Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: New shop

A flash of white covered the screen when the progress bar reached 100%.

Once it went away, a machine appeared in the center of the supermarket.  It looked somewhat similar to an ATM, and it even had a screen.

Lin Feng was perplexed, and walked up to take a look at it.  What Lin Feng saw almost frightened him.  He carefully read what was on the screen. He had a dignified look, followed by a look of surprise.

The machine displayed that it was a super exchange system. There was a recycling slot on the left side of the machine, where it said that it could recover white crystals in the apocalypse watch, and that the white crystals could be used in exchange for items.

At present, the exchange system was only at level 1, and there were not many items that could be exchanged.  After looking at it, Lin Feng saw that there were only three types of goods that could be exchanged.

The first type was weapons. Actually, they were all cold weapons. For example, a Mithril knife, a wind sword and other weapons. The prices were above 5000 white crystals.

The second type was the lineage gene, and there were only two different types. They were the and the .  The top displayed that the gene could be grown, however the price was more expensive and needed 20, 000 white crystals.

The third type was medicine. There were many different types of medicine. For example, physical medicine and repair medicine. From the explanation, Lin Feng saw that besides enhancing physique for a short time, it was also some kind of repairing medicine. The price was also relatively cheap, and cost several hundred to several thousand white crystals.

“The system is level 1 now. Looks like as it levels up, more advanced goods should appear. ”

Looking at the number of items that could be exchanged, Lin Feng mumbled.

The Variant Gene looked good, however, Lin Feng didn’t know whether changing it was good or bad. If he turned into an animal there would be problems.  It was costly, however, Lin Feng was not worried about the money. The supermarket had so many resources. In merely two days, Lin Feng managed to gain about 10,000 white crystals.  With 10,000, how is 20,000 far?

Lin Feng hesitated, and picked out a bayonet from the weapon interface.  The bayonet had no name, however, it was very special.

“The bayonet is nameless, and it has a sharp edge. It is said that it was made of darksteel from the sky. There is a hidden launcher in the bayonet, which can fire three Mithril needles. It is very strong, and can also be refilled.  ”

The price of the bayonet was 8000 white crystals and was much more expensive compared to those swords with flashy names.  Moreover, it could fire needles, which made up for the lack in range.  However, just refilling once cost 1000 white crystals. It really wasn’t cheap.

Lin Feng had already wanted to change his weapon. The long knife he took from the supermarket dulled during the fight with the class two zombie, and using a common weapon to deal with zombies wasn’t really that suitable.

There were weapons that were like a sword, but a little longer. However, for a cold weapon in combat, the best was the bayonet.  It was longer than a dagger, but shorter than a sword. It was flexible, while still maintaining its lethalness. Lin Feng liked these types of weapons more.

After exchanging for the bayonet, Lin Feng once again became a poor person.  Looking at the few hundred white crystals in the apocalypse watch’s storage space, Lin Feng grinned.

White crystal, white crystal!

The thing Lin Feng needed the most now was white crystals. After obtaining this system, Lin Feng finally realized that he was a poor person.

After earning 8000 to 9000 white crystals from two days worth of missions, Lin Feng really felt like he was a rich person.  Those ordinary people had to fight everyday just for a few white crystals.  However, Lin Feng accumulated this wealth in just a few days. Now, after this system appeared, everything changed.

The items on the super exchange system had astronomical prices to Lin Feng. Even if it was a recovery medicine, it unexpectedly needs 800 white crystals! Although the effect is much better than antibiotics, it could cure external injuries.  However, it really was too expensive, and was something a normal person could not afford.

Expensive means that it has an advantage right? Now, Lin Feng could only comfort himself like this.

After putting 8000 white crystals in the receiving slot, there was a silver light. On another platform of the machine, a black bayonet was presented.

As expected, it was made of darksteel, with a bright darkness that made people feel fearful. Lin Feng stuck out his hand to grab the bayonet, and felt the coldness of it.

A really good knife!

Lin Feng wasn’t that hurt about the 8000 white crystals anymore after seeing the appearance of the bayonet.

He gently traced the knife with his finger, and felt a stabbing pain. The bayonet unexpectedly made a small hole in his finger.  The blood from the injury flowed to the bayonet, and veins unexpectedly appeared.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng felt the bayonet in his hand heat up. The edge started shivering slightly, as if it was excited.

The bayonet was unexpectedly sentient!

Lin Feng was excited after seeing the bayonet’s state. A sentient weapon was only seen in novels or on television. As the bayonet could shiver, it was obviously sentient.

Pick up the treasure! Lin Feng grasped the bayonet in his hands, and rejoiced in his heart.

There was a button above the bayonet’s hilt. Lin Feng saw that the bayonet had an eyelet toward one side of the edge, which seemed to be where the mithril needles were launched from.  Lin Feng did not want to test the power of the mithril needles now. There were three altogether, however, the cost of loading three needles was 1000 white crystals.  300 or more white crystals for one mithril needle. The power must be unthinkable.  300 white crystals in the weapon shop of the base was enough for a bazooka.

Lin Feng put the bayonet in the apocalypse watch, and came to the living room.  At that time, it was already evening, and Lin Feng saw Dou Yuxin sitting on the sofa. She held two white crystals in her hands, which were completely void of light.

“I’ve already absorbed five crystals and achieved level 1 cultivator. It feels like my speed is much quicker compared to before. ”

She quickly said this to him when she saw him come out of his room.

Dou Yuxin was very grateful to Lin Feng.  From the first time she saw Lin Feng, he had helped her.  After Dou Yuxin’s mother left, Lin Feng took her in.

Dou Yuxin could sincerely feel it, Lin Feng didn’t have any distracting thoughts towards her.  Instead, he had what was similar to a brother’s car. This was a wonderful feeling.

He didn’t hesitate to give her white crystals for her to cultivate. Even Dou Yuxin, who had lived in the apocalyptic world for three years, understood how precious white crystals were.  Let alone this many white crystals, it could provide for an ordinary person for three days.

Lin Feng nodded after she spoke.  Dou Yuxin’s cultivation speed was normal. She wasn’t like Lin Feng, who only required a few white crystals to promote.  There was definitely something that differentiated him from the other people, which allowed him to promote at such a rapid rate.

“Was it due to how I came here?”

Unable to think of any other reasons, Lin Feng could only think of this.


When Lin Feng and Dou Yuxin were talking, a sharp sound came out of nowhere.  That sound was similar to the air raid siren in Lin Feng’s original world. It was extremely penetrative.


Just when that sound came about, Dong Wu’s room door opened, and Lin Feng could see that Dong Wu was very flustered.

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