Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Old Man

The distance between Nan Shan base from Zhan Lang base was approximately 130 KM, of which half were steep slopes. While dealing with the uneven road, he had to avoid the zombies within the wilderness.

“South Mountain South, North Autumn mourns, Nan Shan valley……..” 1

While driving, Lin Feng hummed a few songs from his past.

It was close to evening, he did not meet many hunting groups out. After three years had pass since the apocalypse, the number of zombies on the mainroad were rare. To obtain white crystals, they had to go deeper into the wilderness.

Lin Feng arrived at Zhan Lang base when it was pitch black, parking the car in front of the base he walked towards the gate.

Zhan Lang’s guard was more strict since last time he visited, there were more guards with guns at the gate. Above the walls there were also numerous cultivators on it.

Dong Shan’s base intent to attack was quite well known, the daily lives of the people inside did not change much though. Lin Feng observed all types of people entering and leaving Zhan Lang, seemingly not affected by the impending battle.

The war between bases was mainly to compete for resources, this did not affect the ordinary people much. It was not dangerous to most of the population. The battles were mainly involving cultivators and not that many were involved. Once the battle start, the ordinary people would be save hiding in their homes, for the most part.

Thanks to the dark environment as well as his dark clothing, Lin Feng made in into the base inconspicuously.

Passing by the slums, Lin Feng went to the living area. The middle of the living area or common area was the hospital. Dong Wu had brought Lin Feng here once.

In name it was a hospital, but it was more of a large clinic. The hospital had three floors, each floor had a dozen wards. For a base with 50 thousand people it was somewhat sufficient.

Lin Feng did not enter the hospital yet, only lingering around the outside. Although the probability of this being a ploy by Wolf to trap him was very low, but he did not want to take any chances.

Patients and Doctors with white coats were entering and leaving the hospital, occasionally  a few cars would stop in front. Most of the patients were injured. In order to secure resources many people fought and sustained numerous injuries, in addition to the lack of drugs, the chances of catching a disease was much higher. Therefore although the hospital was small, there were many coming for treatment.

Lin Feng soundlessly entered the hospital, before the little boy said to meet on the second floor. However. Lin Feng did not directly went up but hid within the crowd towards the second floor.

There were numerous patients and wards were overcrowded, beds were also placed along the corridor. Drugs were a valuable commodity, these patients rarely have drip/saline bottles2. Most of the injuries were treated with simple cloth dressings. Those medicine within the first aid boxes which were fed to the patients in his past life, was being rationed bit by bit to patients here. Thus, the efficiency was very little, but there was no way around it. This was still considered good three years after the apocalypse.

Whilst walking through the corridor, he found that most of the casualties were normal people, there weren’t cultivators.

After leaving the first floor, Lin Feng arrived at the second. The difference between the patients between the first and second was drastic, people with serious illnesses were on the second floor.

Unlike the first floor, the second floor did not have beds along the corridor. Lin Feng saw the critically ill patients in the wards. It seems ordinary injuries or illnesses were all treated on the first floor while the critically ill or injured were here. Lin Feng sighed at the situation.

As for the third floor, Lin Feng did not went up. Here only the important figures get to see the doctor. These usually included cultivators, even if the cultivator was strong they would occasionally get injured. Zhan Lang only had a little more than a hundred cultivators but took a third of the hospital resources. Ordinary people are not allowed into the third floor, only taking a glance before the guards would stop them. The doctors on the third floor would be the best within the base, they would cater specifically towards the cultivators.

After observing the situation, Lin Feng went towards the ward stated by the little boy. He entered the ward.

The ward was just a small room. The space was not even comparable to a small hotel room within Lin Feng’s previous life. There was only a single bed and chair within the room. There was an eighty year white haired old man lying down on the bed. On the chair next to the bed was the little boy.

As he walked into the room, Lin Feng did not speak a word. The Old Man and the little boy noticed Lin Feng as he entered.

“Sir benefactor is here.”

As Lin Feng arrived, the little boy nodded as the Old Man opened his mouth to speak. Trying to sit up, but his body was too frail. After a few tries, he apologetically smiled at Lin Feng.

“I had said that my disease was incurable, but the little kid never listened. Sending me here and these white flowers, what a waste of money Ah.”

The Old Man selflessly spoke. In between each word he had to take a deep breath.

“I do not believe I know what is the meaning of calling me here?”

Lin Feng did not come here just for some little boy’s pleas.

Lin Feng grew up without parents, he was raised by his grandfather. Later when his grandfather had passed, his heart was in deep pain. He could empathise with the young boy, seeing himself within the little boy.

“Little Tian go out for awhile, I wanna talk with big brother here.”

The Old man did not directly answer Lin Feng, instead told the boy to leave.

The boy upon hearing the Old Man’s words, obediently left the ward.

“If you have anything to say do it now.”

Looking at the sickly old man, Lin Feng replied.


These are lyrics of the song ““南山南” by a pretty well known chinese artist. My IQ too low so I don’t understand the song at all LOL. 

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