Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Join the group
Standing on the truck bed was none other than Shao Wenjun, the man who he gave the antibiotics to and the man he met in the tavern in Zhan Lang base.

Shao WenJun had seen their vehicle intercepting his car. Immediately his facial expression became alert. The way he carried his rifle, he was ready to fire if the situation was not favorable.

This was not Shao Wenjun’s fault. In the apocalypse, man’s heart was unfathomable.  Because of the lack of supplies,  hunters and hunting teams compete for the existing supplies. It was especially dangerous in the wilderness, where one would not know when they would run into someone would steal their goods.  Not being careful in the wilderness was the greatest act of disrespect to one’s life.

Opening the driver’s door of the vehicle, Lin Feng got off the car.  Lin Feng recognized very few people in the apocalypse, and Shao Wenjun was one of them.


Upon seeing that it was Lin Feng who got off the car, Shao Wenjun immediately put down his gun, and looked very relaxed.  Shao Wenjun said this in a very surprised manner, it was obvious that he was startled by Lin Feng appearance.

“Are you going out hunting?”

Knowing that Shao Wenjun’s relations with Dongshan base were fairly good, Lin Feng wanted to stop and question him about the current situation there.  Previously in the tavern, Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin had been kidnapped, as such Lin Feng had to leave hastily and could not completely eavesdrop on their conversation.

Even if Lin Feng and his group did not aim to go to Dongshan base, he still wanted to know of affairs in the apocalypse.  In the apocalyptic world, more knowledge meant more advantages.

“We want to move to Nanshan base, who knew we would meet benefactor here. ”

Shao Wenjun spoke respectfully towards Lin Feng. After all, it was Lin Feng who had saved his wife. Shao Wenjun was a very realistic person, and he would hold this benevolence forever in his mind.

When Lin Feng gave Mr. and Mrs. Shao Wenjun the antibiotics, Shao Wenjun wanted to thank him. However at that moment he was too flabbergasted and could not say anything.  However he was a very simple-mannered and honest man. If anyone helped him slightly, he would remember them in his head.

“Oh? You’re also going to Nanshan base? We were also thinking of going there. Also, do not keep calling benefactor, it is quite awkward. Just call me Lin Feng from now on. ”

After hearing Shao Wenjun, he was surprised.

According to his knowledge, the person Shao Wenjun knew was in Dongshan base.  Previously in the tavern Lin Feng had also head Shao Wenjun say that he wanted to leave Zhan Lang base.  And now to say that they’re going to Nanshan base, it was completely contradicted Lin Feng’s expectations.

“Dongshan base is about to attack Zhan Lang base.  Going over there now, our safety is not guaranteed.  Nanshan base was quite close to Dongshan base, furthermore it was the biggest base in Tianqi city.  In other words going there to live would be much safer.  ”

Shao Wenjun’s words were the same as Lin Feng’s thoughts. At present it was safest to go to Nanshan base.

Shao Wenjun made his wife Xiaoru get out from the car. His friend driving the car also got out. After a brief introduction found out that this person was also a cultivator, and his name was Qin Kuai.

As for the name of Qin Kuai, Lin Feng laughed to himself.  In Lin Feng’s original world, this was the name of a celebrity.

Qin Kuai was a level 2 cultivator, and managed the tavern together with Shao Wenjun.  This was because he did not like fighting. Furthermore, if he had exposed his cultivator status by going hunting, he would have to join Wolf’s team, as such he lived in seclusion in the tavern.

Lin Feng did not think that Shao Wenjun had a level 2 cultivator on his side. Seems like cultivators weren’t all what Lin Feng had imagined, as most them had joined Wolf’s army.

“If you don’t mind, how about we go together?”

Another road another friend, in this apocalyptic world, there were still a few people Lin Feng could associate with.  Now there were three more people, and another cultivator. In words of a group, they were fairly safe.

In the apocalypse, power was a very important thing. A person may be strong, but may never be able to surpass a competent team.  In the apocalypse, most people would spilt in large and small groups. Everybody relied on each to help one another.  Together their strength would be strong. This way it was much safer in the apocalypse.

“Benefactor, no, Brother Lin Feng, you are familiar with my military background.  If you don’t mind, we can join your team.  ”

Seeing Lin Feng extend his hand, and after slight thinking, the simple and honest Shao Wenjun agreed to join Lin Feng’s team.

For someone he did not know to just give up a vial of antibiotics worth 100 white crystals, how could Shao Wenjun suspect a man with such morals.  Regarding a normal person in the apocalypse, let alone 100 white crystals, a single white crystal was considered extremely important.  Even in the case of not knowing, Lin Feng could still give up so much money to help him and his wife. Shao Wenjun did not think, and compiled with Lin Feng without hesitation.

This was common etiquette, if you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you.  The graciousness of a water drop, and the bubbling of a flowing spring.  Shao Wenjun was a very honest person. If a person was good to him, he would repay them with utmost sincerity.

And it was not to say that Shao Wenjun didn’t have a happy relationship with his wife Cui Xiaoru. After Lin Feng had helped Cui Xiaoru, she was incredibly grateful to him.

As for Shao Wenjun’s friend Qin Kuai, he measured Lin Feng’s energy fluctuations, and determined that Lin Feng was a much higher level than he was.  For such a high level cultivator, Qin kuai had the perfect chance to gain his favor; who would refuse.

In the apocalypse everyone wanted to look for something to depend on, similar to those cultivators in Zhan Lang base. Wolf who was reaching cultivator level 7, was someone all cultivators had resolved to fight beside.  Strength was one matter, but forming a team was not easy.  Now seeing that Lin Feng wanted them to join his group, and was the benefactor of his friend, Shao Wenjun, Qin Kuai simply complied with the request.

Shao Wenjun and his group had not joined any mercenary group. As such after the three of them decided to join Lin Feng’s group, he opened up his apocalypse watch interface and dragged Shao Wenjun and his group into the San She Halls mercenary group.

There was relation between the individual points and total points of members in a mercenary group. Every time the mercenary group accepted a mission, should members instead of the team itself complete the mission, then they too would receive points individually.  At present Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin were level 2 mercenary soldiers, however since Lin Feng was the team leader, he gets 2 times of the points they receive, making him a level 3 mercenary soldier at present.

After Shao Wenjun’s group joined Lin Feng’s mercenary team, San She Halls had expanded to a number of 6.  Although this scale was considered the smallest out of every single mercenary group, Lin Feng believed that by relying on everybody’s joint effort the name of San She Halls would resound throughout the land.

6 people, two cars, drove into the sunset towards Nanshan base.

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