Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Advice

“He has left, Can you speak now?”

Seeing the little boy exit the room and closing the door, Lin Feng stared at the old man on the bed as he slowly spoke.

Lin Feng had never met the old man before, this was their first encounter. Lin Feng did not know what the old man was going to do, he was secretly on alert. Although the old man looked to be around 80 years old, he did not dare to be neglectant. Anything that seemed out of place, he was not hesitant to come to arms.

“Little Brother you misunderstand.”

Seeing that Lin Feng’s weary behaviour, thus the old man quickly explained.

“You never knew who little Tian as, but the first time you met him he begged you for so much money. That shows you have a good character, alas the people after the apocalypse wouldn’t be like you.”

The old man gasped for breath as he talked.

“During the apocalypse, there wouldn’t be anyone who would give out a single white crystal, let alone so much, to someone who they didn’t know.”

While looking at Lin Feng, the old man continued to speak.

“People who lived long, would be able to observe numerous things. The world after the apocalypse, brought out the worst in humanity.”

The old man looked out the window, as he watched the stars in the night sky as if he had discovered enlightenment began to say.

“Although only one side of you can be seen, it’s your virtuous nature makes you one of the few which are good within this world.”

After hearing this old man speak, Lin Feng started to blush. He did not expect to be swayed by the praise of the old man, he was even more embarrassed now.

“Based on your wealth, if I’m not wrong you’re a cultivator.”

The old man was old but  he was able to guess Lin Feng’s identity.”

Nodding his head, Lin Feng did not deny his identity.

“But being so charitable, it is not always a good thing.”

Turning his head, he stared at Lin Feng.

Hearing what the Old Man say, Lin Feng was somewhat stunned. Giving someone money could be wrong.

“When you gave little Tian money there was no one observing. But did you think what would have happened if someone saw that? A little kid with so much money, what could have happened to him?”

Looking at Lin Feng who did not understand, the old man patiently explained.

“A Man is not guilty unless for his wealth you should understand that, that when you gave him the money it could have brought upon a calamity upon him.”

A old person was very slow, obviously did not get angry. 1

Listening to the words of the old man, Lin Feng blushed slightly. People could have taken advantage of the old man’s grandson and would draw suspicion to the two.

Lin Feng could understand the old man’s way of thinking, the apocalypse was a savage place.

In the apocalypse, people would kill zombies and each other for white crystals, let alone so much wealth. Lin Feng earned money easily, but this does not mean other people earned money easily.

Lin Feng gave the little boy a lot of white crystals, which would surely evoke the greed of other people. To the point that some good people would have other ideas. The old man gasped for breath and coherently talked. Without power to protect wealth, as the old man had said, would be a calamity to them.

“What you say is right.”

Lin Feng spoke with sincerity, what the old man said was right.

“Luckily little Tian was sensible and went straight to me, and did not went to spend the money.”

The old man on the bed spoke slowly.

“But I do not blame you, since you are a kind person. This old man lived for a long time, I know how to judge a person.”

The Old Man’s voice was weak, every word needed him to breath for a long time.

“I am flattered, you praise me too much.”

Lin Feng did not expect his casual act of giving the boy some money would let the old man praise him so much. Lin Feng was quite embarrassed.

“You don’t have to be modest, I’ve met many people, already……”

As he said this, his face looked out the window, like he had a lot to say.

“Well, that’s in the past. Right, I called you because I have something to ask from you.”

The old man hesitated for a long time before saying this sentence.

“Just say, if It’s within my power I will help out.”

Lin Feng’s words might not be much but to the old man was very significant.

Lin Feng past life was different from now, in terms of now, Lin Feng was quite wealthy compared to before. Anything regarding money he would not have too much of a problem.

That’s why Lin Feng’s words were sincere.

The old man did not speak, but with a shaking hand pulled out from under his pillow a bracelet. After staring at it for a long time, with sadness he handed it to Lin Feng.

“My request is to accept this bracelet, and bring little Tian under your care.”

Glancing at Lin Feng, the old man said these words.

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