Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 70

Early in the morning, after a short rest, Lin Feng and the little silver wolf left the cave. If Lin Feng had known that the little silver wolf was so powerful, he wouldn’t have kept it in the apocalypse watch. No one else was in the mountains, and the little silver wolf was able to sense danger before Lin Feng could.

Lin Feng looked for a devil’s snare while following the stream. There zombies walking along both sides of the stream. Probably because the little silver wolf wasn’t fully grown and didn’t have a presence like the big silver wolf, Lin Feng didn’t get to see any zombies fleeing in fear.

Since he experienced being ambushed by the zombies the day before, Lin Feng carefully examined the path to make sure that the number of zombies was normal. Checking checking to make sure that the levels of the zombies that he saw were normal, Lin Feng didn’t to make the same mistake again.

The devil’s snare is a rare item, it was possible for there to only be a dozen in the entire mountain range. Furthermore the devil’s snare only grows in deep valleys, but the valley in the Tian Heng mountain range was located in the deepest area of the mountain. From his current position, Lin Feng did not have to walk to far to get to the valley.

Lin Feng tried to shoot a little as possible, because even if it killed the zombies faster, it also drew more zombies to his location. Now that Lin Feng had increased his physical abilities he was able to easily kill zombies with his dark steel blade.

The Tian Heng mountains continued uninterrupted for over a hundred kilometers, and the valley was a few dozen kilometers as well. Lin Feng tried to kill as few zombies as he could and focused on finding a devil’s snare.

It wasn’t until the third day in the mountains that Lin Feng entered the valley.

Some that Lin Feng didn’t want to see appeared before him. This valley deep in the mountains, not even a single zombie could he see.

If it was like before, where there were various zombies roaming around, Lin Feng would be more comfortable, but seeing this situation cause Lin Feng’s heart to start beating faster.

During the situation with the savage black panther, Lin Feng had discovered that there weren’t any zombies within a certain area, and that was where he encountered the panther.

He realized that he would either encounter a high-class zombie or a savage beast. Only when one of those two appear will there be no zombies in the surrounding.

When zombies grow stronger their intelligence increases. The hierarchy of zombies was very strong as well, with the weaker zombies listening to the directions of the stronger zombies. However this ability was only possessed by zombies that were 4th class and above, only then will the zombies mutate and become much stronger, making other zombies avoid them. 3rd class zombies didn’t possess this strength, which was why it was common to see 2nd class zombies and 3rd class zombies in the same area.

This was also true with savage beasts, but zombies and savage beasts did not cooperate and often fought with each other. When a savage beast reached a high level, zombies would start to avoid their territory.

It became clear that Lin Feng was inside one of these territories. Without any zombies in the area around him, there was either a high level savage beast or high-class zombie.

See this situation, Lin Feng couldn’t help but silently curse. The devil’s snare was not a precious medicine ingredient and it was commonly said that precious materials were protected by strong savage beasts. Since the devil’s snare was not precious it shouldn’t have a strong beast protecting it.

Lin Feng was between a rock and a hard place, if he went back, he would be coming back to a fun

eral, with all the dangers that he risked being in vain. If he went even further, he might encounter a powerful zombie or savage beast. Lin Feng was conflicted and somewhat unsure.


As Lin Feng hesitated, a huge roar came from deep within the valley.

Hearing the sound, Lin Feng’s heart chilled. The sound was not from a savage beast, but was from zombie.


Suddenly, another sound came from within the valley.

When he heard the first sound, Lin Feng paused, but when he heard the second sound, Lin Feng’s pale face turned exited.

Without hesitation, Lin Feng started to walk toward the source of the sound, but the little silver wolf started running towards it.

Lin Feng could tell that the first sound came from a zombie, and since it came from such a far distance, it had to be a zombie of very high rank.

The second sound, however, was from a savage beast as it was impossible for a zombie to produce that kind of sound. The sound came from a similar location, so the strength of the savage beast would not be lower than the zombie’s.

The sounds were so loud that they couldn’t have come from low level existences, and since there were no zombies in the valley, it was clear that the two high level existences were the rulers of this valley.

The sounds were very strong, but were not at the same time. The most likely cause was that the zombie decided to attack the savage beast.

Since the zombie and savage beast were fighting, they obviously wouldn’t care about Lin Feng, letting him search for the devil’s snare. Lin Feng knew that once he found the devil’s snare that he had to retreat as quickly as he could, otherwise when the battle ended, one of the fighters could find him, which would be very dangerous.

There was only one path into the valley, and Lin Feng had to use it in order to go through the valley. Lin Feng walked and searched for a devil’s snare.


As he traveled, Lin Feng heard the howl again.

Not Good!

Hearing the howl, Lin Feng could tell that it was from very close by. But he had not found any devil’s snare yet, so he could only keep moving forward. Unfortunately the powerful creatures were close by, which made Lin Feng worried.

Lin Feng turned around to bring the little silver wolf into his watch inventory, because if the little silver wolf made any sound, it may draw the attention of the other group, making the situation dangerous.

After collecting the little silver wolf, Lin Feng moved forward with his guard raised. Lin Feng actually lost to his curiosity, and wanted to know what kind of zombie and savage beast could make it so that an entire valley was void of zombies.

In front of him was a forest that he could use as cover, and when he felt that he was near the site of the battle, he hid behind a large tree and peeked around it to get a look.

When he saw the scene of the battle, Lin Feng’s jaw dropped, and he deeply regretted his curiosity that lead him to see this.

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