Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 53

Chapter 53: A monstrous sum


“One hundred thousand white crystals.”

Upon hearing Lin Feng’s words, the middle-aged manager was not angry. He instead bent his head down to contemplate.


Lin Feng did not randomly give a price, instead, he had thought it over and decided on the price based on different calculations.

After the apocalypse, three white crystals could buy you a single pound of rice. That was also similar to his previous world where a pound was around 3 yuan. While canned food was 30 white crystals, similar to his previous life the price hovered around 20 yuan. As a result, the purchasing power of the white crystals and yuan in his previous life was approximately similar. Of course this only applied to food, other than that there may be some changes.


For example, things such as guns could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In comparison to now where a gun can be bought with a few hundred white crystals to buy a gun. Consumer services were also cheaper here.


When Lin Feng took out the diamond ring it was labeled with the price of more than 30 thousand yuan. If he were to convert it would be worth around 30 thousand white crystals. The most important thing was that diamonds were non-existent here thus the price could be tripled.

Lin Feng did not intend to start with a cut throat price, with normal medication, Ling Tian should be able to last for more than 10 days. In addition to rehabilitation, a total of fifty thousand white crystals should be enough. Therefore, the price Lin Feng was asking is the amount he needed.

“I would like to ask whether if this is the only diamond ring you have sir.”

The middle-aged man did not call for a counter offer but instead raised his head to ask Lin Feng.

After he heard that, Lin Feng was hesitating. Diamonds did not even exist here so if he took out too many it would not be helpful to him. He did not want the same kidnapping incident to happen again.

“The diamond ring was originally in a pair, there is a total of two. The one you are holding is the female version, there is yet another larger than this.”

Since rings are a pair, Lin Feng did not think he said anything wrong.

Lin Feng did not explicitly say that he had another ring to take out, however, he did hint to the middle-aged manager that there was another one and with a larger diamond.

After hearing what Lin Feng had to say, the middle-aged manager had a twinkle in his eye and revealed a ‘pleasantly’ surprised expression.

“Sir how about this proposition, you put this diamond ring on auction and if the quality is the same then I will pay you two hundred thousand white crystals. If the auction price is lower than this, then it is considered our loss. If the auction price goes above two hundred thousand white crystals, the rest of the money will be given to you after the deduction of fees. I wonder if you could trust my auction house with your two diamond rings.”

If there were two diamond rings then the price would be substantially more than one. Among the rich elite, this amount of money was simply nothing to them.

The rich drink wine and feast on meat, while the poor starve in the streets.1This was the situation before and after the apocalypse, two hundred thousand white crystals was an unfathomable sum for the likes of the poor but for the elite cultivators, it could just be a drop in the ocean of their wealth.

In some large bases, the rare and exquisite foods could cost hundreds to thousands of white crystal

s per dish. The luxurious life the rich live, was not something an ordinary person could imagine.

As for a single diamond ring, although it could be considered a luxury product it would not affect much. Now hearing that there is another diamond ring possibly within Lin Feng’s possession, the middle-aged manager had a glint in his eyes as wanted to take it before it was even shown.

“Since you have said so how could I disagree. However the distance from here to my house is somewhat far, and it is still quite early, I can’t have these two rings be sold just yet.”

Lin Feng sighed, as he removed another diamond ring from his apocalypse watch as he selfishly spoke. The two rings were originally a pair and now that he took it out, whether it be the pattern or the cutting technique both were exactly the same.

Just as he guessed, behind this young man was a powerful family. Something like a diamond ring which he has not seen before was definitely not something an ordinary person could own. Being able to own such out of this world jewelry, how could it be a small family.

As he confirmed it, the attitude towards Lin Feng had become more polite. He asked for Lin Feng’s contact to send him the two hundred thousand white crystals. Although the Nanshan base Grand Auction House only had so much money, however taking out this amount to befriend a large family was worth it, in addition to possibly profit with the diamond rings.

“Please accept this first sir.”

After sending the transaction, the middle-aged manager took out from his apocalypse watch a shining medal and presented it to Lin Feng.”

“Our Grand Auction House has numerous branches all over the world, our Nanshan base branch is just one of many branches. This medal is used to recognize our senior customers, with this membership medal you will be welcomed and be treated as our guests in any branch. With my authority, I can only gift you the gold medal, but I hope you would kindly accept it. This one is named Tang Gong and if you have any issues within the Nanshan base, you can always contact me through the apocalypse watch.”


Just as what Tang Gong had said, the Grand Auction House was only one of many and with different power distributions. Before the apocalypse, it was a large trading corporation. After the apocalypse, it reorganized to become an auction house. In the large land of China, it commands a large authority. Becoming a senior member of the Grand Auction house has numerous benefits but Tang Gong did not elaborate on them.

Bidding farewell to Tang Gong, Lin Feng went back to the hospital to take a look at Ling Tian’s condition after paying for the standard treatment. Now that there was not much money left and needed to be renewed.

In the first floor of the emergency center, Lin Feng found Dong Wu. He transferred fifty thousand white crystals to Dong Wu’s apocalypse watch. Lin Feng did not directly deposit it into Ling Tian’s recovery money, this was considered a large sum of money and needed to take precautions or there might be unnecessary troubles. Lin Feng wanted Dong Wu to slowly deposit money into Ling Tian’s recovery money instead of suddenly depositing a huge sum.

Arriving at Ling Tian’s ward, he could see that an oxygen mask was on his face. Ling Tian was still in a coma, but after he gave Ling Tian the life-saving medicine, Ling Tian’s complexion was looking a lot better.

“How is Ling Tian’s injury?”

Looking at the director which was in the room, Lin Feng asked.

“Not very good, we found a slight anomaly during our inspections.”

The director frowned his eyebrows as he said to Lin Feng.

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