Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 68

Those out in the wilderness of the apocalypse don’t sleep too deeply, as none can predict what dangers that they will face. So Lin Feng planned on only taking a short rest, because even though he had the laser tripwire, one couldn’t be careless in the wild.


It was late into the night, Lin Feng was half asleep with the little silver wolf resting on his shoulder. All of a sudden the little silver wolf’s ears stood up and she opened up her eyes.


In the next moment, the little silver wolf stood up with its hackles raised and started to move towards the entrance of the cave.




An immature howl came from the mouth of the little silver wolf, and although the sound was a bit off, the appearance that it gave was very similar to that of the big silver wolf.


Hearing the little silver wolf howl, Lin Feng, who wasn’t quite asleep, immediately woke up.


“Could it be that the little silver wolf found something?”


Wolves had stronger hearing than dogs did, and seeing how the little silver wolf was acting, Lin Feng became cautious, got up, and started to walk towards the bend in the cave. *1* Lin Feng didn’t reveal himself, rather he peeked his head around the corner to get a look at the situation at the entrance.


When he looked, Lin Feng could see a figure slowly moving towards the cave.


“Grrrrr!” *2*


Seeing the figure appear, the little silver wolf started to growl. *3*


It was a zombie with an ugly face, sinister appearance, tall build, and, most importantly, it had four arms.


Probably because it saw the little silver wolf, the zombie started to walk towards the cave.


“AAANG” *4*


When one of the zombie’s arms hit a laser, the alarm loudly started to sound.


Evidently surprised by the alarm, the zombie shrieked and started moving towards the cave.  


Lin Feng took out the crossbow from the apocalypse watch, and although he didn’t know what rank the zombie was, he could tell from its four arms that it had – mutated.  


Lin Feng didn’t expect that as soon as he retrieved the crossbow that the little silver wolf would rush towards the zombie.


When the zombie saw the little silver wolf rush toward it, it roared and swung one of its arms towards the little silver wolf, trying to slap it away.


No one would have thought that when the zombie struck the little silver wolf that it would be the zombie taking two steps back.


The little silver wolf wasn’t even half the size of the zombie’s arm, and it would take incredible strength to make a zombie even larger than Lin Feng in size recoil from its own strike.


It wasn’t something that the zombie expected. That such a puny wolf would have such great power. It reached out with its four arms, trapping the little silver wolf.


The little silver wolf opened its mouth, causing silvery light to gather together and shoot out in the shape of a blade at the zombie.


Seeing the little silver wolf’s actions, Lin Feng was dumbfounded.


Something that he’d had only seen in video games and movies, a wind blade was the last thing Lin Feng expected to come out of the little silver wolf’s mouth.


The speed of the wind blade was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye it hit one of the zombie’s arms. Unexpe

ctedly the wind blade flew straight through the zombie’s arm, cutting it in half and causing it to fall to the ground.


Following the first wind blade, the little silver wolf opened its mouth and two more flew out moving so quickly that the zombie couldn’t even react.


One of the wind blades hit the zombie on the chest, the second didn’t miss and it wasn’t by chance, it hit straight on the zombie’s head, splitting it in two.


The zombie, fatally hit on it head, lost its ability to comprehend (literally), and fell to the ground with a “putong”. *5*


Lin Feng from beginning to end stood with his mouth open, he didn’t think that the wolf was so powerful. Regardless of the class of zombie, the wind blade was a formidable ability.


Since he came to the apocalypse, Lin Feng had mostly seen fights that relied on hot weapons. Even if some cultivators used cold weapons, there was nothing special about it. The abilities he had seen in movies, Lin Feng never saw them being used. He alway thought that they were made up, only a part of science fiction or fantasy, and didn’t think that he would be able to see it today.


Lin Feng could accept it after some thought, he himself had a supermarket energy exchange system that was capable of giving him the bloodline legacy that was pretty unreasonable. Seeing a wind blade shouldn’t surprise him, given that his body was pretty abnormal as well.


Lin Feng looked at the hero of this fight, only to see that the little silver wolf was lying on the ground, seeming tired. From the way the little silver wolf looked, it appeared that three wind blades was the limit.


Lin Feng took several white crystals out of the watch, the little silver wolf, seeing the crystals in his hand, immediately stood up and wagged its tail, drooling with desire.


The crystals were placed on the ground, the little silver wolf swallowed them, burped and laid down on the ground again.


Disregarding the little silver wolf, Lin Feng went to the body of the zombie. Since it was split in two by the little silver wolf’s wind blades, Lin Feng was able to see that there was a yellow crystal in its head.


Removing the yellow crystal, Lin Feng saw that it was a deep yellow crystal, it even had faint traces of green.


It was a 3rd class zombie half a step into the 4th class!


From its color, although it was yellow, since it had traces of green, this 3rd class zombie must have been on the cusp of becoming 4th class. It was impossible for ordinary 3rd class zombies to have a mutation like four arms.


In the apocalypse, zombies below the 4th class will normally not have any obvious mutations, but when they are 4th class or higher, some mutations will start to appear. These mutations manifested in many ways, some changed appearance and some changed physical traits. This zombie had to be on the cusp of a breakthrough, as it had a mutation of four arms.


Lin Feng wasn’t a match for a 4th class zombie, and didn’t expect that the little silver wolf would be able to kill a zombie half a step into the 4th class. He had a newfound respect for the little silver wolf, if the little silver wolf got serious, Lin Feng probably wasn’t a match.


It was no wonder that during the day, the zombies that had surrounded Lin Feng fled when they saw the wolves. Even this little wolf pup could kill a half-step 4th class zombie, let alone a full-grown wolf. Looking at the strength of the little silver wolf, Lin Feng guessed that the wolves became 3rd level savage beasts when they matured, and had an even higher average standard.


Going through a zombie attack and fight, Lin Feng had no intention to sleep, and seeing that it was already past midnight, he prepared to absorb the energy of a yellow crystal. Seeing how ferocious the little silver wolf was, Lin Feng thought to himself that he was still too weak.


~ for unexpected

– for obviously


*1* The cave is ‘L’ shaped, they are in the bottom right, and he is moving towards the bend


*2* the character is 呜呜, wu wu, or wuuuu, or grrrr, i think its better than woo woo or hum, purr, whine, etc.


*3* 威胁的声音 means “make a threatening sound”


*4*  昂 is used phonetically to express the sound of a siren, like a volcano siren.


*5* 噗通 is literally pu tong.



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