Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Intense Battle

The speed of the magnetic energy missile could not be observed by the naked eye, just within a blink it was already at the gate of the base heading towards that class four zombie.

The class four zombie possesses a certain intuition, when it felt the missile descending. It looked towards the sky and saw the missile on the verge of descending.

The class four zombie hastily moved backwards in an attempt to dodge, but despite the class four zombie being extremely fast it could not be compared to the propulsion of a missile.


The people who were on the gate wall all saw the missile explosion, were now lying down. At this moment, no one wanted to stretch up their heads due to the fear of being struck by the shockwaves. After the aftermath of the explosion, one by one everyone stood up and looked out.

About a hundred metres away, there was a crater about 50 metres in diameter and around ten metres in depth. This displayed the might of the magnetic energy missile, even the high leveled cultivators are unable to resist the destructive power of a magnetic energy missile.

Throughout the entire time, Wolf’s eyes were concentrated on the crater which was created by the missile hoping that the class four zombie died in the impact.


At this moment, on the edge of the deep crater were marks which came from the class four zombie’s sickles. Shortly after that, the sickle emerged followed by the entire class four zombie slowly climbing out from the enormous crater.

The class four zombie had not died!

When the people saw the class four zombie was alive even after the impact of the magnetic energy missile, they all inhaled a breath of cold air.

The ground was incinerated at the bottom of the ten metre deep crater, yet the class four zombie still can survive. Exactly how powerful was this zombie, the people on the wall could not help but be stunned.

The Class four zombie did not die, however it suffered injuries. Wolf was very perceptive, and could clearly see that the black material which represented its blood was flowing out from its chest.

“Prepare to launch again. ”

Although Wolf was not sure how much damage the magnetic energy missile had caused to the class four zombie, he was sure that it was affected somewhat.  Wolf picked up the intercom, and said this.  

“Leader, our base only has three magnetic energy missiles. If we fire again, we will have only two left. These are our most important weapons…”

The assistant beside Wolf heard what he had said, and advised him hastily.  

Any high-end weapon represented the strength of the base. If a base owned a large-scale weapon, it could be used to pose a threat to others.  Even though it was a small missile, its deterrence was enough.  

“We can look for missiles again, however a human can only live once.  ”

Wolf didn’t say much, and only uttered this sentence.


The sound of gunfire from Lin Feng’s wall gradually weakened. The bullets of an average person was limited, even if they brought it all to fight against a zombie horde it still couldn’t compare to the amount the base guards had.  After half an hour, the ammunition of the ordinary people had basically dried up. Only the remaining 100 or more guards had enough ammunition.

Lin Feng and his team stopped firing. For the other people, they had completely ran out of ammunition. However if they continued to fire, even if the arrival of the zombie horde was chaotic, they would still bring more attention to themselves.  Seeing the quantity of the cultivators in the base and their high levels, Lin Feng didn’t want to give himself any unnecessary troubles.  

After ceasing fire, Lin Feng looked out to the battlefield.  

The four cultivators that had been sent down earlier to deal with the Class three zombies returned weakened, and another four cultivators replaced them to continue dealing with the Class three zombies.  Lin Feng saw how the cultivators rotated in three different waves to deal with the high classed zombies outside the base.  

Lin Feng estimated to himself, that his own strength compared to those who were dealing with the class three zombies were fairly similar and that his martial art styles made his slightly better.  

Seeing how the cultivators were fighting zombies, Lin Feng had an even greater impulse to join them.  However his common sense told that this wasn’t a joke. Humans had only one life, and that the class three zombies were something that the cultivators and Lin Feng could deal with easily. However the zombie horde was massive, no one could be sure if there was a higher classed zombie, and Lin Feng didn’t dare to take that risk.

How did a class four zombie look like? Lin Feng had some expectations.

Just when Lin Feng was completely absent-minded, a zombie quickly rushed out from the zombie horde. It was so quick, even the four cultivators could not detect it.  

That zombie was a male, and had a massive stature. Its two arms were incredibly similar to the sickles of a praying mantis, they were red and incredibly bright.  

“Retreat quickly, it’s a class four zombie!”

The level 6 cultivator that was sent to protect the wall saw the zombie, and immediately shouted to the cultivators on the battlefield.  

Class four zombie!

Upon hearing that person’s words, Lin Feng was surprised. A class four zombie finally appeared. Ever since he had entered the apocalypse, this was the first time Lin Feng had seen such a high classed zombie.  

The class four zombie on the battlefield had obviously transformed. Its arms turned into sickles, and judging from its appearance, they obviously weren’t meant to be used as ornaments.  

However the level 6 cultivator was too late, as the class four zombie had rushed to the front of the four cultivators.  

It raised its arms, and in just a slice ripped off the heads of two cultivators, as blood sprayed into the air. The other two level four cultivators wanted to escape, however they were too late, and the class four zombie ended their lives the same way.  

Instantly killing four cultivators, Lin Feng was shocked.  The lethality of the class four zombie was unexpected. Just before Lin Feng was comparing himself to the cultivators on the field. Seeing how they could not even evade the class four zombie, it was evident how strong it was.  Lin Feng broke out in a cold sweat, and thanked himself for not rushing out.  

There were still eight cultivators below the city wall. Now upon seeing the class four zombie, a terrible expression appeared on their faces.  Some of the cultivators had already shut their eyes. The class four zombie was something even the level 7 cultivator Wolf could not handle, let alone them. Seeing the class four zombie rush towards them after killing the four cultivators, it was already too late for them to escape.

Just when the class four zombie raised it sickles and rushed towards the cultivators below the city wall, some people noticed a large flame erupting from the center of the base. Something flew towards the gate of the base, and the people on the city wall heard and exceedingly loud bang.  Seeing how it was similar to a bomb’s explosion, the people on the wall were surprised, and a pleasant expression appeared on their faces.  

Seems like the base used a heavy weapon, Lin Feng thought to himself.  

It has been three years since the world entered the apocalypse, most of the small and large ammunition depots should have already been discovered, possessing a heavy weapon should already be normal.  

“A class four zombie already appeared at this side, they most likely encountered another high classed zombie at the gate of the base.  ”


Lin Feng didn’t know how many high leveled cultivators were in this world. However, Lin Feng knew that if this class four zombie made it to the city wall, there would definitely be numerous casualties.  


The unthinkable happened. Along with the sound of the explosion, the class four zombie at Lin Feng’s wall stopped, and looked at the place of the explosion.  

After stopping for three seconds, the class four zombie unexpectedly ignored the cultivators below the city wall and dashed towards the gate of the base.  

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