Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 64

Seeing all the high-class zombies surrounding him, Lin Feng couldn’t help but start to sweat.

There are 1st class zombies, 2nd class zombies, and, by the looks of it, quite a few 3rd class zombies as well.

Getting a grasp of the situation, Lin Feng determined that there were at least a few hundred zombies in the basin and that his escape routes were starting to disappear. There were so many zombies that he couldn’t even see the ground they were walking on.  


He realized that this was the reason that he hadn’t seen any high-class zombies during his travels.

Lin Feng didn’t know if he stumbled upon a zombie nest or if this was a planned ambush. What he did know was that it was too late to think about what had happened and that his priority was to figure out a way to the kill the zombies surrounding him.

Holding up his rifle, Lin Feng shot and killed some of the 1st class zombies. Lin Feng told himself to calm down and not panic, the only way out of this situation was to stay calm.

Putting the rifle back into the apocalypse watch space, Lin Feng held the Dark Steel Bayonet in his hand. Here, the rifle is limited in its impact as the 1st class zombies are everywhere and 2nd class zombies and above are not affected by it.

Since its too late to retreat, he can only brace himself and keep advancing. Lin Feng raised the Dark Steel Bayonet and started to charge towards the zombies.

Dealing with 2nd class zombies was nothing, Lin Feng was confident that he could finish off a 2nd class zombie with just a few strokes. He would only have difficulty dealing with the 3rd class zombies.

3rd class zombie are much stronger than 2nd class zombies both in speed and power. If it were a single 3rd class zombie, Lin Feng would be able to finish it off with little trouble. This situation was much worse, there were at least ten 3rd class zombies.

Lin Feng waved the bayonet around as weaved between the zombies. He aimed at their vital spots and killed as efficiently as possible.

Observing each zombie as he passed, Lin Feng killed four 2nd class zombies and ignored the 1st class zombies. As a 4th class cultivator, Lin Feng had a physique strong enough to defend against 1st class zombie attacks. His goal was to kill the 2nd and 3rd class zombies and quickly escape the encirclement.

The Dark Steel Bayonet showed its unending capabilities and the zombies facing Lin Feng were soon laying on the ground, and thanks to the Myriad Stars Flexible Armor, Lin Feng wasn’t one of the corpses laying on the ground.

Unfortunately, humans have limited strength, even cultivators. Similar to the way the corpses were falling to the ground, Lin Feng’s stamina was dropping.

After cultivators used up the energy in their soul crystals, it would gradually replenish itself after a period of time. The energy absorbed by white crystals, unfortunately, was only used to increase cultivation and couldn’t be used to fight.

If Lin Feng exhausts his soul crystal, with his martial arts skills, he is still able to deal with 1st class zombies, but for 2nd class zombies and higher, he is helpless. In his previous world, they would said “It’s just Impossible to break its defense”**.

All the zombies in front of Lin Feng, no matter if it was 2nd or 3rd class, had fallen under his blade. As Lin Feng slowed down from energy depletion the zombies behind him surrounded him and filled in the gap he made.

With a thought, Lin Feng entered the supermarket.

When Lin Feng entered the supermarket, time would freeze, and Lin Feng took advantage of this to take a break. Not just food storage, but a safe haven for Lin Feng where he could avoid dealing with dangerous situations. Just like when he encountered a 4th class zombie, he was able to enter the supermarket and think of a way to deal with the issue on hand.

Lin Feng knew he couldn’t stay in the supermarket forever, though. Even though there was so much food, so much he wouldn’t be able to eat it all in his lifetime.

Humans are gregarious animal, meaning that they can’t stand loneliness. Staying in the supermarket was nothing more than self imposed life imprisonment. If that was how you would live, you might as well take the risks with a chance of survival than to die alone in your prison cell.

After grabbing a bottle of water and taking a drink, Lin Feng recovered his energy and left the supermarket.

Facing this many zombies, in order to conserve as much energy as possible, Lin Feng had to use technique instead of brute force to kill the zombies.

As the zombies surrounded him tighter, Lin Feng saw that there were four 3rd class zombies approaching him.

Lin Feng activated his bloodline gene, unlocking his Demon Shadow Wolf skill, gaining boosted speed for five minutes.

Given his drained soul crystal, though, Lin Feng could only sustain this ability for a minute.

A minute was more than enough. Lin Feng could feel his body lighten and flew through the zombies, striking their vital points.

But Lin Feng did not understand, that after killing hundreds of zombies that there would still be zombies surrounding him. Thousands of zombies kept appearing around him.

In the beginning, Lin Feng thought that with the demon shadow wolf ability that he had a chance, but see the surrounding zombies, he couldn’t help but feel despair.

“Am I going to die here?”

Even seeing these zombies, Lin Feng was not resigned to his fate. He just arrived at the apocalypse, less than a month had gone by, and he still didn’t unlock everything in the supermarket. He’s going to die here?

The only reason he came here was because Ling Nanshan requested that he look after Ling Tian. Since Ling Tian got injured Lin Feng went to find medicine, Lin Feng was doing a good deed. Well, could it be that good people don’t get to have happy endings?


Lin Feng felt his strength leaving his body, suddenly he heard a howl. After the howl, the zombies surrounding him stopped moving.

Looking towards the source of the sound, Lin Feng saw a silver wolf standing in the distance.

*糟糕 is more like ‘this is bad’ or ‘bad luck’ or ‘how terrible’

** 就是破不了防 is weird

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