Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Leisurely Nanshan

Just leaving Nanshan base, the road is devoid of Zombies, and the sides of the roads were lined by fields of planted crops. In these fields. there was a small simplistic shed every hundred meters, which served as monitoring points for Nanshan base guards. If they encounter any normal zombies, the guards will dispatch it immediately. In the case of a high-class zombie, the guards will relay information through their apocalypse watches, and notify the cultivators at Nanshan base for them to take care of it.

Presently it is late autumn, and the crops are about ready to be harvested, causing the guards to be more on alert.

There is a watchtower every kilometer or so in the fields, used to watch out for zombies at night.

A few kilometers away from Nanshan base, Lin Feng met normal zombies wandering in pairs and trios on wandering at the sides and the road itself. At this time Lin Feng occasionally came across hunting teams, who were not willing to kill these normal zombies, due to it being a waste of ammunition. Unless the normal zombies get too close, they mainly only deal with class one zombies.

The amount of class one zombies is relatively large, for every 10 normal zombies there would normally be a class one zombie. And normal zombies under unforeseen circumstances break through to class one zombies, due to the formation of a white crystal in their head. Also, the class one zombies could break through become class two zombies, hence the high population of zombies.

As for how these zombies break through, it is almost entirely unknown. However, most normal people aren’t concerned about this, only about the number of white crystals they could earn. At the same time, it is best not to encounter a class two zombie, and it’s recommended to flee on sight.

Day after day, year after year, As long as the normal people aren’t in any special circumstances, they will have to hunt class one zombies every day for white crystals to survive. While the young and strong people have to continuously work hard, the elderly and children at home need not fight. These people have to rely on their own strength in order to be able to feed their loved ones.

Through the passing days, most become used to this bottomless struggle. Now Lin Feng’s mood had changed, changed from when he had initially arrived in this apocalyptic world.

Perhaps, he will become more indifferent, likely thanks to the virtue that only the strongest would be able to proudly survive in this apocalyptic world.

Or perhaps, using one’s own strength and resources, conquering and expanding territory in order to give those struggling and killing others to live a happy life.

All these are unknowns that could possibly happen in the future, Lin Feng himself is unsure, but he knows it relies on his own strength. Only those strong enough will be able to live safely and happily in the apocalypse.

As he drove on the road to Hengshan, he met various hunting teams. These hunting teams did not even entertain the idea of trying to rob Lin Feng. This is due to the fact that he was driving such a luxurious car, which most normal people couldn’t afford even if they had guns. If they end up engaging a cultivator, their entire group would be wiped out. So when Lin Feng’s car passed by these teams, they did not even try to stop him.

As he drove on, he was less than 10 kilometers away from Hengshan. Obviously, as he got closer to one of Hengshan’s veins, there were more zombies on the road.

In pairs and trios, even in groups of 5 to 7, moved towards Lin Feng’s car upon hearing the roaring of its engine. Lin Feng’s car was a sedan, not an off-roader, as such, it didn’t have much ability to collide against zombies.

Often encountering

this amounts of zombies, Lin Feng stops a distance away, before pulling out an automatic pulse rifle from his apocalypse and mowing them down, then driving past them. Otherwise, his car would have been scrapped by the time he reached Hengshan.

Lin Feng encountered a class two zombie when he was just five kilometers away from one of Hengshan’s veins. It was clear that it was a class two zombie since its body was much bigger than that of an ordinary or class one zombie.

Lin Feng fired at the class two zombie from a distance with his pulse rifle, but the effects were obvious. The damage was similar to an adult getting hit by firecrackers, injured but not fatally.

Upon being attacked, the class two zombie rushed towards Lin Feng.

Run, yes, running. If the speed of an ordinary zombie was that of a person walking, the speed of a class one zombie brisk walking, then a class two zombie is that of a jog.

Seeing how firearms didn’t do much to it, Lin Feng alighted from his car.

He didn’t have a heavy sniper, even in Nanshan or Zhang Lang base, these heavy snipers were not sold. But even if he managed to buy one, he wouldn’t be used to it, and might as well just use his short crossbow.

But Lin Feng didn’t want to use it, not because he didn’t want to waste white crystals, it was his bolts that were limited.

Previously when he and Dong Wu killed that class four zombie, they used about a dozen bolts. At this moment, Lin Feng only has 50 bolts. Lin Feng had not entirely confirmed the power of the crossbow, however, it can hurt level 5 cultivator, and kill a level 4 cultivator with one bolt. As such Lin Feng did not want to waste it on a class two zombie.

If it was when he first arrived in this apocalypse, Lin Feng would most definitely gag upon seeing the class two zombie. But after a long time, experiencing a zombie horde and fighting a class four zombie, Lin Feng was practically immune to their looks. Now Lin Feng just sees a zombie as an animal, just uglier.

Carrying his dark steel bayonet, Lin Feng rushed towards the class two zombie. In the end, the class two was after all, a zombie, as such Lin Feng was much faster.

In front of the class two zombie, Lin Feng did not end it in one slash. According to Lin Feng’s current strength, one slash from his knife could easily kill it. However, he did not do this since he wanted to practice his techniques against the class two zombie.

He spends most of his time inside the base, as such, he doesn’t see that many zombies. Previously encountering a class four zombie face to face and surviving, no one can doubt Lin Feng at this point.
Thrust, cut, swing, yank…

The knife skills from his previous world were deeply ingrained in Lin Feng, the dark steel bayonet along with his mastery would do well to protect him at a crucial moment.

After a while, he felt his techniques currently were on par with those from his previous world, he then proceeded to behead the class two zombie.

He used the dark steel bayonet to open the class two zombie’s head, and was surprised to find something inside. It was the black ball to upgrade his supermarket exchange system.

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