Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Mutated Panther

This entrance of Tian Heng mountain was facing Nanshan Base, flanked on both of it sides were steep hills. The hills were covered with dead leaves and foliage. The entrance was small, only a mere five meters.

It was not so much of an entrance but more like a pathway, the pathway stretched across one kilometer. In between there were a couple of zombies idly walking around.

Lin Feng had only eradicated the zombies which were on the way towards Tian Heng mountain range, naturally there would still be some zombies lingering about.

Fortunately, the zombies were not very strong. Most of them were just ordinary zombies while there were only a small number of class one zombies. Most high class zombies had some form of intelligence and rushed out of the pathway, not the pathway did not pose any threat to Lin Feng.

He stored the machine gun and removed an automatic rifle from the apocalypse watch. Lin Feng killed the zombies while he was on his way.

The route to Tian Heng mountain range was quite near, thus Lin Feng had to take precautions. He must kill all the zombies near the entrance first, freeing an escape route for him. Elsewise, running from a high leveled zombie would be extremely difficult.

Lin Feng’s current speed could be considered slightly faster than a class four zombie. Thus even if he could not fight a class four zombie, escape would not be a problem. This was why Lin Feng was well aware of the dangers within Tian Heng mountain range, but he still persisted on.

Lin Feng fired non stop at the zombies while he was running, his accuracy too had increased. He used to be barely able to shoot a rifle, and now he was proficient to hit at least 50% of the time.

After killing his way through, Lin Feng finally reached the foot of Tian Heng mountain range. The scenery was quite pleasant compared with the entrance outside, yellow leaves were covering the ground and tall trees arching over made for a very picturesque scene.

Now that it was late autumn, the weather was much cooler. Fortunately, Lin Feng’s supermarket did not lack any clothing so he was prepared for winter.

Since it was autumn, finding the devil’s snare flower among the fallen leaves was very difficult. Fortunately, the flower has not wilted yet else this would be a redundant trip.

Tian Heng mountain range was huge, finding the flower would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Lin Feng kept his guard up while he scoured the ground.

The devil’s snare flower was a five petaled red flower which was slightly toxic but it could break down mithril. Accidentally ingesting the devil’s snare could be relieved just by eating paracetamol.

Without realising it, Lin Feng was now 500 meters within Tian Heng mountain range. He arrived at a hill with a winding route and sky high trees.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng had a bad premonition. This feeling was the same as when he had encountered the class four zombie.

The chain around Lin Feng’s soul crystal produced at type of soul sense, in addition to being able to perceive the levels of different cultivators, he could also sense an unknown danger.

Sure enough, Lin Feng turned around and saw a pair of eyes staring back at him.

It was a panther with pitch black fur, it was a leopard but had the size of a cow. It had stout limbs, and a huge body which displayed its strength. At this moment, the panther was staring straight at him as if it was observing his moves.

A mutated Panther!

He has long heard that not only did zombies threaten mankind’s existence. There were certain animals which mutated after contracting the zombie pathogen.

These mutant animals were much stronger than zombies, though they were very rare and difficult to encounter on an ordinary day.

In this world, animals were also stronger than humans. The carnivorous animals had sharp fangs, powerful limbs and strong jaws. Even some herbivores had large horns to protect themselves.

While human beings had their bare hands. Under normal circumstances without using any weapons, humans were at a major disadvantage compared to the animals.

Thus after mutating, the animals were bound to be stronger than zombies. This panther for example is a mutated animal, it was baring its sharp fangs at Lin Feng and he could see the large claws on it’s paws. It was definitely not here to be friends.

After it gauged that Lin Feng posed no significant threat to it, the panther roared loudly and pounced straight onto Lin Feng.

The panther was originally incredibly fast, while compared to the cheetah which was the fastest mammal on land. Now after being mutated, the panther’s speed was faster than ordinary people’s dynamic vision.

The distance between it and Lin Feng was only ten meters. The panther leapt and opening its large jaws revealing the sharp canines, as it aimed towards Lin Feng’s neck.

Lin Feng prepared to dodge, he did not expect the panther to be this fast. Smiling wryly, he withdrew the from the apocalypse watch.He did not plan to face the panther head on.

Missing it’s first lunge, the panther landed onto the dirt and attacked again.

The incredible speed it was travelling at had stumped Lin Feng as he tried to block it’s claws but unfortunately the other claw had made contact with his shoulder leaving a deep wound.

Blood immediately gushed out of Lin Feng’s open wound, most cultivators had tough bodies yet the panther managed to cut open his flesh with just its claws.

The mutated panther was comparable in speed and strength to a class four zombie!

After facing the panther’s blow, Lin Feng had a clear understanding of it’s strength. This gave Lin Feng a very gloomy expression.

Noticing that Lin Feng was bleeding, the panther ruthlessly charged once more towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng crouched down as the panther flow above him. He then swung his bayonet across the panther’s stomach but the skin was just too tough for him to cut through. He could only make a slight wound on it’s stomach.

The now slightly injured panther was furious, it clawed towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng could not react to the attack in time.

The claw landed on Lin Feng’s chest, the force of the impact made him spit out blood from his lungs. Taking advantage of the panther’s openings, Lin Feng made a suicidal decision and attacked at the panther’s most vulnerable spot, the neck. The blade was impartial as it inserted within the panther’s neck, black blood was gushing out from its neck.

Lin Feng was tightly clinging to the panther’s head, waging a war of attrition on it. The panther was struggling as it kept striking at Lin Feng’s chest.

Flexible Stellar Armour!

It was fortunate that Lin Feng had bought the flexible stellar armour within the exchange system. Else he would have definitely died under the hands of the panther.

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