Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Strike


Upon hearing what Wolf said, everyone in the room paused their discussion. The some who had disdainful and self-confident looks, started to become nervous as well.

“Furthermore at this moment, that was the number that was visible to the scout. Our people dare not get too close, so the report definitely has some errors. ”

Looking around, the words of Wolf were both heavy and powerful, and reached the ears of everyone in the room.

“Now it is dark, and it is impossible for our advance guard to see that far. So according to the report that was brought back, the zombie horde this time has at least tens of thousands of zombies. Brothers, after building the base we have experienced large and small zombie hordes seven times. This is the biggest zombie horde that the base has ever encountered, however there is no need to panic. This year, the amount of cultivators in our base increased, and the strength of the base now is much greater compared to a year before. ”

Wolf raised up his right hand and clenched it into a fist, continually inspiring confidence in the people in the hall.

“These cultivators that have joined are fairly resistant to high class zombies. For now, the most important thing was to check whether there is any class four zombies in this zombie horde. ”

In the previous zombie hordes, there was barely anything to fear due to the low class and ordinary zombies. Even an ordinary person could deal with them using a gun. Even if there were many zombies, at most they just wasted bullets. An expedition from Zhan Lang base several months ago came across a medium sized ammunition depot, so now the base had sufficient ammunition.

Even if it’s a class one zombie, let alone a cultivator, several ordinary people with good coordination could also deal with it with relative ease. Many people form hunting teams, and go out looking for class one zombies to kill in order to get white crystals.

The most critical were the class two and three zombies. A cultivator could deal with a class two zombie by themselves, however a class three zombie is not so easy to handle.

Having achieved a considerable level of intelligence, and combined with it’s formidable ability, a class three zombie was very fearsome. It was very difficult for a normal cultivator to deal with a class three zombie by themselves. A group of cultivators had to surround the class three zombie together, before being able to deal with the fearsome class three zombie.

However for a class four zombie, even a level 7 cultivator was not sure whether or not they could defeat it.

When Zhan Lang base was invaded by the zombie horde a year ago, there was a class four zombie within the horde itself. Its intelligence was not at inferior to that of a human’s. Furthermore that zombie horde, was organised by that class four zombie. The class four zombie was very powerful, and even Wolf was no match for him. Only when Wolf and numerous other cultivators came together, were they able to severely wound it. After the class four zombie escaped, the zombie horde also retreated. Even though it was like this, after the class four zombie broke through the base’s walls, many ordinary zombies entered the base and infected many people. Only after the three month cleanup was the base able to finally achieve peace.

In the villa hall, Wolf was discussing with the dozen cultivators on how to resist this horde. Only level 5 and 6 cultivators were able to enter the villa, other low level cultivators lacked the qualifications to enter the villa.


After the three of them arrived on the street, they discovered that the entire base was in a mess. Many people had weapons, be it guns or cold weapons, there were all kinds of weapons. Besides the ordinary pulse guns, there were some that had advanced laser weapons.

“Everybody here is trying to protect the base. ”

Dong Wu explained at the side.

Originally, the base was the haven of the people. Only when the base was safe, could the lives of people be stable. If the base was threatened, everyone in the base had the duty of protecting the base’s safety. This was something people recognized upon entering the apocalypse.

Originally the people in the apocalypse were cold hearted. It was unexpected that for common benefit, and a common home would they reach an agreement.

However not everyone thought this way. There were many timid, spiritless, gloomy and narrow minded people who only cared about their self-interests, and would not appear at this time. Despite being in troubled waters, even the fish wanted to gain some benefits.

Under Dong Wu’s guidance, the three of them left together along with the crowd. After passing through the slums, they arrived at the walls of the base.

At this time there were many people at the walls, and almost all of them had weapons in their hands. And besides the young people, there were even some old people and women. Lin Feng nodded secretly, and expressed admiration to these people in his heart.

Lin Feng realised that there were some people with shoulder patches on their arm. After seeing the design of the patch, Lin Feng didn’t even need to guess to know that there were guards in Zhan Lang base.

These guards had submachine guns, and their equipment was almost identical. Each person had a scope hanging from their necks and held an intercom in their hands. Looking at how they were, it seems like they were supposed to guard the team leader.

As the crowd ascended the base wall, Lin Feng realised that the walls were very wide, being over ten meters wide. The people crowded onto the walls, and it still did not feel anymore crowded.

The base had four walls, and people normally concentrated themselves on the two walls that were facing the direction in which the zombie horde was going to attack from. Everyone continued looking out, awaiting the arrival of the zombies.

Looking at the people on the wall, Lin Feng secretly shook his head. Wanting to protect their home was admirable, however with regards to fighting strength, those that were old had sticks or kitchen knives. It was hard for Lin Feng to imagine that they’d have any sort of strength at all.

Although he had never experienced a zombie horde, Lin Feng was aware of some ancient wars in his original world. Was it not the exact same scene now?

Taking out the rifle from his apocalypse watch, Lin Feng also gave Dou Yuxin a M-16 pulse step gun. After finishing his missions, Lin Feng once again went to the equipment shop to buy several guns, in case of an emergency. He did not expect that one day, it would come in handy.

Dou Yuxin was a gun, and didn’t know how to fire a gun at all. However when Lin Feng passed the gun to her, Dou Yuxin resolutely grabbed it.

During the time when the zombies had yet to arrive, Lin Feng had Dong Wu explain to Dou Yuxin how the gun worked. With regards to guns, Dong Wu was much better compared to Lin Feng.

“It’s here!”

After more than 20 minutes, someone shouted this out. The originally noisy base wall immediately became quiet.

Lin Feng looked all around, and realised that everyone was alert, with nervousness on their faces. This was no wonder. Dealing with matters related to life, anyone would be nervous. This much was common sense.

Dong Wu gripped the gun in his hand. Even if he was familiar with guns, Dong Wu let out a nervous sweat.

“Come, let us enter the apocalypse’s first war! Only after constant fighting, can we become stronger!”

Standing on the wall of Zhan Lang base, and feeling the breezy wind, Lin Feng’s heart cried out.

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