Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 13

Chapter 13: New Cultivator


When Lin Feng saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

The way Dou Yuxin was absorbing the energy from the white crystal was something only a cultivator could do.  

However, Dou Yuxin was just a normal girl. She couldn’t possibly be a cultivator.  If she was a cultivator, even Huang Mao wouldn’t dare provoke her lest he be beaten to death.  

“How did you do that?”  

Lin Feng came to Dou Yuxin’s side and asked.  

The white crystal in Dou Yuxin’s hand was the one Lin Feng gave to her before he left so that she could go out for food if she was hungry. Dou Yuxin didn’t have any white crystals, and it was obvious that Lin Feng was being very considerate.

“I don’t know either. I thought it looked very nice, so I picked it up to look at it. I didn’t think that the energy would come out from it. I didn’t do it on purpose.”   

Dou Yuxin shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know how this happened.

Lin Feng continued questioning her. Ever since the start of the apocalypse, Dou Yuxin had always been bedridden. She knew that white crystals were this world’s currency, however, she had never come into contact with them before until today. Today, when he gave her the white crystal, it was her first time coming into contact with a white crystal.

Could it be that she is a natural cultivator? Although Lin Feng didn’t know how cultivators in this world came about, he knew that the status of cultivator was predetermined, and couldn’t be changed.

After hearing of  Dou Yuxin’s situation, Lin Feng mumbled this in his heart.  

Lin Feng didn’t stop Dou Yuxin. He stood at one side, watching her absorption of the white crystal’s energy.

The white mist in the white crystal decreased as Dou Yuxin continued to absorb the energy.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng saw Dou Yuxin’s body tremble suddenly.  

“I saw something that was like a white crystal in my head. ”

Opening her eyes, Dou Yuxin said this.


Lin Feng confirmed his previous idea after hearing Dou Yuxin’s words.

She really was a natural cultivator!

After obtaining this kind of result, Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t think that he had saved a cultivator.

Cultivators in this apocalyptic world were in the minority. At most, there were only more than a hundred cultivators in Zhan Lang base. Zhan Lang base had a population of about fifty to sixty thousand. It was very obvious that cultivators were rare.

Lin Feng couldn’t help, but sigh for Dou Yuxin. If her cultivator status was discovered earlier, she wouldn’t have been bullied by Huang Mao. Her mother also wouldn’t have had to die, as she wouldn’t  have needed to go hunting.

All was the will of the heavens, and couldn’t be changed.  

After questioning Dou Yuxin, Lin Feng found out that her strength increased by half, but not much. However, the lightness of her body doubled.  

Wind soul crystal!

Going over his understanding of this world, Lin Feng knew that everyone’s soul crystals were different. For example, Dou Yuxin’s lightness of body meant that she had a wind attributed soul crystal, which brought her incredible speed.

In this apocalyptic world,  speed enhancement was a high-class skill. A faster speed meant that one could dodge the attacks of zombies much better. This way, the level of danger was immensely decreased.  

Lin Feng immediately gave Dou Yuxin a few more white crystals, so she could continue absorbing as much as she could in her free time.

Dong Wu was in the living room in a depressed mood. He knew that Lin Feng was a cultivator.  However, he didn’t think that the newly arrived Dou Yuxin would also be a cultivator. As the matter stands, he was the only normal person out of the three of them.  

“It’s all right. Each person has their own strong points. We can’t say for sure when you’ll become stronger.”

Lin Feng patted Dong Wu on the shoulder, and returned to his room.

Lin Feng sat on the bed, lost in thought.

“Right now, I still cannot establish a team, even though I have enough white crystals. Based on the tasks today, there are a lot of greedy people. ”

“If people knew now that I have these white crystals, there would definitely be some who would get greedy. Although the things in the apocalypse watch couldn’t be taken away by others, it doesn’t mean that there was no other way. “

“Blackmail, extortion, threats, even being kept under house arrest… there are so many ways to make someone take out something out of their own accord. Therefore, if I don’t have the strength to protect myself, I certainly cannot reveal my wealth. ”

“Right now, the most important thing is improving the strengths of myself and those around me. This way, if I am strong enough, then we cannot be threatened.”

Lin Feng was still at ease with Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin. Just like today, if Dong Wu had disloyal intentions, he could have used the hand grenades to threaten Lin Feng to give him the white crystals.  Dong Wu didn’t know Lin Feng’s real strength.  With Lin Feng’s strength, he could definitely escape before the grenades exploded. However, Dong Wu didn’t know this, and also did not betray him. Dong Wu explained that he sincerely wanted to be at Lin Feng’s side. As for Dou Yuxin, Lin Feng saved her. Lin Feng didn’t believe that Dou Yuxin would return kindness with hatred. He couldn’t see a deceitful look in Dou Yuxin’s eyes.

Lin Feng could be cruel to an enemy, even merciless.  However, with regards to his friends and his own people, he was very kind and gentle.

He took out two white crystals from the apocalypse watch, and used the soul crystal in his head to send out an intention. Lin Feng immediately felt the energy from the white crystal in his hand rapidly flow towards him, and rush into the soul crystal in his head. The soul crystal was covered in a layer of mist, seemingly absorbing this energy.  

After fully absorbing 5 white crystals, Lin Feng felt that the soul crystal in his head couldn’t absorb anymore.

Even after absorbing 5 white crystals, Lin Feng didn’t have the same feeling he had felt when his soul crystal upgraded.  Seems like cultivators really blow through white crystals. Without enough white crystals, a cultivator’s overall strength could not be increased.  

Now Lin Feng knew why those cultivators stayed in the centre of the base. It was because there was money.  

A powerful cultivator could easily kill a class one zombie, and could also somewhat easily deal with a class two zombie.  The crystal in a class two zombie’s head wasn’t a white crystal, but a yellow crystal.

One yellow crystal could be exchanged for 100 white crystals in the base. However, even if someone had white crystals, no one would be willing to exchange them for yellow crystals. The amount of energy in a white crystal couldn’t compare to that of a yellow crystal.

With a raise in strength, it goes without saying that the zombies that one can hunt will also increase. After three years, apart from hunting zombies, missions were also taken for income.  It goes without saying how those cultivators were so wealthy.

Lin Feng entered the supermarket. He hadn’t used the two remaining chances for today. He once again took out 100 vials of antibiotics, and also two pounds worth of biscuits.

Food sold in the base was hard to swallow. Lin Feng didn’t want to experience that hardship during his missions, and it was the same for preparing food for himself.  The taste of biscuits were ordinary, however, it easily surpassed the stale bread sold in the base.  In addition, two pounds of biscuits could last for three days. As such, Lin Feng didn’t feel bad. 

Lin Feng went to bed early after coming out from the supermarket. Driving a car for an entire day was really exhausting, even if he was a cultivator.  

Tomorrow, the tasks must continue. Lin Feng wanted to accumulate wealth in the shortest time possible, as well as become stronger.  

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