him and Dong Wu had guns, in the end there were only two of them. Those groups that were out hunting definitely had more than two people. From the missions, which indicated that it required a dozen vials of antibiotics, it was obvious that those groups had a lot of people.

Apart from pulse weapons, this world still had laser weapons and magnetic weapons. However, the prices of those were even higher. It was something that Lin Feng could not afford with the money he had at present.

The price of one vial of antibiotics was 50 white crystals, and 10 was 500. What kind of value did 500 white crystals have in this apocalyptic world? Because of some white crystals, even at the expense of a few people, it would be okay. Lin Feng didn’t want this risk.

Besides, although Lin Feng practiced martial arts, he had never encountered a gun before. With regards to marksmanship, he definitely couldn’t compare to those who had spent a lot of time hunting. If they really fight during an issued mission, it’s not certain whether or not they can beat the opponent.

However, a grenade was not the same. The explosion range of a grenade was very large, and the price was cheap. They were classified as consumables, and were 5 white crystals each. With regards to the limit of the killing power of a gun, Lin Feng believed that a grenade had a greater deterrent force. This point was evident from the recent mission.

Furthermore, Lin Feng was watching the other party confirm that the mission had been completed. Once the other party confirmed it, the white crystals from the mission reward were automatically transferred into Lin Feng’s bank account. Lin Feng was also not afraid of them snatching his watch. The storage space for the apocalypse watch was unique. Except for the person whose DNA matched, others could not take out things from someone else’s apocalypse watches.

Humming a tune, Lin Feng drove to the location for the next mission. He was as hardworking as he was when he was a courier in his original world.

These hunting groups had a lot of people, but there were some that only had a few people. The most a group with thirty or more people needed was 15 vials of antibiotics. Among them, were five people who were seriously injured, and desperately needed antibiotics.

However, it wasn’t like every group wanted to pay for the antibiotics. Out of the dozen groups that Lin Feng encountered during his missions, there were three groups who, upon seeing Lin Feng take out the antibiotics, pointed their pulse guns at them.

However, in the moment after seeing the high explosive grenades on Dong Wu, these groups gave up on their idea.

If 20 high explosive grenades blew up together, there would definitely be no one alive within 100 metres of the explosion. Those hunters had gone through many years of killing, and valued their lives extremely. If they lost white crystals, they could earn it back. However, if they were dead,  then they would have nothing.

These groups watched with resentment as they couldn’t do anything when Lin Feng got into the car and left. Even if they fired at Lin Feng as he left, it would be of no use. If they just killed them, there would also be no point as they couldn’t access the antibiotics in the storage space of Lin Feng’s apocalypse watch.

Since Dong Wu knew the surroundings of the base quite well, both him and Lin Feng rarely encountered any zombies on the road. Even if they did encounter any, they were ordinary zombies that couldn’t even compare to a class one zombie. More often than not, without even waiting for the ordinary zombies to react and come over, Lin Feng had already stepped on the gas and drove far away. The ordinary zombies were very slow, and only compared to the walking speed of a normal person. As such, they didn’t pose much threat to Lin Feng.

Also, ordinary zombies didn’t have white crystals in their head, so they didn’t find it worth it to waste a grenade which cost 5 white crystals. Even though they still had money, they couldn’t just waste it like that.

At dusk, Lin Feng’s jeep finally appeared at the entrance of Zhan Lang base, and headed towards one the base’s gas station.

Oil in the apocalypse was not cheap. 5 litres cost one white crystal. Completely fuelling up the jeep would cost 10 white crystals. Ordinary people couldn’t afford it. This was also why there were so little cars in this base.

Only the cars of those high ranked and cultivators in the center of the base possessed a pass, which allowed them to drive their cars into the base. Other people in the living area could only stop their car outside of the base. Its no wonder why, when Lin Feng first entered the living area, he practically didn’t see any cars.

However, even though it was like this, the expensive fuel wasn’t something everyone could use to start a car. This was why, despite there being so many cars everywhere, they were left in the open and were not being used by anyone. Lin Feng noticed it today during his delivery missions. Only a few groups possessed trucks, and the whole group would squeeze in the shelter in the back of the truck.

The several cars stopped outside the base were also something only those with high income occupations could use. In the entirety of the 50 thousand or more people in the base, there were 30 thousand in the living area. Seeing how there were very few cars, it was obvious that fuel was expensive.

In a day’s worth of missions, after selling 100 vials of antibiotics, Lin Feng’s bank account now had 5000 white crystals. He had obtained fourth place. This income made Dong Wu constantly grin. Upon entering the apocalypse, he had never seen this many white crystals before, even if the apocalypse watch was just displaying a number.

5000 white crystals was enough to form an entire division of mercenaries. One assault rifle cost 100 white crystals, and adding the cost of bullets and the essential things, 5000 white crystals was enough to form a fully equipped division of 30 mercenaries or zombie hunters. With a lineup like this, even in the base, it was one sided. This was also why those hunting groups wanted to rob Lin Feng of his antibiotics just because of a few hundred white crystals. In this world, white crystals were really too valuable(If you aren’t reading this on then it was most likely stolen!)

For a normal person to go out once and find and kill 2 to 3 class one zombies was not bad, as they still needed to deal with a large number of normal zombies. Even if they risk their life to collect white crystals and not eat or drink, they may not reach the amount Lin Feng earned in a single day in 10 years. From delivering the antibiotics, Lin Feng realized something important;, goods. Without goods, everything else is just idle chat.

After stopping the car outside of the base, Lin Feng and Dong Wu passed by the slums as they entered the living area. When they were passing the slums, Dong Wu looked at it and took in a deep breath. Three days after he met Lin Feng, Dong Wu realised that his entire life had changed. Maybe when Dong Wu met Lin Feng, it was that moment that changed his circumstances and his life.

When they returned to the rented apartment and entered, Lin Feng froze upon seeing Dou Yuxin on the sofa. At that moment, he saw that Dou Yuxin was holding a white crystal. However, what shocked him was that the energy of the white crystal was slowly being absorbed by her.

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