Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 24


Chapter 24: Class Four Zombie

When the class four zombie ran off, the people on the city walls with Lin Feng all sighed in relief. Who would want such a powerful zombie to appear in front of them.

While they were idling, some of them could not help but worry about the people defending the main gate of the base.

Just now when the cultivators were fighting, Lin Feng realised something that when the cultivators were fighting they did not use any abilities.

During the time the cultivators which were dealing with the class three zombie, they were simply hacking at it without any form. When he had saw this, he frowned. Sometimes a simple trick could easily take of a zombie, except none of the cultivators did that and just clumsily slashed at the zombies several times before killing it.

“Could it be that in this world, they don’t practice any martial arts?”

Standing on the city wall, Lin Feng pondered.

At this instant, a flaming light could be observed from the centre of the base flying rapidly towards the gate of the base. The class four zombie from Lin Feng’s side was seen rushing towards the main gate of the base and looking at the missile which was about to drop on the class four female zombie. The newly arrived class four zombie vigorously faced the female zombie and knocked far aside.


The monstrously loud sound shook the ground.

These events happened extremely quickly, but Wolf who was on the wall of the base saw it. Those two zombies with large sickles as weapons, should be the same variation.

Two class four zombies!

Wolf would never have imagined that within this zombie tide there would be two class four zombies. One by itself is already frightening yet right now there were two. If they hadn’t used the missile in advance,Wolf could not imagine the consequences.

When the sound stopped, outside of the base was an immense crater. Just like what Wolf and the rest predicted, the previous class four zombie had not died but is instead seriously injured. While the previous female class four zombie was knocked far away and was not affected much by the missile explosion.

The two class four zombies came together and hesitated, before running off into the distance. Their speed was comparably slow as to when they first arrived.

When the higher classed zombies saw the two class four zombies retreat, they retreated along with them, leaving behind only the ordinary zombies in the battlefield.  

Wolf, who was standing on the wall finally loosened his expression, showing a rare smile.  


On the base walls, every single person let out a cry of victory which resounded throughout the skies.  

Humanity was victorious over the zombie horde once again.

It was an unimaginable battle; no one was infected and there were only several deaths. This is what people hope to see in exchange for victory.  

The next matter was to clean up the zombie corpses outside of the base.  However since it was not confirmed as to whether all the high classed zombies had retreated, the guards were to clean up the corpses in batches, with the rest guarding the base in strict shifts.  All the guards and cultivators must stay on the base walls until dawn breaks, in the case if mishaps.  

As for the civilians, there were no restrictions.  After this zombie horde, everyone’s ammunition had been completely exhausted, be it for the sake of safety or preventing the massive calamity that almost befell upon them.

Lin Feng waited until midnight for everyone else to return into their rooms, as the zombie horde he had just experienced came into view.  

It was hard for cultivators to deal with such strong zombies, however Lin Feng heard that even the missiles could not kill the class four zombies.  This gave Lin Feng a new understanding of the zombies of this world.  

As Lin Feng laid on the bed, he recalled his recent experience with the zombie horde, and remained wakeful.  


“Is the news accurate?”

In the villa of another base, the 50 year old man sitting on the sofa asked the person across from him.  

“It is true, the subordinates under I, the Fifth young miss1, dare not lie to me.  ”

The almost 30 young man who claimed to be the fifth young miss said this as he trimmed his orchid with his fingers.  

“News came, it appears that the two class four zombies appeared during the battle with Zhan Lang base. They used two magnetic energy missiles to defend against them. As for casualties, they lost more than ten low leveled cultivators.  ”

The man in the blue gown blew his nail, and looked flirtingly at the old man.  

“Count them lucky, however, now Zhan Lang base only has three magnetic energy missiles remaining.  Big brother what should we do? Should we take action?”

The 40 year old man saw the expression of the fifth young miss, and endured his upturned stomach as he asked this question.

“Let us not be hasty. Wolf is a smart person, in order to prevent the avoidable loss of casualties, he pressed the button.  If not for that, Zhan Lang base would have definitely fallen to the two class four zombies. We shall look at the situation again. Five mistresses, what was the effect of the Green pellet2 you ate today?”

The base leader who was called elder brother said this towards the five mistresses.  

“It truly is godly. After taking the Green pellet, I felt a great resounding in my soul crystal, and my strength has greatly increased. It is similar to that of a level 7 cultivator, however my strength has greatly improved from before. “

The fifth young miss heard the name of the medication, and said this excitedly.  

“If there is an effect it’s good. Out of the five of us, you the fifth young miss have awoken the last.  ”

The middle aged man laughed with a satisfied smile, and leaned back onto the sofa.  


Early in the second day, Zhan Lang base had returned to its previous peace.  However the indifference was not similar to before, as many people were discussing the zombie horde that took place yesterday.

Under Dong Wu’s guidance, Lin Feng and Dong Wu arrived at the base’s exchange office. They took out three gun certificates, and in return got 90 rounds of bullets.  Even a mosquito leg can be considered meat. Despite Lin Feng and his people not lacking ammunition, these supplies couldn’t be wasted either.  

After the zombie horde, everyone was rewarded.  Those with guns were given 30 rounds of bullets, which was considered reasonable.  

After eating breakfast, Lin Feng examined his apocalypse watch.  Because the zombie horde yesterday, there was only one pitiful mission which required antibiotics to be delivered.  

However Lin Feng realised that there was a newly added level three mission.  

It was to kill the class four zombies from yesterday’s horde!

This mission came unexpectedly, and upon seeing it Lin Feng smacked his lips.  

According to logic this mission should be placed as level four or higher, however placing it at level three would presumably get more people and hopeful a mercenary army to complete this mission.

Lin Feng witnessed the strength of a class four zombie. Four cultivators being slaughtered in a matter of three seconds. Perhaps this task was something that no ordinary person dared to do.  

However the mission reward was huge. Each class four zombie killed gave a reward of 10 thousand white crystals.

10 thousand white crystals was an astronomical figure to ordinary people, however they also required their life to spend it.  As such from the time it was issued until now, no one had accepted the mission.  

In line with the principle that a mosquito leg can also be considered meat, Lin Feng accepted the antibiotics delivery request, and brought Dong Wu along with him.  

There were zombie corpses everywhere, even the ground beneath them was no visible.  It was dense and numerous, any person would become nauseous from that.  The amount of corpses lessened further from the base, as it was the corpses that the zombie horde left behind.  

After spending an hour, Lin Feng finally arrived at the mission location.  The two of them got down the car. Lin Feng realised that there were several headless corpses, and no other people.

At this moment, Lin Feng saw a person walking out from the big tree in front of him.

No, it wasn’t a person. It was a zombie. A female zombie with sickle arms.  

It was the class four zombie from yesterday’s zombie horde!


From mistress to young miss! Thanks to chronos5884 for pointing this out in the comments! 
Green fruit changed to green pellet. 

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