Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 73

(Pellet into core)

The fifth class dark green pellet not only developed a second thread of soul force in lin feng’s soul crystal, but also promoted him directly to the fifth class of cultivation.

The world had gone through three years of the apocalypse. Most people on average were still struggling just to survive, even killing a single first class zombie required a group of people to team up to kill it and get its crystal.

The chance of becoming a cultivator was extremely low and the rate of promotion was also very slow. Lin Feng was an exception to this, because he had a chaos soul and perhaps because he wasn’t a person of this world he cultivated faster than usual. According to the common sense of this world, cultivators leveled up slowly.

There were many first class cultivators, mainly from the lack of crystals and also from the lack of talent. Many of the people that survived three years of the apocalypse were only able to become first level cultivators.

Those that could fight didn’t lack white crystals, merely the time to promote themselves. Those with ability were separated by their talent and speed of promotion, and that lead to separation of the strength of cultivators. The class of cultivators was like a pyramid, the higher you went, the less there were.

Only the fewest cultivators, with lots of talent and resources, could stand at the top of the pyramid. Every high class cultivator hunted zombies and savage beasts. High class cultivators received great respect from the people, not because they possessed strength, but because they attacked high class zombies which reduced the threat level to normal people.

In Tian Qi city, cultivators reached up to the fifth class in their cultivation, and there was more than a thousand high class cultivators in total. Throughout all of Tian Qi city there was over a thousand high class cultivators spread throughout the hundred bases defending humanity as one.

There were those that were selfish, greedy. In the apocalypse, anything could come with each day, so those that were alive wanted to live as well as they could in the present. This allowed for desire to grow in the hearts of people, allowing for their dark nature to be completely released in the apocalypse.

However, when people were faced with a common enemy, they could settle the desires in their heart and face the enemy together. Regardless if they were rich or poor, normal or a cultivator.

Lin Feng achieved the fifth level of cultivation and had officially entered the ranks of Tian Qi City’s high level cultivators. At his level he had the ability to voice his opinion at any base in the city. He had a combat ability that ranked him at eight hundred in all of Tian Qi city, all of which was achieved in only one month.

Previously Zhan Lang Base had twelve fifth class cultivators and around fifty thousand people. With his current ability, Lin Feng could rank in the top ten in the entire base. If he came here before the apocalypse, being in the top ten in strength would definitely get him a leadership position.

He had to give all the credit to the supermarket, if he didn’t use the food in the supermarket to get crystals, Lin Feng’s promotion definitely wouldn’t have been so fast. If it wasn’t for the supermarket, Lin Feng would probably be wandering the countryside with Fatty Wu hunting down lone zombies for white crystals.

With the supermarket he didn’t have to worry about food, and he could also sell the goods in the supermarket to buy other things in the apocalypse. With the items in the supermarket Lin Feng had an advantage over everyone else.

Being promoted to the fifth class, Lin Feng could feel his strength. If he was dealing with the ones that tried to kidnap Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin in Zhan Lang base, he felt like he could defeat the opposite party within three moves, even if they were also fifth class.

Looking at the fourth level beast soul in his hand, Lin Feng hesitated to take it, since beast souls and zombie crystals had different effects.

Zombie crystals had many classes, but followed the same principles. Each crystal contained a specific amount of energy. When the zombies reached the fourth class they could have a mutation and develop a green core instead of a crystal. This was why cultivators took green cores, as they had the possibility of developing threads of soul force in the cultivator’s soul core. Even though they had this ability, green cores were the same as crystals in that they contained energy.

However beast souls were different, savage beasts mutated in different ways, and their beast souls also mutated in different ways. Lin Feng had only encountered a few beast souls himself. He had gotten a beast soul from the injured black panther. He took it because he was injured, but because his bloodline lineage was of the demon wolf, which was agility focused, he didn’t have any problems taking the agility oriented panther beast soul.

However Lin Feng held a fourth class beast soul of the giant snake. The giant snake had the ability to project cold mist, so should be of the ice properties. So Lin Feng didn’t know if he would hurt himself if he absorbed it and hesitated.

While he hesitated he saw a flash of silver light and the beast soul vanished in an instant.

He was shocked and looked around. He didn’t know when she popped out, but he saw the little silver wolf holding the beast soul in her mouth a couple meters away.

The little silver wolf was lightning fast, and not even giving Lin Feng time to open his mouth to shout, swallowed the beast soul, expressing great pleasure.

Spit that out! That’s my beast soul!

Lin Feng grabbed the little silver wolf and shook her around trying to get her to spit out the beast soul.

Before he was hesitant over whether the ice attribute was the one he wanted, it wasn’t that Lin Feng didn’t want to take it.

A fourth level beast soul was extremely precious, allowing an animal to match a fifth class zombie in strength, and although he obtained it by chance it wasn’t something that could just be bought. Now that the little silver wolf had swallowed it, how could Lin Feng not be distressed.

But by this time it was already too late. The little silver wolf thought that Lin Feng was playing with it. She thought that being shook back and forth was a game and wagged her tail and licked Lin Feng’s nose.

Lin Feng knew that it was impossible to get the little silver wolf to spit out the beast soul at this point and could only set her down, his expression downcast.

And as he did he saw that the little silver wolf’s body started to change.



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