Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Yellow Crystals

Lin Feng picked up the yellow crystals the zombie dropped, and temporarily stored them in his Apocalypse Watch. At this moment there was still a horde of zombies to be dealt with, so he did not have the luxury of time to examine those crystals.

Lin Feng equipped and reloaded his minigun once again, then headed to exterminate the mass of zombies nearby.

Although the minigun did no damage to class three zombies, it still worked on regular zombies. Lin Feng opened fire at them, and took down a majority of the zombies.

After using three magazines, the zombie horde was finally exterminated except for a few class two zombies. Even so, they were easily slain by Lin Feng with his bayonet.

However, it was a shame that the zombies held no black orbs1, but only pale yellow crystals. To Lin Feng, killing a class two zombie now was a piece of cake. As long as they weren’t in a big group, it was manageable for him.

After exterminating the zombies, the path towards Tian Heng mountain range was devoid of any zombies.

Checking his surroundings, Lin Feng used his apocalypse watch and took out the dark yellow crystal he looted after killing the class three zombie.

After Lin Feng became a level 4 cultivator, absorbing white crystals had little to no effects. Whether from absorbing white crystals for energy or enhancing his growth with them, it was close to redundant once he became a level 4 cultivator.

Yellow crystals were far superior to white crystals, whether in terms of energy or to enhance growth. This was why yellow crystals were much more precious than the white crystals.

During this trip to Tian Heng mountain range, Lin Feng had acquired a total of ten yellow crystals. Nine of which were pale yellow while the last one was a dark yellow crystal. Grasping in his hand a pale yellow crystal, he could feel the energy stored within it.

A strand of energy came out of Lin Feng’s soul crystal and passed through his body to his palm. Then, the energy from the yellow crystal was absorbed through his palm and into his soul crystal.

Lin Feng could clearly sense that the energy stored in the pale yellow crystal was far superior in terms of quality as well as quantity compared with the white crystals.

After a short period of time, the yellow crystal started to lose its colour and became transparent. It’s energy fully absorbed into Lin Feng’s soul crystal.

Definitely worthy of coming from a class two zombie, the energy within the yellow crystal could be comparable to a hundred white crystals.

It was not to say that a single yellow crystal was equivalent to a hundred white crystals, the amount he could absorb daily had a limit. The current Lin Feng could only absorb 20 white crystals a day before the effectiveness would drop drastically.

Thus, this phenomenon had bottlenecked Lin Feng and did not enable him to absorb white crystals en masse. But yellow crystals were different, a single yellow crystal would be equal to five days worth of absorbing white crystals.

Not only would his rate of improvement be faster but the quality of energy within the yellow crystals were exponentially better than the white crystals. The effectiveness of absorbing a yellow crystal was more than a hundred times better than a white crystal.

For example, Lin Feng was now a level 4 cultivator. He needs to absorb ten thousand white crystals to advance to rank 5, but since he can only absorb 20 white crystals a day effectively, he would take 500 days to advance to a level 5 cultivator.

However, if Lin Feng were to absorb yellow crystals only. The energy in a single yellow crystal was equivalent to a hundred white crystals, coupled with the purer energy, it could be comparable to two hundred white crystals. Thus, only 50 yellow crystals were enough for him to advance to a level 5 cultivator.

Of course this was all in theory, in fact, every class two and three zombies had different strengths. This too applied to the amount of energy within their crystals. The amount of energy needed to breakthrough towards level 5 could not be counted with such basic values. Furthermore, it has been three years since the apocalypse occurred. Why was it so that not every cultivator who absorbed white or yellow crystals became a high leveled cultivator.

The criteria to breakthrough for each cultivator was different and would vary widely. Each person’s soul crystal was different, physique and potential was also different. Thus, not all cultivators could improve at the same speed.

After absorbing a pale yellow crystal, he could feel that his soul crystal had improved by quite a bit. At this point, Lin Feng had decided to use yellow crystals as often as he could since using white crystals was too slow.

Of course, this could only be permitted if he had enough yellow crystals to sustain himself. Yellow crystals were considered precious in this world’s economy, and thus the only way to obtain yellow crystals was hunting zombies.

During weekdays, Lin Feng would usually stay within the base. However now that he needed to find a devil’s snare flower to treat Ling Tian’s condition, he could hunt some zombies to improve his own strength.

Lin Feng continued to absorb the remaining few yellow crystals, the strand of energy continued to absorb the remaining yellow crystals. His soul crystal had a silver tint to it as it constantly absorbed the energy from the yellow crystals.

After absorbing nine pale yellow crystals, his soul crystal stopped absorbing. The dark yellow crystal was in Lin Feng’s hand but he refrained from absorbing the energy within it.

Lin Feng could sense that his strength had doubled after absorbing those nine crystals.He decided to take out his apocalypse watch to verify.

Sure enough, Lin Feng’s combat rating had increased to 1230 points. Within the entire Tian Qi region he was now ranked 1500. After absorbing the yellow crystals, his combat rating had increased by a whole 200 points.

As for that dark yellow crystal, Lin Feng placed it in the storage of his apocalypse watch. That was for when his soul crystal could effectively absorb more energy again.

Taking a deep breath, he looked towards the entrance of the Tian Heng mountain range.

In front of Lin Feng was one of many entrances within Tian Heng mountain range. The width of the entrance was approximately five meters, could be clearly seen without the presence of the zombies.

Striding towards the entrance, Lin Feng finally arrived at Tian Heng mountain range.

Balls have been changed to Orbs for obvious reasons ↩

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