Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Preparing To Leave


Tian Heng mountain range was a long chain of mountains, about a dozen forming into a continuous mountain range. It was located northwest of Dongnan base and the mountain stretches 100 kilometers long. The mountain range was also steep, before the apocalypse Tian Heng mountain was a popular tourist attraction during weekends and on holidays. Countless tourists would try to traverse the mountains, the mountains also had a very spiritual buddha statue and countless people would go up to offer worship.

20 kilometers from the base of Tian Heng mountain range there were numerous zombies. The area was not suited for walking especially for normal people, the director took this into account as one of the dangers.

“So if I were go there and retrieve a devil’s snare flower then Ling Tian would be cured completely?”

Lin Feng wanted to confirm what the director had said before.

If it was just as the director said that there would be the flowers in Tian Heng mountain range, Ling Tian’s condition would be treated within seven days. Though Tian Feng mountain range was far away but with Lin Feng’s car the zombies would also not pose such an issue. If he could even fulfill his promise then how different was he from animals or zombies.

“If you can find the flowers then I can guarantee that Ling Tian would be completely cured.”

With his years of experience as a doctor, the director was sure of the potency of various medicines.

Nodding his head, asked the director about how to identify the flowers. Fortunately through searching the internet on his apocalypse watch, Lin Feng could obtain a clear image.

After confirming with the director, Lin Feng exited Ling Tian’s ward. There was only seven days, Lin Feng had to make haste.

“Bring me along.”

As he exited, Dou Yuxin walked over as she looked at him and asked.

Dou Yuxin must have overheard Lin Feng and the director’s conversation in the ward. Although he did not how long will it take to reach Tian Heng mountain range.

Ever since she started following Lin Feng, Dou Yuxin did not experience much hardship. Not only that but he supplied her with white crystals to increase her cultivation base. Even the green pellet from killing the class four zombie was given to her; though Dou Yuxin did not know the exact value of the green pellet.

Lin Feng was her benefactor, yet at this point Dou Yuxin saw that Lin Feng was going to Tian Heng mountain range by himself how could she not try to aid him? Lin Feng was several times more stronger than her, but Dou Yuxin would still insist on trying to help. Even though she did not know who Ling Tian was but a friend of Lin Feng was her friend too.

“You and Dong Wu should stay here and look after Ling Tian, and Tian Heng mountain range is just too far away. Having too many people would be an incovenience.”

Dou Yuxin was only a level 2 cultivator, her strength was limited. If she was to accompany him it would be more dangerous for her.

Lin Feng himself was only a level 4 cultivator and he could still not be counted as a more advanced cultivator. How could he guarantee the safety of Dou Yuxin, just having her concern was more than enough.

Lin Feng kept his resolution, and Dou Yuxin did not say anything. However her large eyes were slightly teary, but Lin Feng did not realise.

Since he decided to leave then he must prepare thoroughly, Lin Feng decided to go to Nan Shan’s weapons armoury.

Though Lin Feng is a cultivator, he was only a level 4 cultivator. There was no way he could beat everyone, it would just be outrageous. Encountering a couple of zombies would not post any threat but a whole horde, for that a h

eated weapon would be much more effective.

After giving Dong Wu fifty thousand white crystals, he now had 150 thousand white crystals more than enough to last a lifetime.

Lin Feng then went into the supermarket, he went to take food everyday from the supermarket as rations. He now had enough stockpiled for half a month.

Lin Feng arrived at the supermarket and went to the exchange system. Using twenty thousand white crystals he could only exchange for a bloodline, naturally he now wanted to buy something.

Regarding weapons, there was no need to have another. The mysterious bayonet was more than enough for the current Lin Feng. While those life saving medicines he bought them in advance.

The exchange system did not have many defensive equipment, more items were unlocked as the level increased. After browsing through, he decided on an alloy armor.
Lin Feng did not choose a full body armor, the main reason was that it was too heavy to be practical. Even if the strength of the cultivator was better, the heavy armor would affect agility to a certain degree. Although heavy armor had good defensive properties, but the loss of speed might not be worth it.

Lin Feng chose this alloy armor called flexible stellar armour. It had a property to absorb the light of stars to boost its defensive capabilities. This ability could be used to resist a strong attack. Since this equipment could be recharged, Lin Feng was very fond of it and thus bought it for 7000 white crystals.

After he finished these preparations, Lin Feng was ready to traverse the Tian Heng mountain range. Due to his promise to Ling Nanshan, he would set out to save Ling Tian.

A man’s promise should be worth more than gold even after the apocalypse. Not being able to hold his commitment, Lin Feng would have let down those two.

After packing, Lin Feng opened the door of his car and drove out of the hospital. Following the map towards Tian Heng mountain range.

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