Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Resistance
Along with the words “they’re here”, everyone had a dignified look as they looked out into the distance. Those with guns gripped them in their hands. Those who didn’t have guns, not knowing how many stones there were, decided to pick them up and pile them in a corner. This was presumably to cause damage to the zombies with the stones as they came closer.

Gradually, the people on the walls heard the sounds of footsteps coming from a distance away. The sound of the footsteps were slow and disorderly. Many years of experience in the apocalypse told everybody, that was the sound zombies made when they walked.

The sounds of the footsteps gradually grew. Judging from the sound of the footsteps, there was definitely a large amount of zombies.

The base’s spotlight illuminated 200 meters away. The base outside was clear of debris, and was nothing more than a stretch of flat land.

At this moment, the zombies finally appeared, and the first to come out were the ordinary zombies. One, two, ten, hundred…

The dense and numerous zombies headed towards the base. Their clothes were torn and tattered, they walked in a crooked manner, some even lacked limbs or had broken them. The speed of their approach was quite slow, however the sheer number of the zombies made people feel scared.

“Bang bang!”

Not knowing who fired first, a series of gunshots resounded from the base wall. The sound of the pulse guns and the guns from Lin Feng’s original were more or less the same, only being softer. Most importantly, the recoil was very small. Ammunition in the base was not cheap. However, for a common home, the people with guns used the bullets as if they didn’t cost anything, and fired towards the zombie horde.

At this moment there was no need to be accurate. They only needed to fire in the direction of the zombie horde, and they were guaranteed a hit.

The wall that Lin Feng was on had more than 10,000 people, however there were only more than 1000 people with guns. But do not underestimate these thousand guns. After opening fire, many zombies fell.

The common people on the walls did not have training, and would sometimes hit the same target, wasting bullets. However this was something that had no solution, in a battle between two armies it was impossible to be so accurate, let alone the common people.

Lin Feng was also firing his gun. Despite his marksmanship being ordinary, his soul crystal improved his thought, allowing Lin Feng’s marksmanship to be better than that of an ordinary person’s. Previously when Lin Feng bought the gun, he also bought more than a thousand pulse bullets. The bullets were enough for a short time, so there was no need to worry about ammunition.

Under Dong Wu’s teaching, Dou Yuxin also learned how to fire and reload. Although Dou Yuxin was an agile cultivator, her strength was much higher compared to that of an ordinary person, as such the recoil had not much effect on her.

Along with the march of the zombies, those that were killed piled up in front. But the zombies behind continued marching on, stepping over the bodies in front. Besides ordinary zombies, first class zombies gradually appeared.

The amount of class one zombies was probably 1/10 that of the ordinary zombies, and they were much quicker than ordinary zombies. However these class one zombies followed behind the ordinary zombies, it was clear that they had some form of intelligence.


“Boss Wolf, there are some class one zombies that have entered the 200 meters scope of the base. Do we attack now?”

The entrance of the base was on one side, and was facing the direction in which the zombie horde was attacking from. The base wall above the gate was completely guarded by the base guards. However they didn’t fire carelessly like the common people, and instead were waiting on the order of Wolf.

“When the zombies enter the 150 meters mark, concentrate your firepower on the class one zombies. ”

Staring at the zombies outside the base, Wolf muttered this.

If the distance was too far, it would be a waste of ammunition. The effective range of the pulse gun was several hundred meters, however the effective lethality was only about 100 meters or more. The base had ammunition, however they were unclear on the amount of zombies there were. The multiple zombie horde experiences told Wolf, that it was necessary to save ammunition ahead of time for the zombie horde.

The two base walls beside the gate had over ten thousand people. There were more than 1000 guns, and they were being used to kill the zombies. Besides ordinary zombies, many class one zombies also fell, and the zombies behind stepped over them.

In the zombie horde, the crystals from the zombies were cleaned up by the base authorities, which will then be used to provide welfare to people in the entire base. The cultivators will issue the white crystals according to proportions. They will be used for ammunition fees, and to distribute food to the common people.

Wolf knew in his heart, although the people in the base have came together to defend it, their lethality was very low. Ammunition in the apocalypse was very expensive, and common people did not have that many. As for those who did not have guns, their effects were minimal.

The most important defense measure were the 800 guards, as well as the 100 over cultivators. These people, were the key to protecting the base.


When the zombies were 150 meters away from the base’s gate, Wolf issued to order to fire.

The 800 guards and more than a hundred cultivators opened fire at the same time. The firepower of a thousand pulse guns was overwhelming, in addition with the heavy firepower from 10 heavy pulse machine guns, many zombies fell. In a moment, the amount of zombie casualties in front became innumerable. Be it ordinary zombies or class one zombies, they could not resist this fierce attack.


The wall Lin Feng was on did not have many base guards, however their firepower was not weak, and many class one zombies fell. However the zombies behind made up for the losses, and in a moment both sides were at a balanced confrontation.

As the zombie horde continued marching on, some class two zombies appeared in the line of sight of the people.

At this moment the guards moved. They put their submachine guns back into their apocalypse watches, and took out sniper rifles. They then took aim at the class two zombies, and fired. A huge gunshot came out from these guns, as though to display its lethality.

Ordinary guns did not cause much damage to class two zombies. This was also why those with 150 fighting strength could not cause injury to class two zombies with a knife. The muscles of the class two zombies were extremely hard, and it was difficult for ordinary bullets to pierce their body. Only with a large caliber bullet, would it be able to cause substantial injury to class two zombies.

Sure enough, under the accurate firing of the sniper rifles, the class two zombies fell one by one. When Lin Feng saw this scene, he couldn’t helped but sigh due to the fact that this weapon was so good. He needed three moves to kill a class two zombies, however with this sniper rifle, an accurate shot could kill them in one hit. Lin Feng considered whether or not to equip Dong Wu with a sniper rifle after the zombie horde.

However what Lin Feng didn’t know was that there were very few sniper rifles in the base, and that there were not sold at all. They were given to the guards to use, and could only be used to deal with a zombie horde.

The humans and zombies were battling intensely, with the humans having the advantage due to their possession of guns. Hundreds of thousands of zombies fell under the gun fire, and there was not a single human casualty. However the zombies had the advantage in number, and rushed to the base wave after wave.

“Class three zombie!”

On the wall of the base gate, Wolf stood up. And as he stared at the zombie horde outside, he muttered this.

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