Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Chance encounter

In the base three rounds of bullets cost one white crystal. Even after deducting the cost of oil for the trip, it was still possible to earn 600 white crystals. Since they had nothing better to do, Lin Feng gave the money to Dong Wu to buy the bullets and fuel, and let him bring Dou Yuxin along with him to deliver the ammunition.  Having been together for a long time, Lin Feng more or less trusted Dong Wu.

Despite Dong Wu not being a cultivator, his marksmanship was superb.  If not for the rule that weapons could not be used in the black market, Dong Wu would have already blown Xie Dong’s brains out with his gun.

In the zombie horde, Lin Feng saw Dong Wu’s marksmanship with his own eyes. As Dong Wu stood on the city wall, every zombie he fired at had their heads exploded, his accuracy was on par with that of a gun god.

As for Dou Yuxin, she was already a cultivator now. In the apocalypse, Lin Feng realised that the status of cultivator had much honor in the base.  Let alone fighting a cultivator, a normal person would become breathless upon even meeting a cultivator.

As such by having Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin deliver the goods, Lin Feng felt very assured.

After sending off Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin, Lin Feng went to take a stroll in the living area.  The days in the apocalypse was filled with tension, as such it was very hard to idle around and it was natural to stroll in the base.

On the roadside he used a white crystal to buy a bag of rock sugar, and put one in his mouth.  Although the flavor was not equal to those from the supermarket, nevertheless it was still very sweet.

Coming to a tavern, Lin Feng saw a young beggar squatting at the gate.

In general the living area does not permit beggars, however, since he was very young no one drove him away.

Lin Feng threw a piece of rock sugar to the beggar, and he looked at Lin Feng with eyes of gratitude before he entered the pub.

The tavern was antique, however it was maintained well, with only a few kinks. Presumably it has been here ever since the start of the apocalypse.

There were many walled tables in the tavern, which gave it a sense of privacy. Seeing this Lin Feng nodded.

There weren’t any service people in the tavern, only a middle-aged man. After seeing Lin Feng enter, he eagerly anticipated for Lin Feng to sit at one of the walled tables.

There wasn’t much to eat in the apocalypse, although there was rice that could be planted. However, the roaming of the zombies caused mass destruction, as such there was a limited amount things that could be eaten in the base.

He selected a peanut, soy-sauce cooked pork and a glass of liquor. Altogether he spent 10 white crystals, it was really expensive.

In a bit, all the things Lin Feng ordered appeared on the table.  The peanut and soy-sauce cooked pork tasted normal, however the liquor tasted horrible, and Lin Feng spat it out after drinking one mouth.

How was this wine, it was just wine diluted with water, and with a lot of water.  There was no taste whatsoever, and furthermore it was sour, making it very hard to drink.

Lin Feng originally did not want to eat anything here. However, after seeing the tavern, Lin Feng was reminded of a view in his original world, of something he fondly remembered, causing him to unexpectedly come here.

“Brother Jun, is the thing about Dong Shan base attacking here real?”

At this moment, through the thin walls of the table, Lin Feng heard these words from the next table.

Upon hearing this, Lin Feng’s spirits were immediately raised.  Having the base attacked was something major, especially Lin Feng since he was living in this base at present.

“It should not be false, Xiao Ru’s brother, even my elder brother in the Dong Shan base garrison said this. He spread the news yesterday, telling us to be careful when the times comes. If the conditions become unfavorable we should escape, in order to avoid the chaos of the war. ”

The man who was called Brother Jun said this.

There was wars between bases? Lin Feng thought it was unusual, however he felt relieved upon further thinking.  In any world there was war, and with the right to fight wars were unavoidable.

Furthermore supplies in the apocalypse were scarce, fighting was unavoidable However the Dong Shan base that came out from Brother Jun, this was the first time Lin Feng heard of it.

“Dong Shan base is much older than us, with hundreds and thousands of people. There are numerous cultivators, looks like this time Zhan Lang base is in danger, we have to make plans ahead of time.  ” The voice came again from the next table, and Lin Feng heard it clearly.

“I do not have any plans right now. Xiao Ru’s leg was injured, and I was worried that when we left it was hard for her/him to move. If we met any strong zombies in the open, it would be very dangerous. ”

Lin Feng listened, and felt as though he had heard that voice before.  The sound was very rough and strong, it was very unique.

There was a silt in the wall, and Lin Feng got up and walked over to the silt. He then peered into the opposite table through the silt.

In just a glance, Lin Feng’s heart understood clearly.  No wonder the sound was somewhat familiar, he had seen the man before.

The person in the opposite table was one of the people Lin Feng delivered antibiotics to.  In the walled table, there were the man and woman that Lin Feng delivered the antibiotics to, and another middle-aged man that he didn’t recognise.


Just when Lin Feng looked away, a sound came from the opposite table.  Afterwards there was the sound of footsteps, and Lin Feng door was opened.  That antibiotic requester as well as the other middle-aged man crashed into Lin Feng space. However upon seeing Lin Feng, that person froze.


The man who Lin Feng recognised looked very surprised upon seeing Lin Feng.


“So, you guys are preparing to leave Zhan Lang base?”

The person Lin Feng recognised was called Shao Wen Jun, and his wife who he gave the antibiotics to was called Cui Xiao Ru. After seeing Lin Feng they were filled with gratitude.  This tavern was opened by him and several friends, however it was not to earn money, just to serve as a stopover.  After seeing Lin Feng the several of them sat together. After listening to their plans, Lin Feng opened his mouth and said this.

“Benefactor, you must not understand this base very well. Wolf isn’t a good person, on the contrary he’s very greedy.  The walls of the other bases are 100 times better than here. If not for the danger in the open, me and Xiao Ru would have already left.

If Dong Shan base attacked this time, this entire place would turn into a battlefield. With regards to us average people, we aren’t that safe.  As it is, it’s much better to leave as soon as possible. ”

Shao Wen Jun looked at Lin Feng, and said this in a sinking voice.

It hasn’t been long since Lin Feng came to Zhan Lang base. Listening to how Shao Wen Jun was saying that they had to leave now, he was somewhat moved.

Ever since he entered the apocalypse, he had always been in Zhan Lang base from the very start, as such he didn’t understand the outside world. Lin Feng also wanted to take this opportunity to take a look.  The people grew in adverse circumstances. If the base went to war, it could possibly be more dangerous than the open country.

Just as the several people were discussing, Lin Feng’s apocalypse watch shone.

“If you wish to save the fat man and the woman, go the XXX warehouse. ”

Lin Feng’s apocalypse watch’s communication function activated and shown this message, whilst also marking the location on the map.

Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin have been kidnapped! Looking at the information on the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng frowned.

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