Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Very Close

Unlike regular people, upon seeing that black ball come out of the class two zombie’s head, Lin Feng had a surprised reaction.

The probability of a black ball forming within a class two zombie was very small or whether it had any other uses, Lin Feng was not certain. The people he encountered with these black balls all had no use for it.

For Lin Feng however, the black ball could be used to upgrade the supermarket exchange system. The current exchange system was only level 1 and the black ball could possibly level it up.

Lin Feng had the thought to acquire these black balls but due to more pressing matters, he had left it in the back of his mind.

The black ball was useless to other people, after expending a lot of effort into killing a class two zombie, and receiving a black ball made a lot of people depressed. If Lin Feng had decided to acquire a large number of black balls, then someone might investigate into his background or the properties of the black ball thinking it was useful. This would bring unnecessary trouble to Lin Feng thus he dropped that idea.

He now picked up the black ball and went into the supermarket, Lin Feng hesitated before placing it in the exchange system.

A couple of seconds later, a screen appeared on the exchange system, and the progression bar reached a hundred percent from ninety nine percent.

Extremely Effective!

Just as he thought, the black ball within class two zombies could upgrade the supermarket exchange system. As for what the items in the upgraded exchange system looked like, Lin Feng could not imagine it. The items before the exchange system was upgraded was already so powerful, what else would be in there now that it has leveled up.

Just using a single black ball could increase the percentage by 1 percent. Thus it needed a hundred black balls to upgrade the exchange system.

The black ball was quite rare, to slowly stumble upon one hundred of them. Lin Feng was quite depressed thinking of how many years he would have to wait.

With mixed feelings, Lin Feng returned to the car and continued to drive towards Tian Heng mountain range.

As he got closer towards Tian Heng mountain range, Lin Feng encountered more zombies. One kilometer away from the mountain range, Lin Feng had used up over a thousand round of bullets, the amount of class one zombies he had killed were as many as eighty.

Lin Feng did not bother to remove the white crystals from the brains of these zombies since he now had over a hundred thousand white crystals. Unless he could kill the class two zombies he encountered fast, he would not waste time over them.

Along the way, Lin Feng encountered three class two zombies. This time he did not slowly try to finish them off but to rather kill them off altogether and removed the light yellow crystals from their heads.

Within this apocalypse world, killing a class one zombie would yield a white crystal in their head. As for class two, there would be a small chance for a small black ball to form within their heads. Otherwise, most of the time there would just be a light yellow crystal instead. The energy within the light yellow crystals were ten times more than those within the white crystals. Not only that, the quality and concentration was also more than the white crystals.

For class three zombies, their brains held a dark yellow crystal that contained a concentrated energy that was far greater than the crystals in the class two zombies. As for the class four zombies, their brains held light green pellets while class five zombies hold dark green pellets. However, Lin Feng did not know what the effects of the dark green green pellets were.


As for those dark green pellets, not mentioning Lin Feng but even those level 7 cu

ltivators have not seen it before. It is said that a level 5 zombie could single handedly destroy an entire large base. Thus, this powerful zombie would not be casually found.1

Rumour has it that even amongst zombies of the same class, there are differences in strength. Just like the two class four zombies Lin Feng encountered earlier, it was clear that the female zombie was more powerful than the male zombie. As he had to team up with Dong Wu to kill the powerful female class four zombie.

Zombies evolve differently, their strengths too will differ among those of the same class. Similar to humans, between level 4 cultivators there was a gap in strength.

Looking at the numerous zombies surrounding in front of his car, Lin Feng judged that it was too many for him to outrun. Finding a secluded place, he parked the car as he proceeded to walk towards the mountain range.

Fortunately that Lin Feng had restocked on ammunition before leaving, just in case of an emergency he would be able to still survive. Lin Feng was one kilometer away from Tian Heng mountain range, looking through his binoculars he could spot at least 300 zombies. Tian Heng mountain range was very steep, thus the entrance of the mountain range was also small. The zombies did not have any innate intelligence and thus clumped together at the entrance as they randomly walked around.

Lin Feng took out a minigun from the apocalypse watch, this was the fastest firing rate weapon he could find within the weapon shop in Nanshan base. It had cost him a full thousand white crystals.

The minigun could hold 200 rounds of ammunition, while each bullet cost a single white crystal each. Thus it was not worth it for ordinary people to buy the minigun for killing zombies since gains were too miniscule.

Of course Lin Feng was an exception, he went to set up the minigun and aiming at the nearest zombie he pulled the trigger.

A mesmerizing spectacle displayed as sparks of fire came out of the barrels of the minigun like snakes. The bullets shot towards the group of zombies.

The minigun firing rate was extremely fast as well as its penetrating power, most of the time when the bullet penetrates a zombie it will pierce a hole through it.

After a full round of 200 bullets, Lin Feng was not really accurate with the gun. He had only killed somewhere around fifty zombies, while a couple of class one zombies were also in the mix. The class one zombies were generally larger than normal zombies, making them easy to identify

As Lin Feng was busy reloading the minigun when suddenly a skinny looking zombie sprang out from nowhere. The zombie was peculiar and ran on all four of its limbs just like an animal and pounce towards Lin Feng at an extraordinary speed.

Class Three Zombie!

Seeing that zombie running towards him from a hundred meters away, Lin Feng’s heart palpitated.

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