Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Green Pellet

In an instant the green pellet flew directly past Dong Wu and into the mouth of Lin Feng.

When the green pellet came into contact with Lin Feng’s mouth it instantly melted. Lin Feng felt a cool sensation in his mouth which then spread throughout his body.

All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain in his brain. Lin Feng could deeply feel the fierce pulsations in his soul crystal making him uncontrollably clutch his head and writhed in the intense pain.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that during the time when the sphere in his mind which represented his soul crystal was pulsating, the insides of his soul crystal was gradually forming into a chain1. This chain penetrated throughout his soul crystal and was emitting a white luster.

Soul Crystal awakening!

If the more advanced cultivators were to see Lin Feng they would be speechless, right now Lin Feng had manifested was clearly a chain within his soul crystal.

Only after cultivators reach level 7, then they could consume the class four zombie’s green pellet. The substance within the green pellet could stimulate a person’s soul crystal to produce a chain inside their soul crystal which enables the soul crystal to awaken.

However, this awakening is not always a hundred percent successful. The success rate is only thirty percent. After the awakening, the soul crystal would become more powerful and manifest soul sense2 . Those with soul sense can gently perceive the cultivation level of other people and they can also withdraw their soul sense and blocking out other people from perceiving their own cultivation level.

Of course, this perception is limited to a few levels above or below. If the level difference is too large then it wouldn’t work.

Generally, only cultivators who are above level 7 can achieve soul crystal awakening. Since only those cultivators who are above level 7 can absorb the substance within the class four zombie. But Lin Feng is only a level 3 cultivator and he has awakened his soul crystal. As to whether there would be any issues, Lin Feng naturally wouldn’t know.

The headache only lasted for a few seconds. After the pain dissipated, Lin Feng’s mind started to clear. He could clearly feel the white luster inside his soul crystal. Not only could he vividly see the scene before his eyes, his perception also seemed to improve. The wounds he received after the battle with the class four zombie seemed to be completely healed.

What were the effects of the class four zombie’s green pellet? Lin Feng could only attribute the transformation due to the effect of the green pellet.

If the white crystals could strengthen him then the class four zombie’s green pellet effect should be better. Lin Feng could perceive the presence of danger ahead of time, this should be quite useful during the apocalypse.

“Quickly get on the car!”

Right at this moment, Lin Feng suddenly felt a slight danger as he hurriedly shouted to Dong Wu.

At this moment, not far away a zombie which was similar to the class four zombie appeared. In the place of it’s arms were red sickles, compared to the class four zombie which Lin Feng killed, it was slightly bigger. It appeared last night during the zombie tide and when it heard the missile explosion, it ran towards the other class four zombie.

Seeing that it’s companion was killed, the class four zombie was furious as it rushed towards Lin Feng, it’s distance was tens of metres away. Lin Feng did not dare to fight, if it was not for the trick he pulled they might have lost their lives. Hastily driving towards the base and accelerating, the engine roared as the car speedometer nearly reached the red mark.

The class four zombie was extremely fast but it was not as fast as as car. A minute later, the figure of the class four zombie disappeared from the rear view mirror.

Lin Feng and Dong Wu could not help but break out in cold sweat, the scene a moment ago was way too dangerous.

Seems like they would have to change their route back, while driving the car as Lin Feng gloomily thought. Originally, he considered completing missions by exchanging the goods inside the supermarket. After what had happened, Lin Feng found that his perception of the apocalypse world was too simple. With his strength, if he ran across an advanced zombie then he would be forced to narrowly escape.

Fortunately, after killing that class four zombie Lin Feng did not forget to use his apocalypse watch to take pictures. After reaching the base, Lin Feng accepted the level three mission and uploaded photos of the class four zombie corpse as evidence. Proving that he has already killed the class four zombie.

Although it did not fully fulfill the details of the mission, it could be considered as half of it. Each class four zombie killed was ten thousand white crystals, this reward could be claimed by Lin Feng.

“Is there a place in the base where people can trade freely?”

After arriving at the living area, Lin Feng asked Dong Wu.

After yesterday’s zombie tide, Lin Feng knew that the apocalypse world was not the way he imagined. He thought that by having the supermarket and being a cultivator, he could live in peace but after the battle with the class four zombie, Lin Feng understood that he was weak in front of a powerful zombie. He must constantly improve himself then could he survive in the apocalypse world.

“I know that at the edge of the base and the centre of the living area has a black market, although I’ve never been there.”

Hearing Lin Feng’s question, Dong Wu answered.

In the edge of the base and the centre of the living area, there will be a market every sunday where the people in the base can trade their goods such as food, weapons and other items. Except the entrance fee was 10 white crystals and since Dong Wu has been living in the slums, he wouldn’t have the money to enter.    Thus he has heard of the place but never been there in person.

Today happens to be a sunday. Seeing that it wasn’t too late, Lin Feng decided to stroll around the black market and see what the black market was about.


“What? There was someone who completed that level three mission?”

Inside the villa at the centre of the base, Wolf was standing in the hall while wearing a black outfit. Viewing the pictures inside his apocalypse watch he exclaimed in surprise.

“But it isn’t completed yet, Only one of the class four zombies were killed. But still, the strength of this mercenary group is formidable.”

The assistant which was a level 6 cultivator at Wolf’s side remarks.

“Even with my strength, wanting to easily kill a class four zombie, I’m afraid is very difficult even if the zombie was wounded.”

Wolf places his hands behind his back while pacing around the hall.

“San She Halls mercenary group, I don’t seem to recall this name?”

Wolf was thinking while frowning.

“Boss, I just ran a check and this mercenary group San She Halls was only established just a few days ago.”

That assistant turned on his apocalypse watch, scrolling through while saying this.

“Moreover, besides that level three mission the rest of his completed missions are all level one. All of the level one missions are related to delivering antibiotics. There are no other related missions, just within three days he completed more than twenty missions sending a total of 200 antibiotic vials.”


When he heard that, Wolf’s pupils constricted. Even if he controlled all the resources of Zhan Lang, when he heard 200 vials even he was moved.

The antibiotic stock of the entire base was not many, unless it was a last resort would he use them. But now these goods were in the hands of a mercenary group. In order to complete these antibiotics missions, it means that the mercenary group has a lot of antibiotics.

However in Wolf’s mind, the mercenary group San She Halls should not be underestimated. The class four zombie which even Wolf did not want to provoke was killed by them, they were definitely not ordinary.

“Send someone to investigate, see which base did this San She Halls come from and whether they are in our base now.”

Turning towards the assistant, Wolf ordered in a deep voice.

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