Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Dongshan base attacks
Knowing that the relationship between Dongshan base and Zhan Lang base was not good, it was only a matter of time before they attacked Zhan Lang base. However, Lin Feng did not expect that Dongshan base would attack at this time.

From the time he spent in this apocalyptic world, Lin Feng more or less understood that Dongshan base had 200 more cultivators when compared to Zhan Lang base. Regardless of whether it’s their levels or numbers, they were greater than Zhan Lang base.

After hearing the alert in Zhan Lang base, the civilians took up arms and headed to the city wall to resist, thinking that there was another zombie horde. However, upon hearing the guards shout that it was Dongshan base that had come to attack, everyone ran back to their homes.

Fights between bases and fights against zombie hordes were completely different and did not involve the civilians in any way. In the apocalypse, the civilians didn’t care who their leader was, they only cared about their own lives. So long as their own safety was not threatened, nobody paid attention to other matters. During a war between bases, it was the safest to stay in their homes.

Lin Feng could not return to the place that he had rented, as he was unsure whether Wolf’s people were guarding it. And for taking advantage of this situation, Lin Feng’s strength was still not enough. Lin Feng could only bring Ling Tian to find a safe place, in order to avoid the coming war.

Outside of Zhan Lang base, there were fifty trucks parked about ten miles away. The truck was full of seated armed Dongshan base guards, furthermore, they were all cultivators.

“This time, we must definitely take down Zhan Lang base!”

5 people came down from the truck in the front. Headed by a middle-aged man, he looked at Zhan Lang base whilst saying this to the four behind him.

“Inform everyone, follow according to plan. ”

Towards the group of trucks behind him, the man raised his apocalypse watch and gave an order.


In the center of Zhan Lang base, people were busily entering and leaving the biggest villa.

“This time Dongshan base kept only a handful of their cultivators to defend their base. The rest of them are part of the attackers. ”
Inside the villa hall, Wolf’s level 6 cultivator assistant reported this to him.

“This time they have gone too far, actually wanting to take over my base. I will show them how wrong their decision is. Have you found out how many leaders of Dongshan base came this time?”

Dongshan base had a total of five leaders, each with their own names. After the world entered the apocalypse, all of them changed their names after the establishment of their base. The five of their names went from Feng Yi to Feng Wu, according to their ages.

The most important thing was, all the leaders of Dongshan base had reached cultivator level 7, any one of them could compete with Wolf’s strength. If not for the fact that Zhan Lang base had heavy weapons, it would have long fallen.

“We do not know who specifically. Our people have not infiltrated their cultivators. ”

The assistant replied to Wolf’s question.

At this moment Wolf’s heart was uncertain, the strength of the other party was much greater than their own, and the chances of winning this war were very slim. Dongshan base’s side not only had 5 level 7 cultivators, they also had 10 level 6 cultivators. Compared to Wolf’s side with only 2 level 6 cultivators, the difference was huge and it was no wonder he was nervous.

“Inform everyone to take up arms. Since they dare to attack, we shall make them regret it!”

Wolf stood up, and said every word clearly and unhurriedly.
Outside of Zhan Lang base, 50 trucks drove towards the entrance of Zhan Lang base.

There were not many tactics in wars between bases during the apocalypse, as battles were focused on head-on strength, while tactics were for ordinary people. For battles between cultivators, whoever’s fist was harder was the winner.

The trucks stopped one kilometer away, and nearly 1000 guards came down with guns. The trucks started moving again and headed towards the entrance of Zhan Lang base, and the guards followed behind them.
On the wall above Zhan Lang base’s entrance, all the guards and cultivators were gathered, amounting to almost 1000 people, ready to defend Zhan Lang base.


Dongshan base’s attackers were 800 meters away when one of the level 6 cultivators on the wall gave out this command.

Under Wolf’s assistant’s command, 100 heavy snipers fired. Normally they would only be used during a zombie horde, as such this was the first time it was used against humans.

Once Zhan Lang base started shooting, people from Dongshan base’s side simultaneously started firing. However, when compared to Dongshan base, Zhan Lang’s gunfire was severely lacking.

“The opposite party has at least 300 heavy snipers!”

Upon hearing their shots, the level 6 cultivator frowned.

As the gunfire sounded, people from both sides fell. As Dongshan base had their trucks to protect them, they had fewer casualties.

As Dongshan base’s team advanced about 600 meters away from Zhan Lang base, both sides already had at least 100 casualties.

“Maglev tanks prepare to fire!”

When the assistant on top of Zhan Lang base’s walls saw the current situation, he issued a command.

There were already too many casualties. At this point, Dongshan base held the number superiority. If Zhan Lang base did not use any of their heavy weapons then their number of casualties would only increase.
Dongshan base’s team was too far way from Zhan Lang base at this point, using their own weapons or rocket launchers would not achieve much. Fortunately Zhan Lang base managed to bring back the Maglev tanks that were out searching for supplies in time.

With two loud bangs, the tanks already transported on top of the walls fired their shells which curved into two arcs and landed in the team from Dongshan base.

Two of the trucks were hit accurately, with a dozen Dongshan casualties. However, the trucks with cultivators were in the back and were not affected.


Seeing the Maglev tanks hit their targets accurately, the level 6 cultivator adjutant cheered loudly. However, at the same time, he felt somewhat uneasy.

At this moment, a burst of sound came from a distance.

“Hit the ground!”

When the assistant thought of something, he immediately shouted out.

At the same time, dozens of shells from Dongshan base’s side flew towards and hit the walls above the entrance to Zhan Lang base.
The assistant’s words were obviously late, and some who could not catch it in time were blown away by the shells. Even some shells injured the lower-leveled cultivators. However, those shells did not injure cultivators above level 3.


“I do not know who is the idiot, putting all of their defensive team on a wall. ”

Three kilometers away from Zhan Lang base, in the temporary headquarters for Dongshan base, Feng Yi said this to the other four in the room.

“His Zhan Lang base also has Maglev tanks, how could we not. Fortunately our departure details were kept a secret, otherwise, his spies would have found out about our Maglev tank team. If that happened, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this effect. ”

After the several people laughed, Feng Er said this.

As Feng Er said, for a small like Zhan Lang base with a population of 50 thousand to have two tanks, how could Dongshan base, which is a medium-sized base and has more than 10 million people not have any? Dongshan base found eight Maglev tanks and several laser-guided guns early on in the first year of the apocalypse. However, training people for the tanks was hard, thankfully at that time there were some people who knew how to operate it that came forward, otherwise no one would know how to operate these big boys.

Before Dongshan base had attacked Zhan Lang base, they had sent out the tank team secretly. Apart from several high-leveled cultivators, this was a confidential matter that no one knew about.

The matter of Dongshan base attacking Zhan Lang base was well-known. As they had sent so many people over to attack Zhan Lang base, they inevitably couldn’t bring over their own heavy weapons in case others attacked them.

However, to avoid too many casualties during this war, Feng Yi had secretly scheduled the tank team to move out from the base. The tanks were kept in a cave on Heng Mountain. Apart from several high-leveled cultivators, no one else knew where it was. As such, spies from other bases weren’t able to scout out the locations of Dongshan base’s heavy weapons.

“I want the minimum amount of casualties possible, and for Zhan Lang base to suffer great damage!”

Looking into his telescope, Feng Yi declared this.

“Third elder, Fourth elder, Fifth elder, carry out the plan. ”


Hearing the distant gunfire, Lin Feng was secretly speechless. He didn’t think that battles between bases were just like a modern war and thought that only a few cultivators would be involved. He did not expect that even hot weapons would be used.

“Looks like we have to find a wall, once night falls we’ll take advantage and leave.”

This time in order to avoid being affected by the war as well as to avoid those from Zhan Lang base recognizing his appearance, Lin Feng intended to take advantage of the war to leave Zhan Lang base.
He took out a rope over 10 meters long from the supermarket and put it in his apocalypse watch, so the height of the base wall was not a problem.

Ling Tian did not speak, only nodding his head. At that time Lin Nanshan told Ling Tian to listen to everything Lin Feng says, whatever Lin Feng did, he just had to follow along.

Coming to one of the side walls of Zhan Lang base, Lin Feng saw that atop of the wall there were several guards and cultivators. Although the main battle was at the entrance of Zhan Lang base, the other walls still had to be guarded in case of unexpected situations.

Getting rid of the guards was a problem, Lin Feng’s hatred is not fake, however, he didn’t want to indiscriminately kill innocent people. However on top of the city wall, there were more than a dozen people, and there were cultivators among them. Lin Feng observed that the cultivators were all around level 3-4, as such wanting to knock them out without being caught was not a simple matter.

As Lin Feng thought of a solution, a figure jumped onto the wall from outside Zhan Lang base and swung a knife, getting rid of the several guards and cultivators.

“So it’s him!”

Seeing that person’s appearance, Lin Feng realized that he had seen this person before. It was the blue-robed young man that called himself Fifth Mistress who hit his sports car with his limousine in Nanshan base.

However, when Lin Feng looked at the blue-robed young man, he also noticed Lin Feng.

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