Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Grand Auction House


Driving his car early in the morning along the roads of Nanshan base, there were not many people awake. Cars would occasionally pass by in groups. Compared to the bustle of a city, life after the apocalypse was not as fast paced. Thus, people were still fast asleep.

Lin Feng was cruising across rows of shops while looking for a specific place along the side of the road . The drastic differences in the quality of life between Zhanlang and Nanshan base could be seen.

Approximately an hour later, Lin Feng found the ‘shop’ he was looking for.

This ‘shop’, could be described as a lavish place. With three floors and a single main entrance.

The Grand Auction House. 1

On the first floor was a large plaque inscribed with these four words in a striking and grand manner.

There it was!2

Lin Feng parked his car outside the main entrance, as he stepped out of the car. The doors was made of wood and he opened it and went in.

Entering the building, Lin Feng could see rows of shelves filled with various different goods. He walked past and did not really pay much attention to these commodities, but towards the reception counter facing the door.

The reception counter was fairly high up, just like some pawnshops of the past which Lin Feng had previously visited. Glass was surrounding it with a small hole where a young man was sitting tapping away at his apocalypse watch.

As Lin Feng was walking towards the reception counter, the young man looked up and immediately put away his apocalypse watch as he said.

“Excuse me sir, are you here to auction something?”

Lin Feng quietly took out an item from his apocalypse watch, and placed it through the hole of the reception counter.

The young man picked up the item which Lin Feng handed over as he inspected it. Afterwards scratched his head, not recognising what it was.

The young man didn’t recognise it because what Lin Feng passed him …… was a diamond ring.

Before he went to bed, Lin Feng and Dong Wu was chatting about jewellery since Ling Nanshan gave him a bracelet. They were talking when Lin Feng suddenly found out that there was no such things as diamonds within this apocalypse world.

After realising this, Lin Feng thought he could trade diamonds for white crystals.

Lin Feng’s supermarket was a very large building, in addition to the food section there were small shop stands. Among them was a jewellery stand.

The diamond ring could be considered to be a single carat and the workmanship of the cutting could be said to be attractive. Accompanied by a platinum ring, making it have a very expensive look.

“Forgive my inexperienced eyes as I’m unable to determine what this shiny thing is,but this appears to be a very impressive ring.

Since Dong Wu said that diamonds did not exist, surely this young man would not know better.

After the apocalypse, normally most people would disregard jewellery in exchange for more important things such as food as well as other resource. Of course, there were still those who would buy luxurious products such jewellery.

If it was the ordinary gold and silver, most people would be able to eventually afford it. Unlike, diamonds, which were non-existent here. Paired up with the diamond’s luxurious and grand appearance, Lin Feng believed that he would be able to sell it for a good price.

“Sir please wait out here, I will go and call my manager.”

The young man couldn’t determine the value, he decided to call out his more experienced manager.

Not long after sending a message through the apocalypse watch, a middle-aged man walked down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of golden glasses; looking very sophisticated.

“Excuse me young man, please head upstairs.”

The young man went to pass the manager the ring, and after that the manager turned to Lin Feng and directed him upstairs.

Nodding his head, Lin Feng followed the manager up the stairs to the second floor. The second floor was more spacious, and in contrast with the first floor, the decoration was relatively simple. A large coffee table and a couple of sofas.

“Forgive me, but I’ve never encountered such a magnificent object before.”

The manager said this after he sat on the sofa while observing the diamond ring in his hands and shortly spoke after raised his head.

Lin Feng was observing this man’s expression, to see that he was actually inspecting the diamond ring. This confirms his suspicions that unique jewellery was still valuable.

“As you can see, this is a ring. The gem on top is called a diamond while the silver ring itself is made out of platinum.”

Lin Feng replied.

“It is supposed that diamonds came from meteorites which drop from the sky, and the most valuable part is then cut with special lasers into 64 flat sides. Giving it a crystal sheen.”

Lin Feng picked up his cup of tea and took a sip as he proceeded to talk about the diamond.

“The diamond is also very hard, could you please lend me a piece of glass.”

Lin Feng wanted to display the hardness of the diamond, but there was not any glass readily available and had to resort to using a picture frame.

Lin Feng used the diamond ring to cut into the glass. He then removed the glass from the frame, and passed it to the middle-aged manager. Then a sound of the glass cracking into two halves was heard.

The manager was completely concentrated on Lin Feng’s explanation of the diamond.

Ordinary jewellery during the apocalypse was worthless, people were more worried about what to eat the next day than some accessories. However, just as Lin Feng thought, there were some people in the base who were wealthy enough to spend their money.

As a result, even if Lin Feng were to say that it was his family heirloom passed down from one generation to the other, or also not being from this world and the exquisite design would make the value of the diamond skyrocket.

“Then sir, are you here to auction it or sell directly to us?”

After observing the diamond ring for a long time, the middle-aged manager made up his mind and cautiously asked. Addressing Lin Feng more formally, since, whoever has strength or resources would be respected more.

“One hundred thousand white crystals, if you agree I can give it to you at this instance.”

Lin Feng did not have enough time to put the diamond on auction hence he directly gave a price

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