Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The apocalypse on the tongue

After the start of the apocalypse three years ago, Zhan Lang base still stood in a corner of Tian qi city.

The autumn wind blew, scattering the fallen leaves. Dust had accumulated at the base of the base wall, giving off chills.

In the center of the base, was the housing for Cultivators which was headed by Wolf. Compared to the other houses, it was much more spacious and comfortable. i hate novelall

In the biggest Villa, Wolf was wearing a black jacket as he sat at one end of the tea table. The weather was cold, however drinking tea could alleviate this coldness.

Tea was considered a luxury in the apocalypse, only a few of the high ranks could have the pleasure of enjoying this ordinary yet uncommon drink.

Wolf prepared to drink his tea. In the upcoming winter after autumn, Black tea was the most beneficial for the stomach. Even in the apocalypse, those who had the ability still had to pay attention to the regulation of their own body.

Taking a tea knife and a block of tea leaves, Wolf cut a small seam, and took out a tea leaf.

He then put the tea leaf in the tea pot. The shine on the teapot was thick and bright, obviously polished by the tea over a long period of time.

He poured the boiling water into the teapot and gently shook it. Putting it on the table, some steam came out. Afterwards Wolf poured out the tea from the teapot. Before drinking the black tea, the first step was to wash the tea leaf.

He poured boiling water into the pot again. After several seconds, he poured the tea out into a cup with a filter.

The tea was very clear, and its bright red color was very attractive. It was similar to red wine, soft and clear.

After pouring two cups, Wolf took one cup of tea and smelt it, before drinking it. The warmth flowed down from his throat to his stomach, it was very comfortable.

“Are you saying, that the mercenary group San She halls stopped completing antibiotics delivery missions after the zombie horde?”

He put down the cup, and turned it around. The red tea in the cup was very captivating.

Raising his head, Wolf passed the other cup of tea to the person seated opposite him, whilst saying this.

Receiving the tea cup from Wolf, that person picked it up and drank it. The capacity of the cup was quite small, and in a bit the tea was completely gone.

Taking the initiative, that man picked up the kettle and poured boiling water into the teapot in front of Wolf. After waiting for more than 20 seconds, that man picked up the teapot and poured the tea into his cup.

“It’s very strange, originally they were completing the antibiotics delivery missions for several days. However after the zombie horde, they have completely vanished. ”

The man picked up the tea cup and seemed to be studying Wolf, before he smelt the tea. The fragrance was very nice. He then drank the tea in one gulp. Leaning on the sofa, he said this in a sinking sound.

Holding the tea cup in his hand, Wolf did not say anything, as though he was pondering something. After a moment, he used a fork to pick up a small dessert on the tea table, and put it in his mouth.

Naturally, drinking tea meant that one needed a matching snack. It was this way before the apocalypse, and is still the same during the apocalypse. The soft dessert matching the mellow black tea was a good combination.

The dessert was fine pastry made with butter, which made it soft and aromatic. Only the chief of the base was able to eat such desserts prepared by the best chefs in the base.

“You, do this…”

Putting down the fork with the aftertaste still in his mouth, Wolf said this to the person opposite him.


Food in the apocalypse was tasteless, however instant noodles have become the most popular food in the apocalypse.

It had a long shelf life, followed by a strong aroma.

Lin Feng opened three boxes of beef noodles, and put aside the seasoning packets. The golden yellow dough was showing, increasing his appetite.

Taking the kettle, he poured boiling into the noodles. After a moment, the boiling water heated away the wax in the noodles. Lin Feng drained the water, and picked the packet of seasoning from the table.

The seasoning packet consisted of sauce and seasoning. The sauce pack contained the essence for the beef soup, as well as tiny beef grains, which would make anyone wait in excitement. And the seasoning pack aggravated the fragrance of instant noodles.

For cultivating that week, Lin Feng took out instant noodles from the supermarket everyday. With one pound he could take 5 boxes of instant noodles, in a day that accumulated to 15 boxes. At present, Lin Feng had more than 100 different types of instant noodles in his apocalypse watch to spare.

He carefully spread the sauce evenly over the golden yellow surface. The yellow surface still had its elasticity even after adding boiling water, and with the sauce over the surface, the grease looked radiant.

Afterwards he opened the seasoning pack and sprinkled it on the surface. He poured boiling water and covered the lid, with steam coming out.

Three minutes later, the three completed bowls of noodles appeared on the table. He opened the cover, and mixed it well with the chopsticks. Taking a wisp of the instant noodles and braving the steam, through the crevices of the noodles, one could see the blue sky filled with flawless white clouds through the window.

The fragrance of the noodles was endless The three of them ate their noodles, and the rich fragrance filled up the entire room.

As though it was a delicacy not eaten for a long time, Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin ate in big mouths what was known as junk food in the apocalypse. But at this time, it was very much a delicacy, a person could not hide their infinite satisfaction.

The mercenary group had reached level two, After the zombie horde the amount of missions decreased sharply. At present one week had already passed, Lin Feng used his chopsticks to hold the noodles as he checked the mercenary mission listing.

Big and small1 missions appeared on the list once again. Seems like the zombie horde did not have a very big impact on hunting. Among them were missions for the delivery of antibiotics, guns and ammunition.

Lin Feng did not look at these antibiotics missions, and instead turned his attention to other missions.

After completing half of the level three mission, the San She halls mercenary group earned 50 points, at present they were only 100 points away from being promoted to level three.

There were no level three missions on the list, even if there were, Lin Feng had no plans to complete them. Lin Feng still had a vivid memory of his previous fight with class four zombie on his mission. At present he did not want to be put into such danger again, even if he had grown significantly stronger.

Just as Lin Feng was hesitating as to what mission to choose, he saw a mission which was to deliver goods. It required the delivery of 1000 bullets to a cave, moreover the distance was not that far.

Although it was a level two mission, however the reward was very good, being one thousand white crystals.

“It seems like they urgently need the ammunition, otherwise they wouldn’t pay such a high price. ”

After asking Dong Wu, Lin Feng found out that this place was not dangerous, and immediately accepted the mission.

However what Lin Feng didn’t know at the moment of accepting this mission, since he had only used the mercenary function several times, he did not used option of “accept this mission anonymously”.

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